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Well, we've got you covered with a bunch of games here. Be sure to leave one, but anyway, let's get started.

The day before

We're off here with number 20, The day before, this looked like the last of us meeting the division. It's an open-world survival MMORPG where you're, you guessed it, fighting to survive.

It has your typical survival stuff like crafting and looting resources wherever you go while fighting off other survivors and zombies. Some sort of zombie survival MMo. This is what a lot of us wanted from Day Z in a really cool city area with a great atmosphere. We're really hoping it's able to live up to the expectation that it's setting , now next over at number 19.

Gotham knights

Gotham Knights should be released this year after many delays, and this is a new take on the Bat Family in a cooperative, beat-em-up Arkham style game. Technically, this does not take place in the Arkham timeline. It's a different thing. This is by Warner Brothers Montreal, the folks behind the underrated Batman: Arkham Origins, and this open-world Gotham game pits you as the Bat Family members dealing with the fact that Batman and Commissioner Gordon are dead, and they have to face off against a bunch of classic Gotham villains as well as the court of owls.

A lot of people thought this was just going to be like a straight up live service game, but apparently you can play it completely on your own and just enjoy the story, which makes us very happy, and you can't help but really love that old school beat 'em up style combat. It's here again, but with more cooperative elements and way more abilities specific to each very unique character and the story.

If it's just a good Batman Bat Family Story, it could be awesome. We're keeping our eye on this one because we just love Batman and comic books, so keep your eyes on it.

Evil west

Evil west

Now next over at number 18, let's talk about Evil West. Have you ever wanted to be a cool western version of Van Helsing? Well, like Evil West, this game will let you seemingly live that out. You play as a vampire hunting cowboy as you make your way through the vampire hordes that are terrorizing this fictional western.

The combat here looks really intense, and you'll have a bunch of different vampire hunting tools and weapons at your disposal. It seems like the combat can get pretty intense and gory, and it has some really gross looking enemies. Even better than that, you can also play with a friend. We're just big fans of anything vampire related here at GameRanks, and we're also fans of games that kind of look like, give off the vibe, and kind of bring back the memories of those mid-2000s action games that were really unique and weird.

More of this type of stuff, please sign us up.

King of fighters xv

Next up now, over at number 17, we have King of Fighters 15. What more is there to be said about a game on its 15th anniversary? The people behind the King of Fighters games really absolutely know what they're doing this time around. It's launching with 39 fighters that'll be available at launch.

There's the 3v3 battle system making its return, with a shatter strike mechanic that should hopefully make things a little bit interesting for veteran players. And the campaign is actually getting hyped up quite a bit this time around and will apparently end with an explosive, cinematic finale. Climax Now it's been like six years since the release of the last entry in the series, and this one seems like it's shaping up to be the best one yet.

I mean, what more could you want? They've had 15 games. I think they've figured it out by now. Next over at number 16.

Showa american story

Showa american story

We have "Showa American Story." This is a wild and weird, seemingly experimental game that we think we're going to be talking about a bit more on the channel. This takes place in a weird alternate history world, like a hyper sci-fi 80s, where Japan occupies the United States and you're just this badass chick kicking ass with melee combat and guns.

It's an action RPG that clearly references a lot of B movies from all different cultures. It's got a seemingly open world and has a bunch of human and monster characters, and it just looks chaotic and really awesome. I mean, just looking at the gameplay, I don't even really know what to say. It seems over the top.

We love brawlers like this, but we also just love chaotic monster shooters. And of course, if it's got open world RPG elements, that could be great. At first you might write it off as corny and over the top, but it seems like that's the point here. It's really trying to go for something. It seems like the work on this one is going strong, and we're really hoping we see it in 2022.


Next, over at number 15, we have sifu. What more can we say about this game that we haven't already said? This challenging game is all set around you really setting out on a quest for revenge, punching your way through five intense, difficult, grindy, levels, learning the basics, learning the ins and outs, and how to flawlessly finish a level and complete the boss without dying too much.

Every time you die, you get older and older, and if you get too old, it's game over. There's a lot more to it, a lot more nuance that we don't have time to cover. Be sure to check out our before you buy review article or any other review out there, but we think it's one of the best games of the year so far.

We know it's early, it's only February, but definitely check this one out if you haven't already.

Star wars: knights of the old republic remake

Star wars: knights of the old republic remake

Now, Next, over at number 14, we have the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic remake, which, interestingly enough, is going to be exclusive to Playstation consoles and PC. Star Wars and the company that owns it are very different than the last time we had Knights of the Old Republic, so really the jury's still out on this one.

It's up in the air. This is a complete remake. Apparently, it might expand on some elements. It might change some things. We really don't know too much. We're hoping that we get to see it in 2022. Apparently, this has been in the works for a bit, but we'll have to just wait and see.


Next At number 13, we have Steel Rising.

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This is from Spiders, the developers behind Bound by Flame, Mars Warlocks, the Technomancer, and also the pretty awesome Gluttony Fall. Steel Rising just looks like an awesome, sick-ass action combat game set in a really unique setting. It's Paris in 1789, but things are a little bit different. You actually play as kind of like a clockwork mannequin called Aegis, and it just looks absolutely like a blast.

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