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Get Tanya inside, so she can get Einstein out. Welcome to Watch Mojo. Today we're counting down our picks for the top 20 censored article games. Look who I found hanging around Carl. We'll be looking at article games that had to be censored in various countries around the world due to their content, whether warranted or otherwise.

Do you agree with these bits of censorship? Number 20: Street Fighter 5, Specifically, things involving the female characters. The moment Mika performed a seductive move, the camera lingered on Kami during her entrance, and the character select screen had what could only be described as a jiggle.

We'll let you guess which part of the body jiggles. Capcom claimed that the latter was a glitch, but it seems like the other two were entirely intentional. Either way, all three were tweaked before the game's official release, and it resulted in a divided reception among the street fighter community.

The widely beloved arcade game Cruisin' USA was eventually ported to the Nintendo 64. Suffice to say, the reception was not nearly as warm. In fact, people hated it. Not only was the performance abysmal, but the game was heavily censored to be more in keeping with Nintendo's family-friendly reputation.

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The XL powershaft was renamed to just XL Power, the bikini-clad women were either clothed or moved entirely, and it was now impossible to hit animals crossing the road. Regardless of these changes and the game's generally negative reception, it was still a huge commercial success. Nintendo was really stringent about the brand throughout the 90s.

Even Super Mario Kart was censored. In the original Japanese version, both Peach and Bowser drink champagne to celebrate their victories. Peach even gets a little drunk, which is evident by her reddening face , This was censored for both the American and European releases. In the censored versions that we know, Bowser simply holds the champagne bottle and Peach throws hers into the air.

Neither are they seen actively drinking, and we certainly don't see Peach enjoying her victory. Number 17 Martha is dead. The wounds are feeding it. It will do things you do not like. This horror game was released on all the major consoles in the winter of 2022. However, one console version was not like the others.

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The PlayStation release was notably censored as it was missing some of the game's most graphic content. In both the Xbox and PC versions, players were forced to interact with some troubling material, yet in the Playstation version the interactivity was absent. Furthermore, the PS iteration comes equipped with an optional censored mode that removes even more content from the game.

Sony did not comment on the decision, so we can only speculate as to why the game was censored on the PlayStation and not the other consoles. They make us suffer, remain confused, and lose our self-respect. Number 16: I am the punisher. I know nothing of value. I have weapons in my toolbox. Please let me go.

Based on the famous comic of the same name, this was a violent game that earned a lot of attention for its content, or lack thereof. The punisher was so brutal that the ESRB was going to give it an AO rating. The AO rating is the gaming equivalent of an NC17, and receiving it was bad news for commercial availability.

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To get their product released, the developers were forced to censor the torture sequences. They were given a black and white filter and the camera zoomed in to obscure the more grotesque visuals in Australia. The censorship went even further, and two scenes were completely removed from the game. Okay, I can help you with the guys in the next room.

Let me do the talking. Number 15: "Command and Conquer" Red Alert Tanya is inside, so she can get Einstein out. Once you have located him, bring him back to your drop-off point for immediate evacuation. German players have no idea what they're missing when it comes to this classic. In fact, the German version has been so majorly altered that it's basically a whole new game.

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For one thing, the humans in the game were replaced by robots, and instead of blood, they spewed black oil. Similarly, human cries were replaced with robot noises. Since the last transmission, at 0:900 hours, nothing but many cutscenes have been censored to depict something else. For example, one scene has stalled in looking at a map rather than a article of gas attacks.

Many others were cut altogether, including the intro with Hitler and the airplane attack on the village. Many of the problematic cutscenes were replaced with an image of the Soviet logo. Their weakness is power. Black out the base and nothing will stop you. number 14, conquer live and reloaded Yeah, that was pretty crap.

As kicking ass goes, it was abysmal. The original was acclaimed but problematic, featuring graphic violence, profanity, and lots of sexual content. Live and Reloaded was originally going to be called Live and Uncut, but this was changed after it was indeed cut. No, I think I've had too much. All the swear words were bleeped out, even some of the tamer ones that might be found in a t-rated game.

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It was a bizarre decision that infuriated fans of the Nintendo 64 masterpiece, Number 13, Fahrenheit, Indigo Prophecy. I'm leaving you here. You mustn't move. Understand, I'll be back soon to get you. I hope for a highly ambitious article game from David Cage. The Indigo Prophecy was originally given the dreaded AO rating by the ESRB.

The North American release was significantly censored to receive an M rating, and that included cutting a majority of the game's sensual content. Most of the game's adult scenes were erased, and one was heavily altered to mask the more graphic shots. However, the 2015 remaster was completely uncensored, as is the 2015 remaster, and it was given an M rating without any cuts needing to be made.

It's amazing what just 10 years can do when it comes to rating standards. When originally released on home computers, Duke Nukem 3D received widespread praise and is heralded as an enormously influential first-person shooter. Its success guaranteed many ports, and Duke Nukem 3D soon found itself on the Nintendo 64, but it was a completely different game, new title and all.

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Virtually all adult content was censored to some degree. Drug and sex references were taken out, as were profanity. Steroids were turned into vitamins. Some levels were altered to remove offensive content. Scrutinily clad women were clothed, strippers were pulled, and some of the game's more violent visuals were either modified or removed altogether.

The content of these video games rubbed some countries the wrong way, leading to them being censored. For this list, well be looking at video games that had to be censored in various countries around the world due to their content - warranted or otherwise.
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