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we're getting near the end of the year and there has been a lot of great stuff released on the PC. Hi folks, it's Falcon, and today on the game ranks the PC games you need to give a shot in 2021.

Forza horizon 5

Starting out with number 20, it's Forza Horizon 5. Obviously, this also came out on PC, but the PC is, of course, where you get the best graphics, the most control over the graphics, etc., and what a beautiful racing game it is.

I've actually wasted a ton of time with Forza Horizon 5. It's fantastic; play it on PC as soon as you can.

Hell let loose

At number 19 is Hell Let Loose. This is a hundred-player infantry-based World War II game that has much more to it than meets the eye. When you look at it, it looks like every other World War II game.

However, there are layers. For instance, there's base building, there's two layers of commanders, and there's a layer of rts, which is management type stuff in it. It's actually a really novel concept that I think works really well. I enjoy this game a lot, but given it's so specific in what it's doing, it's one that I do think is a little more divisive.

However, I would say it's not just another World War II game. Give Hell a Spin and I think a pretty fair number of you will find it's a damn good game.

Pathfinder: wrath of the righteous

Pathfinder: wrath of the righteous

And number 18 is Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, which attempts to take the Pathfinder King Maker formula into a more dark area by having a more angels versus demons type aesthetic and exploring more of the evil aspects of the world. The game makes a number of improvements over King Maker, and it makes it one of the better top-down isometric style RPGs.

In my opinion, it really is just fantastic. There are a few little bugs, but I'm sure those are going to get fixed and are definitely not something that should influence your decision on this game .

Ready or not

And number 17, is, ready or not, a tactical fps. That's in early access. That's a pretty interesting title.

More or less, it's a swat game where you have to defuse various high-stakes situations, either peacefully, or you know, like a swat team typically does in article games. It is a tactical shooter. Keep in mind that this is a game where you really have to treat it like a detailed simulation of what could happen in a high-octane swat mission in a lot of games.

This is one of those games where you're paying 40 bucks for something that really feels like a 60-buck game. This is genuinely well above expectations, and it's almost kind of shocking there aren't more AAA experiences like this, and this is great, like I enjoy playing.

Back 4 blood

Back 4 blood

This game and number 16 is back for blood the for all intents and purposes, the spiritual successor to Left for Dead, the original devs are back, giving us what I think would probably be Left for Dead three, because it's the logical progression of the series.

We have all of these interesting upgrades, changes, and quality of life improvements, but at its core, it's the game that we all want to play. It looks way better too. I love how this game looks. I mean, I've just been enjoying the hell out of it back for blood kicks in the ass.

Scarlet nexus

And number 15 is Scarlet Nexus.

I mean, it's really along the lines of Bayonetta or Devil May Cry, but it also really has its own identity in terms of its camera work and visuals. Obviously, it looks very anime-inspired, but it doesn't feel like a ripoff of a platinum game. There are a lot of interesting visual flourishes, and the gameplay is fantastic.

The gameplay is fantastic. The story is fantastic. It takes a little while to get moving, but once you get there, this game is just as enjoyable as hell.

Marvel's guardians of the galaxy

Marvel's guardians of the galaxy

at number 14 is Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, which is kind of square enoch saying "ah, we get it, we know we were wrong here, but this is what we could do right and, oddly enough, they really nail it." It's a unique game. There's a lot we could talk about in terms of what it does right, but particularly, it's the combat.

They give you this very unique squad-based combat where you're sort of doing Final Fantasy vii remake style stuff in the context of a pretty damn well-made action game. It's fully a single-player game. I just like it way better than the Avengers. I was worried they weren't going to get it right and they were just kind of going hard in the opposite direction, which often isn't really like Avengers, it's just kind of rejecting the previous game to try to make up for it, but they actually did something fairly unique and good .


And number 13 is humankind, a sort of answer to civilization. That makes a number of interesting and innovative takes on the 4x genre. Siv6 is kind of a lot of the things that people didn't like about Siv6. This game is like, hey look, we're doing it right, and really that's the truth. There are some interesting additions like this sort of diplomacy, peace negotiations, and type elements.

It's hard to reduce this down to something like a 30 second segment. It's really a fantastic game. If you like civilization, and civilization 6 may have rubbed you the wrong way a little bit, try out Humankind. Even if you liked Civilization 6, it's really like the best possible take on this right now .

It takes two

It takes two

At number 12 is It Takes Two, a purely co-op game by Hazelite, the developers of a way out. Now, obviously, this is a game that is influenced in some ways by the way out, but it's much more of a traditional platformer and has a lot of really big, fast-paced sequences.

The plot is about a divorcing couple who get magically sucked into some of their kids' dolls. I always have trouble describing the plot because it's kind of silly, but it's actually a very serious plot that plays out in a very touching and good way. But the co-op platforming that this game brings is also phenomenal.

Like, this studio really knows what they're doing. A way out is great. I think It Takes Two is actually a better game. I'm not sure yet. I think that it's going to take time, but I have a feeling I will go back to It Takes Two More.

The ascent

You're basically trying to fight your way out of this massive cyberpunk city that's absolutely beautiful, and if I'm honest, I just enjoy the hell out of this game.

This is exactly what I would want from it if you described it to me and said, "Hey, this exists." I enjoyed it more than cyberpunk. This is a cyberpunk game for me .

Hitman 3

Hitman 3

And number 10 is Hitman 3, the conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy, and probably in terms of all around the best of the three new Hitman games, and that's saying a lot because these are perhaps the best Hitman games in all honesty. Above all else, this is such a creative, experimental, and enjoyable game that just nails its level design.

2021 had a metric ton of great games for PC. Here are all of the games that we think are worth your time.
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