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it's 2021 and, believe it or not, there are tons of awesome racing-themed games to either play now or look forward to down the line. And also just a disclaimer, there are a couple of games that aren't making it out this year, like Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown and Gran Turismo, which are slated for 2022.

Just keep that in mind. We've got 13 games to break down that are worth keeping an eye on. So let's get started with number : 13 and talk drift 21.

Drift 2021

Drift 21 is pretty unique on this list because it's all focused completely on Japanese tuner cars. Not only does it have some really impressive drift mechanics that are fun to pull off and come off in that perfect balance of being realistic but still managing to be pretty satisfying to do, whether you're playing online or just single player races.

Not only does it have that type of thing going on, but it also has customization and tuning, so you get the exact type of car you want, from the turbo kits to the spoilers to the body wraps. There are a ton of licensed cars, and the game really focuses on just celebrating the professional drift world, and it's pretty cool.

Cruise blast

Cruise blast

Next, over at number 12, we have cruise and blast. There have been quite a few crews and games if you're old enough to remember them, and this new one kind of serves as a reboot. It's going to have five tracks, eight cars, and eight bonus vehicles. If you can't tell by the gameplay, it's all focused on bright colors, fast accessibility, racing, and just that arcade style gameplay.

It's released exclusively, seemingly for the Nintendo Switch, and we're really looking forward to seeing what this new spin on it really is next.

Nascar 21

Over at number 11, we have Nascar, 21. This is released for all the major platforms this fall, and it serves as kind of a new stepping stone for the franchise, maybe a new foundation.

As of the new leadership, behind the scenes have said there's a lot of pressure on this one to really establish it as the new foothold for the Nascar game series moving forward. This is specifically because, according to reports, it has a new engine, it's going to be completely unreal-based, and it has new physics behind it as well.

You know, if you don't understand Nascar games, it might not seem like a big deal to you, but if you do appreciate the nuance of these races, then you get it and you're probably hoping they pull this one off. As of right now, it does not have a release date. We just know, like I said, fall 2021, next.



Over at number 10, we have WRCC, TED FIA, World Rally Championship. We've highlighted these games in the past on racing games because they're just kind of the standard in a lot of ways, especially if you're playing on PC. These are just hardcore, incredibly impressive simulation games with really specific and challenging rally racing, cool dirt cars and damage effects, and they basically go through the decades-long history of the WRC.

The World Rally Championship has official teams and official licensed cars, and you get to manage it all in a revamped career mode, along with kind of an updating mode where you're always getting new weekly events and challenges to keep you busy with the community and stuff. We always say don't sleep on these ones.

If you like rally games, you know that Dirt and Dirt Rally do a really great job, but WRC is something else.

Rims racing

And next, over at number nine, we have Rims Racing. This is similar and combines a lot of elements of other games we've already mentioned, but for motorbikes, it's all about realistic motorbike championship racing.

You know that high-octane, razor-thin, high-speed craziness, but not only does it give you realistic physics and gameplay mechanics, it also gives you a bunch of customization. Also, tuning options It's all about the mechanics behind the scenes as well, and that helps it stand out from some other motorcycle racing games.

It goes all in; it's going to be all about optimizing your bike, managing your garage, and getting down to the nitty-gritty statistics while just taking home the gold. We're really curious to see what they do with this one. It's released on August 19th, 2021 ).

Torque drift

Torque drift

Next, over at number eight, we have torque drift. This one was actually released in April, so it's been out for a few months and it's free to play, so you know you can check it out without throwing down some cash, which is important because it has real cars and real parts, so you can build your dream car to hit the tracks, and honestly, even if you don't know too much about cars, if you judge it by the amount of parts and customization, you can really fine-tune your car to perform exactly how you want.

A lot of it is classic drifting-based racing, which we all like, although the Steam reviews are a bit mixed. Some say the physics aren't quite there, there's some lag, and some people just say it doesn't like playing too well with a racing wheel, but hopefully that stuff gets updated over time. Free-to-play games always have their issues and the model isn't perfect, especially for racing games, but we're willing to keep an eye on this one because it plays okay and we're hoping it gets better over time.

Racers republic

Next, over at number 7, we have Ryder's Republic. Now this isn't your traditional racing game, full disclosure. First off, I mean, there are no cars. Some races will feature up to 64 players at once as you all try to make it to the finish line before everyone else. It's said to feature a seamless open world as well, with so many ways to get around.

I'm sure exploring it is going to be half the fun overall. Writer's Republic looks pretty hectic and crazy, but in a way, that's exactly what they're going for, and it also looks like it's going to be a blast.

Dangerous driving 2

Dangerous driving 2

Now over at number six, we have dangerous driving two. The original dangerous driving seemed like it was potentially pretty cool. It was just so criminally short. It felt more like a proof of concept or a prototype than a real game. The most important thing about it is that it is developed by some of the same people behind the Burnout games, so this is kind of like a spiritual successor to Burnout and with dangerous driving too.

They're going open world, adding a lot more features, and we're hoping it can become a full-fledged awesome burnout style article game experience. It was really destined to be with the first game but wasn't quite there. It doesn't have a date as of right now. It's still just slated for 2021.

Moto gp 21

Next, over at number five, we have MotoGP 21.

Top Games Ranking - bike racing games

If you've been playing these games before, you pretty much know what to expect by now. It's authentic, over-the-top, super fast motorcycle racing. This one's celebrating the 2021 official season. It's got 20 tracks, 120 real riders, and it's got a historical aspect. It goes back to the history of the franchise with 40 historic racers and bikes.

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