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) 2022 is getting a boatload of open world style games for various genres and platforms, and we've got 20 promising upcoming games we wanted to highlight here, so let's get started with number 20,.

Sonic frontiers

The first game is Sonic Frontiers. Yes, Sonic the Hedgehog is finally going completely open-world.

There's been lots of talk about it being inspired by Breath of the Wild. Honestly, what I see here is just a playground for Sonic to go really fast. That's the name of the game, right? You want to be Sonic? You want to be free to go as fast as you can wherever you can. I think they're on to something here with the open world thing.

It doesn't feel much like it's just another game jumping on the open world trend here with Sonic. I think the formula can actually make sense. You're going to be exploring the Star Fall islands, and there's going to be a bunch of different areas like forests, snowy mountains, lava, and volcanoes, so there'll be a lot to mess with.

We're just curious to see how it truly flows and how it plays, ).

Atomic heart

Next, over at number 19, we have Atomic Heart, which is dubbed by the developers as an open world action RPG. As you've probably seen this game before, we've highlighted it quite a bit. It's somewhat bioshock system shock inspired but with even more of an emphasis on exploration and makeshift weapons and just an incredibly unique and really spooky and horrific and unsettling setting.

This is like an alternate history of the 1950s, Sci-fi, Soviet setting with a bunch of monsters, creatures, weird robots, and strange technology and anomalies. Not to mention the fact that the game also looks gorgeous. I mean, look at it. It's had a lot of Nvidia marketing behind it already with array tracing and all that, but from an art design, enemy design, and just environment design standpoint.

I'm ready to get immersed in this pretty unique looking world. I like this vibe, so we've been keeping a close eye on this one for a while now.

Avatar: frontiers of pandora

Avatar: frontiers of pandora

Now Next, over at number 18, we have Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. The avatar franchise is once again revving up its engines with James Cameron's next movie seemingly coming out soon, and ubisoft is once again flexing that licensing and we're getting a new avatar game people dunk on the movies.

I think if anything, that world can translate really well to a article game, especially with some good ideas behind it. Will it fall for the usual trappings of, you know, the typical Ubisoft open world formula? Maybe, but if I could run around as a crazy blue man and do stuff and fight robots, I don't know, I'm in.

I'm easy to please. We're cautiously optimistic. Let's see how this one goes.


Next, over at number 17, we have Doke V, which, as you may have seen in the trailer before, looks wildly out of this world. Essentially, what this is a big open-world action-adventure monster collecting game with a little bit more of a fun, light-hearted kitten twist, but with a bunch of different traversal options, ways to customize yourself, a lot of social features for playing with friends, and, of course, some monster battling stuff.

It's funny because a lot of those elements—open world monster collecting, all that stuff—sound pretty generic, but just with this presentation here, it really looks unlike anything we've seen before, and I buried the lead here. It's from developer publisher Pearl Abyss, the people behind Black Desert Online, so it's got some gameplay chops behind it to back it up hopefully, so don't write this one off.

Crimson desert

Crimson desert

And next over At number 16, we have crimson desert, which is also from the people behind black desert online. This may look similar at first glance, but what it is an open world action-adventure game rpg with non-linear storytelling, and frankly, it looks pretty sweet. Graphically, it's really impressive, but it also just looks incredibly.

The world looks huge, we've seen a good amount of variety, and, thankfully, some cool combat sprinkled in. A good trailer like that can definitely put expectations dangerously high, but given the developer and publisher's pedigree, we're willing to keep an eye on this one next.

Ark 2

At number 15, we have Arc 2, the follow-up to Arc Survival Evolution, the open world multiplayer survival sandbox with a sci-fi dinosaur twist.

We're getting another one because the original was an absolute monster money machine. It had a ton of mainstream popularity and this time around, seemingly. Vin Diesel is on board and we're going to get more of an emphasis on some story type content and seemingly a bigger, crazier, more alien sci-fi feeling world.

This is, of course, once again a studio wildcard. As of right now, we don't know too much about it, but it is slated for 2022 ).

The day before

The day before

Next, over at number 14, we have the day before, which is a pretty interesting and ambitious mashup seemingly with some division style elements where you're exploring a city, you're looting, you're occasionally encountering enemies, sometimes you're encountering player enemies, but with a big dose of the last of us style desperation and survival crafting and zombies.

We just really want to see if it's going to come together as well as it really looks. As of right now, this open world mmo survival sandbox thing is set for June 21st, 2022.

State of decay 3

At number 13, coming from a similar angle, we have state of decay 3. Undead Labs is doing it again, and they figured out a lot with State of Decay 2 and its expansions and updates, so we're really excited to see how the whole thing will fare in a third outing.

Because some people really, really love this style of game, we definitely expect this one to have something like the biggest open area. There's definitely seemingly been a winter theme teased; more monster types and zombies, of course, but also some animals affected by this as well. The State of Decay games are just really cool zombie survival sandbox games that are fun to jump into with a friend.

Hopefully, here they will really emphasize more exploration. There are just more things to do and really exciting action again. Keep in mind, at the time of making this article, we haven't seen too much of it, but we think we might see it this year.

Saints row (2022)

Saints row (2022)

Now At number 12, we have Saints Row. This new reboot definitely turns things on their head. If you ask me personally, I don't know where they could have gone next with the Sainsbury's series. I've played every single one. They get crazier and crazier. So they're bringing things down to earth a little bit here, kind of ditching some of the aesthetics that a lot of the series has been known for.

Open world gaming isn't slowing down on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series XSOne, and Nintendo Switch. Here's everything to look forward to in 2022.
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