Top Games Ranking - Top 20 New Open World Games Of 2022/2023

Top Games Ranking - best games 2022

After endlessly searching Google for literal days trying to find the most promising games, I think I've done it, so here are the top 20 upcoming open world games of 2022. Number 20 fable One of the most iconic Xbox RPGs of all time will be making its return this year, and while this will be a sequel to the previous fables, it's actually not named fable4, but will offer that same experience of exploring vast environments while discovering the occasional odd creature in what Xbox calls a new beginning to the fable series.

Number 19 was developed by Fantastic Games, and while it was initially set to release in June of this year, it appears that date has actually been pushed back, but it deserved to be included nonetheless. It's set in a post-pandemic America and offers a pretty promising looking open-world MMORPG survival experience.

The graphics look insane, but that's one thing that worries me. What if it becomes another heavily ambitious cyberpunk novel? Either way, I guess we'll just have to wait and see how polished it really is. Number 18, sky This is a hyper-realistic survival game set on the isle of Skye during the Viking period.

Top Games Ranking - best mmorpg 2022

Your main objectives will be to hunt and kill deer, wolves, and foxes, all while cultivating crops that you can eventually harvest. The map is 256 kilometers squared, which is a genuine one-to-four scale recreation. Of the isle of Skye in real life, the graphics, modular building, and impressive looking weather system give me some promise about this game, and I think I'll definitely give it a go.

Number 17, stray, plays the role of a literal cat trying to find their way home to their lost family. It's set in an impressively big cyber city. There are, of course, unforeseen threats around every corner that will set you back and make the trip harder than it first appears. It's crazy how often these insanely good looking games come about, and this one's no different.

I might be a dog person, but this is almost just as good. Number 16, earth from another sun This is the most insane looking game I've come across in a while. While the environment might appear pretty barren at first, the galaxy is apparently filled with armies, different environments, and loads of communities.

Top Games Ranking - best new games

You're essentially in charge of the entire galaxy. There are hundreds of different weapons and abilities. You can even trade with others, smuggle things in, and fly all sorts of aircraft. Number 15, for use in an rpg exploration game which follows the journey of Frey, a young New Yorker who was sent to a harsh environment that is called Atheia.

You'll be learning magic and battling creatures in order to find your way home, which seems to be a common theme in these story-driven games. The realms of atheia in which this game is set are genuinely vast. It's really beautiful and, obviously, super expansive. It might not be quite my type of game, but I know this will be a fan favorite for anyone who likes the open world genre.

Number 14 Marvel Spiderman remastered. It's back This iconic, new York-swinging game, originally a PlayStation exclusive, is now making its way to the PC this summer. The graphics of this one have once again been upped a notch, and while I'm not a big fan of Spider-Man, please still subscribe. The movement does look seriously smooth and impressive, as it should with a game about Spider-Man himself, Number 13, dystera.

Top Games Ranking - best new open world games 2022

I'm personally a big fan of this sci-fi based fps survival game, as I've been following their discord, and even included it in a recent article of mine. It's as if you combined some cyber futuristic games with rust and, boom, you've got dystera. There are numerous ways to navigate this hellscape. But teaming up with friends and killing other people for their loot is probably the most enjoyable way.

There are also countless locations to explore and weapons to use, along with a pretty interesting base building system too. Number 12, Pow World. Could this be a proper list without including this gem? I don't think so. It's a multiplayer, open world survival game based around little cute monsters called "powers." These guys aren't there to kill you, though.

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They're there to help you out. You can breed them, fight alongside them, and even get them to work for you in factories or building projects. Number 11, Sonic Frontiers The creators are calling it Open Zone Sonic. Sonic is obviously given more freedom and choices, but it must be said that a lot of people are confused as to what this open zone approach could mean, because for many it's pretty unfamiliar, and that's fair enough.

I still think this game shows a lot of promise, though, as long as it isn't too confusing. Number 10: "Hogwarts Legacy" I will say I've never seen Harry Potter, but I'll try my best to understand the game. Set in the 1800s, you're in possession of a key to an ancient secret, and this ancient secret threatens to tear the wizarding world apart.

This game will offer character customization, potion crafting, and, of course, spell casting. You can upgrade your talents and genuinely become your own wizard, so maybe I need to read Harry Potter now that we're halfway through. If you are enjoying it, consider joining the family by subscribing, just so you don't miss my future game lists.

Top Games Ranking - best open world games

Number Nine Redfull is an open world co-op fps developed by Arcane Austin, who are actually an award-winning development team who made Prey and Dishonored. Alone or with friends, you can explore a really magical and vast world. This is one of my favorites on the list so far because it just shows so much promise.

There are four characters to play as in Red, all of whom have their own specific abilities, so you can choose your own path to overcome the vampires. The number of different locations and outposts to explore goes on and on, so I'll leave the rest up to you to discover. Number eight, Starfield, was developed by the well-known Bethesda Studios.

I'm sure you have all heard of this one. I'm looking at you. The fact that half the Steam description is taken up by them listing past games they've made has got to be a good thing, right? Anyway, once venturing beyond the solar system, you have the choice of settling on a planet or exploring both.

Top Games Ranking - best open world games 2022

You have the choice of settling on a planet you like or exploring. Even further, find rare artifacts throughout the galaxy and create a new life amongst the stars. To be honest, to be honest, and I'll definitely give it a go. Seven Sons of the Forest is a hopeful sequel to the forest, similar to its prequel, where you're surrounded by cannibals on a remote island with the goal of finding a missing billionaire.

Open world games are absolutely everywhere but finding new ones that look promising isn't always easy which is why I've created this list of what I think are the 20 best open world games releasing in 2022.
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