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Now it is time to finish. Welcome to Watch Mojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the top 20 article game villains. For this list, we'll be looking at iconic gaming antagonists and their heinous actions that made us want to defeat them. Since we're talking openly about game storylines, we're issuing a spoiler warning.

Captain Lechuck's Monkey Island series, Is There's nothing like the hot winds of Hell blowing in your face. Cutthroat, pirate captains can usually make great villains in any medium, but if they're also undead, that just adds to the wickedness throughout the Monkey Island series. Players control the unfortunately named and simple-minded Guy Brush.

Three-point Lechuck has been trying to put an end to three feet ever since the first game, where the hero stopped him from forcing Governor Elaine Marley to marry him. Lechuck loves to use voodoo magic, and his undead form changes depending on the game. He's been a ghost, a demon, and a zombie, as the adventure series is primarily comedic.

Top Games Ranking - best article game villains

Lechuck is somewhat silly and gullible, but he's nevertheless ruthless and iconic. Yes, yes sir, lucky number nine. Dr neo Cortex series It's funny how history repeats itself. The world of article games is full of mad scientists bent on world domination, a few of which have made it onto our list, but not all of them have created their own arch nemesis.

Dr neocortex invented a device that could turn regular critters into genetically advanced soldiers. Unfortunately for him, one such animal was a bandicoot named Crash. Ever since Crash put an end to his plans in the first game, the doc has relentlessly pursued other methods to gain as much power as possible.

Over-the-top and psychotic yet cartoonish and amusing, the cortex is always a joy to go up against. Despite having a doctorate, his sometimes foolish mistakes make it clear he shouldn't rule over anything. Okay, number eight, flowey undertale. After falling into a world of monsters, the first character you come across is a talking flower with a welcoming smile on his face, but don't be fooled; this is one of the most evil plants ever featured in a article game.

Top Games Ranking - best villains

He craves the demise of pretty much everyone in the underground. He was once the prince of the monsters before he was killed and had his consciousness transplanted into the flower. The process caused him to go mad and grow increasingly sadistic. A violent flower makes for a unique villain, but Fleury will also stalk you throughout the game and make fourth-wall breaking comments towards the player.

If you've ever wondered what Albert Einstein might be like if you went completely and utterly Bonkers In fact, Dr. Wily's pretty close. He wasn't always a bad person, but jealousy over the successes of his colleague, Dr. Light, drove him to a career of trying to take over the world. In his first attempt, he corrupted several robots that were invented by Dr.

Light to help humanity. Since then, Wiley has tried other methods to achieve his goals, like building his own Robot Masters or forcing others to do so, but his plans always fall to ruin thanks to the courageous blue bomber. We tell Albert what the definition of insanity is, but it appears he's already there.

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But, not before the wedding Frau, angle goes above and beyond her Nazi duty to surpass even Hitler. First appearing in 2014's New Order, angle took center stage as the driving force against you in 2017's The New Colossus. Violent doesn't even begin to cover it beyond the expected atrocities of a high-ranking Nazi officer, like running an extermination camp, angling murders at one of your closest allies, cutting the arm off another, and berates and abuses her own daughter for being weak.

That's only one of her scenes. Mind you, every time we see her, our skin crawls with disgust and hatred. Although she's just another villain on a violent power trip, we were ecstatic to bring that trip to an end when your friends in the garage. My analysis of historical data suggests a 9 out of 7.3 pability.

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A murderous AI is just about the most formidable type of foe someone can go up against. The sentient hyper-optimized data access network, or Showdan, was created to serve a research and mining station based near Saturn, but when you're forced to hack the AI and therefore remove any sense of a moral compass, it goes rogue, murdering or mutating everyone on board except for you.

Illusionally omnipotent within the station. Showdan watches through security cameras, sends her minions after you, and generally discourages you while you attempt to stop her from reconstructing Earth. Having the villain basically be with you the entire game definitely puts us on edge. 14 zeus, God of War series, Athena refused to undo her mistake, imagining caring for a creature such as yourself.

Zeus may be the ruler of the gods, but he is one awful deity, driven by fear that came from a prophecy that would see the destruction of Olympus. Kratos made Kratos's life a living hell when he kidnapped Kratos's younger brother, sending him to be tortured by the god of death and banishing Kratos's mother to Atlantis.

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He also murdered Kratos's own son. Even outside of all the awful things he did to Kratos, he was also shown to have no problem ordering his other family members to throw their lives away for the good of Olympus. In actuality, his actions caused his own downfall and innumerable deaths, both mortal and not.

What a tool, I It is pretty awful to experiment on helpless animals and turn them into soldiers, and so too is it to kidnap them and use them to power your deadly robots. Dr eggman is a fan of the latter, essentially Sonic's version of Bowser. He has appeared in nearly every game in the series where he is constantly on the verge of taking over the world.

His massive mustache and nickname-giving body type make him incredibly recognizable. However, despite a silly nickname and appearance, this mad scientist shouldn't be trifled with. Seriously, where do you get the time and resources to build all these? Who turned out the lights at Number 12 Pyramid, Head of Silent Hill tip?

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Although this lumbering Behemoth would appear in other installments, his purpose and the fear we felt from him in his first appearance has never been outmatched. Hill 2 follows James Sunderland, who journeys to the ghost town after receiving a letter from his dead wife. There are plenty of twisted monsters to flee from, but by far the most terrifying is the one who hides his face behind a gigantic triangular mask as a manifestation of James's guilt over euthanizing his wife.

Pyramid. The head stalks you throughout the game. His stature is intimidating, as is the truly massive blade he carries with him. Getting trapped in a room with him remains one of the most horrifying moments in the series. Although the maniacal megalomaniac M. Bison deserves some recognition, it's hard to top the demon Shoto Akuma.

We already wanted to win, but these great video game villains made us want to succeed even more! For this list, well be looking at iconic gaming antagonists and their heinous actions that made us want to defeat them. Since well be talking openly about game storylines, were issuing a spoiler warning.
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