Top Games Ranking - Top 15 Free Quest 2 Vr Games You Never Knew

Top Games Ranking - best free vr games

Hey folks, welcome back to another article. I know recently, money has been tight across the world and even the price of the quest has gone up. You want to play games, but you don't have the money to buy any new ones. Well, have no fear, Whack Man is here. Today we are going to go through 15 amazing free quest games that you might never have heard of.

Also, if 15 isn't enough for you, make sure you watch my previous article on the 32 free VR games, all rated.

Giveaway 40k special

Giveaway 40k special

That's it the winner will be chosen sometime next month. Well, let's get straight into the article. Now these games aren't in any particular order as they're all great, but my aim here is to give you at least a couple of games that you've never heard of or tried, so number one, Moon Rider. Well, let's start off with a banger, no pun intended.

Moon Rider is actually incredible as it's literally beat saber but for free and played through the browser. Rather than having to download and install the game to play it, simply open up the Oculus browser and type in "moonwriter." xyz. Then click View in the headset and that's it. Not only is this a free beat saver, but the game already has loads of awesome custom songs from anime to Disney to movies or even memes.

It's using these maps from the beat saver menu, so the maps will be similar to the ones on Beat Saber. Now obviously, this doesn't have the same quality of beats as ever, but it is still worth a try, especially if you don't have Beat Saver, which is a 30 game. Plus, this game has some additional features that give you an awesome workout, like punch mode where you actually punch the shapes instead of cutting them, so it might even be better than Beat Saber for some people.

Floating world 2

Floating world 2

Number two is floating around the world. This is one of the coolest concepts I have seen in a survival game where you are stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean where it does look like your boat has been destroyed. So what you need to do is collect the items that are scattered around you to try and improve your raft, make it bigger and even defend it against the sharks that are swimming around you.

Once your raft is big enough, you can sail to the different islands around you. This will allow you to get stone, chop wood for trees, or even hunt animals for food or resources. There is also a food and water survival system, forcing you to get out of your comfort zone. It's actually pretty incredible.

Now there is also multiplayer, where people can work together to support each other. But remember, the game is still in alpha, so there are quite a few bugs that will hopefully be resolved, and not all the features are currently available. However, I would still recommend you try out this incredible game.

There is another game like this called Ocean Rift, and you can play an hour of it for free to see if you like it, but then it costs $10. So take a look and see which one you like. Number three, liminal .

Liminal 3

Liminal 3

Now I've added liminal to this list for those who want to engage with their mind, either to calm it down or make it more energetic or put it in a state of awe. Well, those are the options that you have in this game, anyway. Liminal's focus is on your mind, and it does a pretty good job of getting you engaged.

You can choose to sit by the fire and relax, or see a series of Mandela effects, or play shooting games to get you energized. Or you can even be a bee and fly around the sunflowers. Although I'm not really a big fan of that one because it does make you feel a little sick due to the motion, the others are pretty good.

Top Games Ranking - best free vr games oculus quest 2

You can actually get quite a few more if you enjoy this type of game, but I've just seen the free ones. Also, even though I asked you to register and create an account, you don't really have to. You can just play as a guest to see if you like it. So I suggest you just do that just to get into it, and if you enjoy it, then maybe create an account and see if you want to take it further.

Number four, discovery. I was thinking of not adding this one to the list initially, but not because of the game.


Once you're on there, click on the drop down and select either "download app site load" or "download up." This will allow you to access a light version. From what I can tell, it mainly has multiplayer support that's been removed, which can be a big thing.

However, it does give you a chance to play the game fully before you fork out any cash on it. So what is this game? Well, as you can see, it's basically Minecraft. Now it does have quite a few things missing that are in Minecraft, such as no survival mode right now or enemies that I've been able to find.

Top Games Ranking - free meta quest 2 games

It's literally a "build what you can" type of game. Personally, I would not pay for this game as, yes, it does have multiplayer, but it's not really worth it. I would rather play in the Minecraft Java Edition, but I thought I would include it here anyway, just in case someone just likes the building aspect, and it does that pretty well.

Number five lit, down. This is an awesome name. By the way, the game reminds me of the Need for Speed Midnight Series with how it looks and feels. For example, you can choose your car and customize it to how you see fit. There is actually quite a good range of different cars to choose from. Then when you're inside the car, it actually looks incredible and feels like you're driving a premium car.

Plus, this is an open world game, so you can drive around anywhere. You can also play with a friend by joining the same lobby, and you can even find particular areas for races where the winner gets a nice pot of money. For now, there are some bugs and issues with controls, with cars falling off the map, and it does feel a bit weird to drive a car with your hands floating in the air, by that I mean with the quest controllers, as you're not actually holding a wheel, but that's not the game's fault, although for the most part, it's pretty impressive and, considering it's free.

I would definitely give it a go.

Paradiddle 6

Paradiddle 6

Number six paradiddle. For those who want to learn the drums but they make too much noise and their parents or neighbors will go mad if they hear you playing drums all night long. Well, paradiddle, which is a strange name but apparently it's a musical pattern, is perfect for you. This actually works amazingly well for beginners or even experts.

There is even usb and bluetooth pedal support for your kick drum or hi-hat. Now, to make it even cooler, you can even upload your own custom songs. Now I'm not really a musician. I did try to learn the guitar in my younger years to impress the ladies, but it was way too hard for me. However, even a novice like me can see the quality and features on offer here.

There are a lot more different instruments you can try, such as It's a good time for bongos.

Now I know recently money has been tight across the world and even the price of the Quest 2 has gone up. And you want to play games but dont have the money to buy any new ones. Well have no fear WaqMan is here. Today we are going to go through 15 Amazing Free Quest games that you might have never heard of.
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