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Welcome back to another pro guide article. While some of these champions may have been strong for a while now, we thankfully have a few new ones to add to our list, so we're going to be breaking down what makes them so good, as well as going through a quick rundown of how you can itemize like a pro.


However, let's dive right in , In the article, starting us off strong, we've got Shen in the top lane. Ever since he got a few small buffs, he's held his spot as one of the best tanks in the game. He offers great utility, strong laning, high DPS, and even a global ultimate. With the changes to teleport and an increase in skirmishes, Shen has slowly become one of the best laners in the game.

If a fight breaks out, he can easily show up before needing an unleashed teleport. Plus, his ultimate shield is massive later on in the game and can make an ally borderline unkillable. Overall, if you want a strong tank that can last nine games, Shen is a perfect choice. You can dive into Shen's itemization.

Top Games Ranking - 12.15 changes

Be sure to take flash and ignite as your summoner spells. You can take teleport if you feel like you don't need to ignite to win the match. For your runes, you'll be taking Grip Shield Bash, Second Wind Revitalize, Cheap Shot, and Ultimate Hunter. These runes will give you great trading windows to let you scale into the late game.

Finally, for your items, you'll want to build a frostfire gauntlet plated steel cap force of nature and finish off with either anathema's chain for additional defense or a demonic embrace for some extra damage. While it can be great to pick up a champion with a high win rate, it may not always work out.

Sometimes you just won't click with certain champions, and you'll need a bit of help to learn their mechanics and master their play styles, but not to worry when they're here at pro guides. We've got your back with our in-depth guides. We can help take your early game strengths to the next level.

If courses and lessons aren't your thing, don't worry though, we have challenger level coaches that are available 24-7 to help you out, so what are you waiting for? Go check us out and join the Pro Guide family. Let's get back into our article and dive into the next champion.



Up next we've got aatrox, top While Aatrox's healing as well as multiple bruiser items were nerfed a while ago, it doesn't seem to have stopped him from climbing the ladder. His powerful laning, great skirmishing, and overall sustain make him a strong contender in the top ranking for top lane champions.

While he may not offer the utility that Shen does, Aatrox is able to dive into teams and stall out enemies with his powerful damage, mobility, and lifesteal overall. If you're looking for a bruiser that can carry games through sheer power, then Aatrox is the pick for you. Taking a look at his itemization, you'll be using flash and ignite as your summoner spells for your runes.

Be sure to take Conqueror Triumph, Legend tenacity, Last Stand, Second Wind, and Revitalize. These runes will let you scale into a life-stealing behemoth later on in the game. For your actual items, you'll be grabbing eclipse plated steel caps, a black cleaver, Cyrillius' grudge death stance, and finishing off with a maw of malmortius.

You can swap Eclipse for a gore drinker if necessary, but we recommend trying out Eclipse first to see if you like it. It's pretty good.



Right now, taking us into the jungle road, we've got none other than Rek'sai herself. Rek'sai is a powerful early-game jungler that can deal a ton of damage with little to no items. With this raw dps, she is able to win early invades and fights with ease. Not to mention that, thanks to her tunnel ability, she can gank from unconventional angles.

So, while she may not be the easiest to play at first, with enough practice she can dominate the rift, so if you're looking for a strong early game jungler, then be sure to check her out. Move on to rec size itemization. Be sure to take flash and smite as your summoner spells. Blue smite will help your early game burst, so be sure to grab your hail blade for your runes.

Be sure to take conquest, triumph, legend, alacrity, coup de grace, magical footwear, and cosmic insight. You won't have the instant burst from a hail of blades, but overall your fighting and dps will be increased with these runes for your actual items. You'll be building prowlers with claw plated steel caps at the edge of the night death stance, Marv Malmortius, and finishing it all off with a guardian angel.



Our next jungle pick is fiddlesticks. He has received quite a few buffs in the past few patches, and his increased win rate shows how strong they were.

Not only did Ryan buff Fiddles' damage and fear, but they also increased his stats to help his early survivability. At the moment, Phil is in a place where once he hits six, he can absolutely demolish entire teams. If the enemy team ever falls behind, you and your allies can use vision control to scare the enemy from ever walking into the fog of war.

Overall, if you're looking for a snowball, Ap Jungle Fiddlesticks is likely your best bet right now. If you're looking into his atomization, you'll be taking flash and smite as your summoner spells. You'll be specifically taking blue smite or hail blade since the slow end damage from blue smite is extremely powerful and fiddle for your runes.

You'll be running first strike: perfect timing in the futures market, cosmic insight, sudden impact, and ultimate hunter. These runes will let you get an early lead thanks to the bonus gold you'll get your hands on. As for your items, you'll be building hextech rocket belt sork shoes. Zhonya's, Shadow Flame Ravidans, and Void Staff Feel free to grab Void before Rabbitons instead if you feel like you really need the magic pen.



Let's take a quick break from all these champions and move on to our favorite pro guide tradition. Today we want to ask you all what champion you have been playing recently with great success.

It doesn't matter if the champion has a 60-win rate or a 40-win rate. Let us know why they feel that way about you personally. For me, it's VOLIBEAR. No matter how much he gets nerfed, the simplicity of his kit makes me a very consistent player, and all my teams know exactly how to play around it, which makes it so much easier to just communicate with a ping and get results.

But that's what I have to say, and we want to hear from you regardless of what your answer may be. Now let's get back into the article and dive into our next few champions.


in the mid lane, we've got none other than the king maker himself. It's Silas thanks to an increase in the skirmish meta, Silas has made his yearly reappearance as one of the strongest champions in the game.

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