Tower of Fantasy - How To Get Colossus Arm Early ( Guide)



Hey Moglet, so today we're doing a little guide on how to get a special relic you actually shouldn't be able to get yet this early in the game. I do want to apologize for the horrible article quality. I can't recreate any of this stuff. Some settings were messed up, blah blah. should be good enough to understand what's going on.

At least secondly, there might be some advanced moving mechanics you will need for this, so we're going to go over those shortly. He essentially showed me how to do this, but we are voicing over the footage here to make it a little bit more coherent.

Advanced movement techniques

The first little piece of movement tech is a pretty simple one.

Most people probably know about this already, but essentially, using your three dodges while you are gliding somewhere helps you get there a little bit faster and keeps your altitude up. This isn't something you necessarily need for this, but it's just a good overall handy little trick. This next trick is called the infinite climb.

Essentially, what you do is let go of the wall, double jump, and then press forward to go back onto the wall. This will not use any stamina or endurance. You can essentially climb forever if you have default controls on your keyboard and mouse control space. Press that combination of four keys basically as fast as you can, and you'll gain some altitude without losing endurance.

This again is very useful for many situations, but you definitely need it for what we're doing today. So this last movement mechanic is to essentially get over ridges like this where you can't just straight climb and you're basically doing the same thing as the control space base, but instead of using shift space, you move forward, before you hit shift again to dodge. It takes some practice to get good at it, but it's not too hard anyway.

Walking the cable

Walking the cable

This quest starts pretty much in the Bongus region. I'm not sure how to pronounce that, but it's the second region. You can see where we're teleporting here on the map, the omnium tower, of bongas. From here, you're going to go mostly north until you find this giant structure with a bunch of wires hanging off of it, and yeah, you're basically going to be climbing one of the wires all the way up there.

This is by far the hardest part of the quest, but once you get through this, it's basically easy sailing. You want to look to the left. There's going to be a cable. The cable we're going to climb If you do have a teleport tower, you can teleport in that direction, but you'll see where we are in a second.

Tower of Fantasy - colossus arm

This is the approximate location on the map. It's pretty easy to spot in the open world because there'll be these three. Fire, cube things, it will also be next to a wire that goes down, but we are going on the one that goes up like this. One quick note: if you do have the cybernetic arm, now is the time to equip it.

You get this arm for 99 cents in the shop. I understand if you're completely free to play, that will be an issue. This makes it a lot easier, but it is possible to do it without it. I tried to do it completely without, but there was one time I slipped off and used it accidentally. But it is possible without But essentially, you hop on the wire and start going up.

There will be a couple of things you might have to jump over. You should be pretty careful here. You can more or less run as usual for this part. And then here we can continue to run. You can run a deceptively long way. Even though it gets very steep, you can continue to run up. And after about the second one of these little cable ties that hold all these cables together, you will want to be more careful.

Tower of Fantasy - colossus arms

Try and mostly stay on this little pipe here. Or you will slip off, as I almost did there. You have to take it pretty slow and try to stay, like, pretty central here. So far this isn't too hard, but we're getting to this point now and this is where it gets a little harder, so you want to try and stand on this tiny little ledge here and then you have to hold your jetpack and aim it a little bit off to the side, so you go out and up.

This is potentially where you need the infinite climb technique. We did eventually figure out that you actually don't need to do this technique. You do have enough stamina as long as you've eaten a couple of mushrooms. That gets your endurance bar a little bit higher. I did decide to go ahead and try the shift space w/shift technique to get over the ledge here instead of using the glider.

For some reason, I think I just forgot that this is where we use the jetpack. I have failed and fallen off already, and this is my second attempt. But as you can see, that was a pretty good example. We didn't use any stamina at all, and it worked out much more beautifully than earlier, so I wanted to leave that in.

Tower of Fantasy - gameplay

As you can see, we can actually get up there without using any infinite climb techniques or something, but here's where I used the grapple. As you can see, it flipped off there and then did use grapple. You know, to make my way up there, there should be a space there you can just stand, but apparently it's so very precise that a lot of the time you'll just fall off, so I recommend spending 99 cents or just waiting until we have access to this quest.

You know, normally, but anyway, once you make it there and you're at another sort of resting point, you want to go ahead and use the jetpack again. Try and get up as high as possible. Apparently, you do want to climb. As we are climbing on the side of the cable, that seems to be the best, and here we're going to get up to another sort of rest spot.

Tower of Fantasy - genshin impact

There's very little actual space here. It was very handy to have him there because he kind of knew the pixel-perfect locations, apparently. And when you get to this point, you're nearly done. There are like two more cable ties to go, but here is where you will need to infinity climb again. It's really not that hard.

It takes a few tries to get it right, and there were a couple times I just jumped while climbing because my timing was a little off, but as long as it doesn't happen too often, you should have plenty of endurance to get all the way up. I don't know for sure if there's anywhere you can rest here. I didn't want to try because we had already gotten so far and falling at this point would hurt a lot, so I just hoped I could continue doing the perfect climb without accidentally jumping before releasing when you get here to where the cables are actually going into this little circular object here.

I don't know if you can continue. perfect climbing, At this point, you will need a little bit of stamina to continue climbing the rest of the way. As you can see, I did try it there, but I couldn't latch on, so I just regular climbed the rest of the way. Thankfully, you're almost there, and once you make it to this part, you can start breathing again. The hard part is over .

Today in Tower of Fantasy we're doing a guide on how to get a free SSR relic, Colossus Arm, earlier than you should be able to.
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