Top Games Ranking - Top 20 New Games Of 2022. Second Half



so we've covered the first half of the year 2022, and now we're looking towards the future, the second half of 2022, and some of the most anticipated game releases. Here's a roundup of 20 games. Keep in mind that release dates are always subject to change, especially lately when we always see delays, and we could still get some surprise announcements.

You never know, but for now let's get started with number 20.

Evil west

This is a game where I just have to throw objectivity out the window. This is exactly the type of game I want. It's just a article game as hell, and I mean that as a compliment. This is a kind of sci-fi, western third-person shooter action game.

It's just a linear adventure that you progress through, and you are like a superhero or cowboy man. You deal with a sick shooter and you're blowing away bad guys, specifically vampires. Yes, the wild west has been taken over by hordes of vampires and it's up to you to use your gadgets, your six shooters, and also this cool lightning fist gauntlet to like punch them.

It just looks ridiculous, and fun and gory, and just what the doctor ordered. Sometimes it reminds us of something from the 2000s or 2010s, and we're really looking forward to it. It's released on all the major consoles on September 20th, 2022.

High on life

High on life

Next, over at number 19, we have High on Life. This is Justin Roiland's newest game, Squanch. If you're into Rick and Morty and that style of humor and wackiness, this might be right up your alley. This is a sci-fi first-person shooter where the different guns all have different alien personalities, and I'm not going to lie, it just looks like a ton of fun.

It seems like they've got some talented comedians and voice actors behind a lot of the roles, and it just looks like a breath of fresh air, you know? For the longest time now, Squanch Games has been pumping out cool projects. They did some cool VR stuff, but now they're getting their hand at a full, seemingly pretty big budget game.

It looks ambitious, and it looks funny. Most importantly, High on Life is releasing on October 5th, 2022, for PC and Xbox.

The lord of the rings: gollum

Next, over at number 18, we have the Lord of the Rings' Gollum. Now this is a game specifically focused on Gollum, creeping around Middle Earth doing sketchy things. It's not necessarily, based on the movie if you could tell by the art style that they're going for a little bit of a different look for the character, and the game is focused around you making decisions as Gollum or Smigiel, you know the voices in his head, but also trying to mostly avoid combat because he's pretty weak through stealth.

It's not often these days that we get a good solid stealth game anymore, just truly dedicated to it, so we're curious to see how this pans out. He seems pretty nimble; he can get around the environment pretty quickly, but the jury's still out on the quality of this one. We've seen some gameplay trailers that don't look so hot, but we can't help but just like the rings and the weird, strange Lord of the Rings games that show us a different side of Middle-earth, so we're still keeping our eye on it. It is released on September 1st, 2022 for all the major consoles.



Now next over at number 17, we have stray. Yes, this is the cat game. That's the best way to describe it. Stray is essentially like a third-person cat adventure game where you're a lone cat stuck in a seemingly abandoned dystopian, futuristic city where all the humans are gone but there are robots living there.

You would venture through as this cat with a little drone friend you met while climbing and exploring. Solving puzzles, running from danger interacting with the locals and actually doing cat stuff like scratching on a wall or knocking stuff over just kind of being a jerk i mean no disrespect to cats.

I really like them and I'm looking forward to playing this We've talked about this one quite a bit already, so we'll move on, but Stray is releasing for PlayStation and PC on July 19th.

Marvel's midnight suns

Next, over at number 16, we have Marvel's Midnight Suns. This is Firaxis Games' take on a Marvel game, and it's going for some darker material but also teaming up some really cool characters like Wolverine.

Ghost Rider, and Doctor Strange to take on a new enemy, and it's in a top-down kind of strategic x-com style. What this studio really specializes in is there's sort of a card system, in terms of choosing your moves and your attacks, and I think the gameplay can just make for some really fun and challenging spots.

You know, if you're into XCOM or any type of strategy game like this. I'm really hoping they nail it, but I'm just looking forward to the story and really seeing these characters in their full glory again. Blade, Hulk, Venom, and Wolverine are all in the same game I'm in as of right now. Marvel's Midnight Suns is releasing on October 7th for all the major consoles.

Skull and bones

Skull and bones

Next, over at number 15, we have a skull and bones. This is Ubisoft's long dormant title, finally resurfacing this year and finally released, and what it is a pirate adventure game. You make your own pirate captain.

You wander around ports in third person, you customize, you loot, you sell, you trade, you hop in your ship, command your crew and go on adventures and engage in naval combat. You're doing it either alone in a single-player campaign or with a group of friends, which is where a lot of the fun is probably going to be had.

If you've played anything like Sea of Thieves, you know that manning a ship with a bunch of other people can be a blast. This is a little bit of a different spin on things compared to Sea of Thieves, and I'm curious to see how it pans out. We'll know in the fall when it releases on November 8th for all the major consoles.

Splatoon 3

Next, over at number 14, we have Splatoon 3. It's incredibly awesome to see this franchise return once again with new competitive modes, seemingly a bigger open world single player adventure, and, of course, lots of creativity. The multiplayer in Splatoon games can get incredibly addictive, and I'm really curious to see how they're going to expand upon this. We're still waiting to hear a lot more about this, but we know that this holiday season we're definitely going to be playing it on the Nintendo Switch because it releases on September 9th.

Saints row

Saints row

At number 13, we have Saints Row. Yes, Saints Row has been completely rebooted. They dropped the numbers and now it's Saints Row.

You build up your own new criminal from the ground up with a pretty detailed character creator, and you are set loose in a new kind of deserty Las Vegas-type city. At first. I was a little skeptical and curious to see if they would actually retain some of the craziness that they really set up with some of the last games, but nope, it seems like all the insane hijinks are going to ensue.

The second half of 2022 is bringing tons of new game releases for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series XSOne, and Nintendo Switch. Here's everything big we're looking forward to.
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