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For this list, we'll be going over the folklore and gossip about article games that was eventually proven to be real. Number 10 yoshi on the roof. Super Mario 64 Obtaining every star and collectible in Mario games may be old hat now, but Super Mario 64 helped set the trend. Back when it came out, there were plenty of rumors about what happened after you got all 120 stars.

One of these was that the cannon on the castle grounds opened up and you could blast yourself onto the roof of the castle. Yoshi would greet the player along with a ton of extra lives. You could even ride him. Okay, that last part didn't end up being true, but otherwise, players were pleasantly surprised to find Mario's green dino pal chilling on the rooftop.

The awfulness of E.T., the extraterrestrial, for the Atari 2600 is positively legendary. The game is nearly single-handedly responsible for the article game crash of 1983. Atari planned for the game to do much better than it did and ended up with many unsold copies. One long-held gaming urban legend was that the unsold copies were all buried in the desert in New Mexico to protect the article game intact in its box.

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While an excavation in Alamogordo, New Mexico in 2014 confirmed that e. T cartridges were buried there along with over 700,000 other Atari games, and while e. T may not have been the only bodies buried there, this mass grave was still plenty to phone home about. Luigi may be famous for dealing with ghosts, but his brother's game features some unexpected spooks in Shiver Burn Galaxy.

A group of figures can be seen in the distance if you look in the first person. These figures have hollow eyes and are the stuff nightmares are made of. Even worse, throughout the level, they appear to be following you. No matter where you are, they're there. While it may seem like a typical creepypasta rumor, these figures are indeed in the game and give the illusion of pursuing you in the game's code hell valley skytree, so that's not ominous.

During the 90s and early 2000s, Goldeneye 007 was the biggest name in console FPS's. Everyone was playing it, so rumors ran rampant. After a prank in a gaming magazine about being able to use versions of every James Bond actor and multiplayer came out, rumors began to fly. Plus, you can even see what appears to be Sean Connery's bond in the instruction manual.

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It had to be true. Eventually, it came to light that while all bonds mode had been planned, it was never implemented in the game project. That hasn't stopped enterprising modders from making the legend true, though. There are Halo weapons, and then there's the magnum pistol from Halo One. This hand cannon is handled more like a rifle than a pistol, and its scope and power make killing aliens, your friends, or multiplayer in absolute comfort.

While popular wisdom suggested that its strength was a coding error that increased its power, some people had a feeling that it was intentionally made strong by the developers. The latter was finally confirmed by Bungie co-founder Jason Jones, who took responsibility for changing the code at the last minute to power up the gun.

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Jones is a veritable modern-day prometheus who gave fire to players. We have done both great and terrible things with his gift. Before the internet, rumors flew freely and they were often the only way game secrets were discovered as they were passed from person to person. One such secret was about a secret boss in the original Mortal Kombat.

From time to time, a green ninja appears during fights. rumor had it that you could fight him under certain circumstances. By following the clues he gives during his appearances, players discover that this character, Reptile, can indeed be fought by a single player on the pit stage. If you achieve a double flawless victory without blocking and finish with a fatality, then you'll fight the reptile at the pit's bottom.

A combination of scorpion and sub-zero. The Reptile got fans' imaginations running. No wonder he stuck around for the sequels. Mario games invite theory crafting. Since so much detail is often put into these deceptively simple platformers, one frequent fan theory about the third Super Mario Brothers game is that the whole thing is merely a stage play.

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Some of the games open with a curtain. Some of the blocks in the game appear bolted to the background, which has shadows against it from nearby objects. Some platforms are hanging from the sky. You can even exit onstage right from every stage. This Nintendo crossover fighting game has a ton of fantastic characters to choose from.

However, one persistent rumor involves the ability to play as one of the game's original characters, Master Hand. The sentient white glove acts as a boss character in the Super Smash Brothers games, so naturally, fighting game fans expect to be able to unlock him as a playable character. While not officially playable through a glitch, you can indeed control the game as Master Hand provided you plug the controller into the player three slot.

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While he can only move by performing attacks, it's still a trip to play as the sinister glove. When you put a Pokemon named Mewtwo in your game and only talk about one named Mew, you're going to get rumors. While special events allow players to obtain more Many were convinced that there was a way to catch mew in the original Pokemon games, despite persistent rumors that it was found by moving a truck.

You can be caught in grass provided you do a glitch first. If you escape or fly away from a trainer as soon as you're spotted, a glitch will begin. If you go into the grass, usually above Cerulean City, you can encounter a mew in the wild and catch it. It certainly seems easier than trying to bench-press that truck.

You have the option to be notified about occasional articles or all of them. If you're on your phone, make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications. Number one, Michael Jackson composed the soundtrack for Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Okay, sort of. For years, fans have been insistent that Sonic 3's soundtrack has uncanny similarities to Michael Jackson's music.

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They've even gone in and matched some of the notes and riffs. Jackson's frequent collaborator and friend, Brad Buxer, verified that he and Jackson did indeed work together on the soundtrack. How much Jackson worked on is still a matter of debate, but the fact is that he was definitely involved. At the very least, he worked on the staff credits, whose sound is recognizable in his later song, Stranger in Moscow.

It figures that the king of pop would also be involved in the king of true article game legends.

The gaming world is full of rumors, but sometimes they turn out to be true. For this list, well be going over the folklore and gossip about video games that was eventually proven to be real.
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