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Hey, viewer if you want to see a magic trick from this screen of green, I would pull it. I forgot I was a green magic trick all right. I like playing article games, but it's a lot harder to make them. I'm using it because of budget constraints. I'm on crunch time and couldn't texture it at this frame rate.

That's not aesthetic, that's convenience. These are just a few of the technical challenges game developers regularly deal with, on top of actually, you know, making the freaking game to begin with. The truth is, I like my cushy job of telling you to play someone else's game without extending myself beyond a little visual eye candy in the occasional six-syllable adjective circle lock.

In circumnavi, cir, circumloc utori, in fact, that title you read was actually a lie. The article was called "Games I Would Make If I knew how." They were easy to make, profitable, and fun, and I actually wanted to make games in the first place. In avatar, there's this sport called pro bending. The goal is to push your opponents back off their side of the arena using whatever element you're genetically predisposed to bend (think dodgeball), but the game only ends once you're knocked off stage, in a string of many bad decisions.

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Nickelodeon never made an online pro-bending game. That's why I'm stealing the idea. If your move sets look like this, you've got a basic shot. A curved shot, a quick fire, a high jump, a down dash. You've got a temporary wall with two orientations: horizontal and dashes. And of course, a recovery move.

The general feel of movement would resemble the source engine because I figure if the two best article games already invented the wheel once, there's not much point in making myself an octagon. Coming up with ideas is fun up until the point some really annoying questions start popping up. How do elements differ from each other?

Are there multiple game modes? is this ricochet This sounds like a rebound. No, it's not ricochet. Shut up i'd like to think each element would fill a different niche. Earth would be defensive and slower, but hard-hitting water would be rapid-fire and well-rounded. Fire would be high damage and great for targeting.

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Air would be low damage but have high mobility and knockback. There's this mechanic called "spiking the rocket." I'd love to give curve shots. This quirk where different angles have different effects I've written a document about this stuff but still have no experience with the harder technical questions of development.

How does one design a server infrastructure? Or an anti-cheat, or balance around team size. My knowledge of back-end development is limited to whatever blueprints for while I am running I can find on youtube. If I'm lucky, it will actually work after I copy it. One game mode I think would be cool is a three-lane control point map where you're trying to cap your side while denying the enemies theirs.

One lane is a central point from which you will get to your final destination. Style Moba Smash Bros. Source Games If you think this sounds like a metaphorical soy sauce birthday cake, you'd be right, but it's my birthday. My favorite cherry rpgs Never let your autopilot go into combat. You know, I'll start a saga.

Unreal - apex

Paper Mario RPG You gotta time your button presses to the attacks' chrono trigger. It's got this whole directionality thing going on. Some attacks are only effective if enemies are in a line or clumped up undertale. Yeah, I shit-said it. It's like a bullet hell inside of a JRPG. It's inherently interactive.

This got me wondering why there aren't article games about improving melodies over the soundtrack. This leads to my next idea. Welcome to the development commentary of this theoretical idea. This ain't no Guitar Hero; it's a full 88 keys. There's no way latency would shit this idea so far sideways it's technologically impossible.

I figure every gamer is a musician right now. They're pretty good at the keys. I hear the key gamers. The way performance is calculated is pretty interesting. Root notes, attention and release one, five, six, four. The real question is: how the hell do you play a scale on one of these? The answer is to throw out your controller and pick up my trademarked accordicon.

Unreal - arena

I'm telling you this thing's gonna revolutionize gaming the same way drinking revolutionized my scriptwriting. Or I guess you could use an electric keyboard with a usb adapter and an audio interface to minimize latency. Of course, and three to six months of music practice just so you understand the fundamentals.

It's not exactly an accessible market, but neither were seat belts before 1968. I'm telling you this idea will take off if you give me a chance. Each party member plays a chosen instrument. Maybe that's a jazz quartet, maybe that's Weezer. Whatever you want. The gameplay ranges from completing unfinished music to writing entirely self-made tracks.

I can't tell if this is a groundbreaking concept or the bridesmaid of steam indies. Always a wish list, never a purchase. Either way, I can't be the only person who needs to palmerize music into article games as an excuse to practice when one of you inevitably steals Do me a favor, this idea. Make sure you spell my name right in the credits.

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Since the dawn of time, nothing has yielded more hype and camaraderie than article game crossovers. Smash Bros, Marvel vs Capcom, that one that's probably still playing crosstag, these are all star rosters made up of nothing but back-to-back legends. My hero academic fighting games are notorious for these lineups, and it kills me that the closest FPS equivalent we currently have is Quake Champions.

What the hell now? Don't read me wrong, I can always boot up Mugen if I want a few quick rounds of heavy weapons, but if I could, I would make an arena shooter with an all-star cast of first-person protagonists. Here's the ideal roster for that kind of game: slot number one doom guy It's an all-star roster.

This is for the biggest names in gaming history. Slot number two. Ellis, from left, 4 Dead 2, Slot 3,4 Ellis, Jack Cooper, He's fun as hell, but 5 months after you start maining him, he'll become unplayable and the devs will never fix it. Slot 4 minecraft, quake boomers will complain that he got in over Ranger without realizing 90 of the player bases are Steve Zoomer.

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mains Speaking of which, check out this new movement technology. It's called sync jumping. Slot 5 I've got to give it to Tracer from Overwatch. She'll never actually be playable, but whenever the devs get into a PR controversy, they'll drop a trailer with no release date for one of her new skins, Slot 6.

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