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I'm Vulcan, and today we're answering one of the biggest questions I get, and that's how to increase your damage in tower fantasy. Being able to clear enemies quickly is sort of the name of the game, especially for certain modes, so having a high damage output is important unless you're a tank or a healer, but even then, heals typically scale off of attack, so having more of that is always better.

There are lots of ways to boost your attack. You have the most obvious one, and that's upgrading weapons. It's going to give you some large increases to your weapon stats. It's the most straightforward .


And here you want to upgrade until you reach the point where you need to augment, then spend those rare resources to break through and gain access to another 10 levels.

Tower of Fantasy - beginners guide

But that's not the only area where you can improve weapons; you can also advance them, and this is where your damage can get a really large boost depending on the weapon you're using. So for healers and tanks, it's often more focused on that role, but for damage dealers, you can gain some powerful triggers to increase the effectiveness.

So let's take an SR and an SSSR, for example. So for our SR, let's take a look at Echo. For her, our first character, once you advance her spear and gain one star, her shatter increases by 15 percent, and after shattering a shield, you can grant your teammates a 15 attack buff, so while this doesn't benefit you, it does benefit your overall team.

Now in the case of another sr. Hilta, her one star will grant a stacking damage increase buff, the more successful attacks you can chain together, so even early on you can see there are some really good ways to improve your damage, so let's switch gears a little bit and let's check out an ssr. King.

So at one star. Now those are just the one-star advancements, but as you continue investing in characters, they're going to continue unlocking better and better passives. The last thing you can do with weapons is insert weapon matrices, which are like these little data chips.



You can add stats; they unlock set bonuses, and the cool thing is that they can also be upgraded. You can equip four of them per weapon, and they each have different stats they bring to the table, so some will give you a boost to health and resistance, while others will give you attack and crit.

Now, upgrading these and unlocking set bonuses are huge sources of damage for your character, so early on you're going to have like a middle of the road blue, but as you go and kill world bosses, upgrade your suppressor, and clear content, you're going to eventually earn some SSRI ones, which is great.

Now if you want to, you can also spend some currency on the weapon matrix banner to try to unlock some of those SSr chips there as well, so that gives an example of how powerful these can be. So let's look again at King. His SSRI chip has a two-piece and a four-piece bonus. The two-piece bonus that'll give you 14 damage for 25 seconds whenever you shatter a shield is great.

That increases your damage even further. The four-piece is going to restore your health per hit whenever there are more than two enemies near you, which is always great. I mean, you're a melee character, so there should always be characters outside of just a single boss fight that are going to be around you.

So this just piles on how powerful these things can truly be. Now if we take a look at another one by Ling, this is an SR chip that'll increase your damage dealt to grievous targets by up to 18. Now this does have a prerequisite, but it is one that you can take advantage of and build around, especially if you have a physical damage team, so it might be up more often than you think, so if you see something that has a prerequisite, don't sleep on it.

All of the characters in the game have their own set of matrices that you can find and equip. Sometimes they're the best in their slot, other times you might need to mix and match to find one that fits your build, but either way, they're a huge source of damage.



We can do that, so there are a few other systems we can use to boost our damage output, and we're gonna start with our suppressor, because your suppressor is a huge source of primary stats for your character. As you level up and increase your character score, you're also going to upgrade your suppressor and use potent omnium crystals to do that.

So this is going to give you large increases to your attack health, crit, and resistance. So you can see here that my attack is taking huge jumps every single time we unlock a new shard, and because of that, I'm able to increase my overall attack and outgoing damage. Now there really isn't much else you can do with your suppressor other than upgrade it.

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You just go through and click on the thing and it upgrades. But you might notice that every time we unlock the last shard, we gain a new weapon matrix to use. The first four are going to be echo chips, so you can use those for the time being, but then eventually you'll get to SSRShiro chips that can be used for shiro or honestly for whoever.

Now the last place you can upgrade to increase your damage output is through your gear.


You have 10 slots with various pieces of armor that you can equip and also enhance. Now, gear does come with base stats, which are always the same, but they also roll with random stats, which is where the grind comes into play.

You want to get random stats that improve your build, so because we want to increase our damage, we want extra attack and crit if possible. Now, alternatively, you can also get a frost attack or a fire attack, which is great if you have weapons that use those elements. Now, the other thing to understand about gear is that slots typically have a theme, so like chest items, they are going to give you health and resistance as base stats, while arms will give attack and crit.

Tower of Fantasy - damage guide

For example, you have enhancement and advancement. Enhancing is going to increase that slot's base stats, and then after reaching a breakthrough, you gain an additional stat added to that slot. So, for instance, if I have a pair of gloves and I enhance those gloves, if I get a new pair of gloves and swap them out.

I will still keep that same base stat as well as the additional stat that got added to that slot. The only thing different will be my randomized stats. Now, advancement is when you invest materials or trash gear from the same slot to increase the random stats on a piece of gear, so for instance, you can invest crystals and old gloves to increase the stats on your currently equipped gloves.

Tower of Fantasy guide on how to get more damage and improve your characters! Enjoy these tips on weapons, matrices, gear, and more.
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