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if you're looking for games to play with other people, there are plenty of them this year. Hi folks, it's Falcon, and today on GameRanks the top 10 new co-op games of 2021 are starting off at number 10.

World war z aftermath

It's World War Z Aftermath, which is an upgraded version of World War Z that includes the entire Game of the Year Edition as well as three new locations: Rome.

Vatican City, and the Kamchatka peninsula in Russia. If you're not aware, the base game is along the lines of Left 4 Dead, but it's set in the universe that was established in the World War Z movie. It also focuses on big, wide open environments and the types of encounters that you might have there, which is a little bit different from what you see in Left 4 Dead.

It's ultimately a pretty good game. I wouldn't necessarily call it the best, but I got the best version of it. The Game of the Year version has all of the extra content there with more content on top of that. Honestly, part of my complaint with the original game was that it maybe wasn't long enough.

In this version, you definitely get enough to do for the money. World War Z Aftermath is available for pre-order. They do not have a release date for it just yet, but it will be coming out this year.

Aliens fireteam elite

Aliens fireteam elite

And number nine is Alien Fire Team Elite, which actually functions as a standalone. A sequel to the Alien Trilogy of movies, set 23 years after the original film. This game looks very much like it takes a lot of inspiration from both Left 4 Dead and Gears of War.

It's a very different type of game than Alien Isolation. But it does look like it has managed to use the same aesthetic sensibilities to capture essentially what the film looked like. You are a colonial marine. You're responding to a distress call. To be frank, in these types of level-based co-op shooters, whether they're leaning closer to Left 4 Dead or Gears of War, the story isn't the most important thing.

And the fact that they've said it in the alien world gives the possibility for a lot of good world building. But if they nail the gameplay, it's a great universe to set one of these games in. Alien Fire Team Elite comes to the PlayStation, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows on August 24th .

The ascent

The ascent

At number eight is The Ascent, which is somewhere between a Diablo action RPG and a twin-stick shooter along the lines of Enter the Genieon. That kind of thing, essentially. The way that the game takes place is that you start at the lowest area of an arcology, a cyberpunk city, and you gradually move your way up.

Essentially, the story is that a mega corporation, called the Ascent Group, is apparently collapsing, and you're doing whatever you can to take advantage of the situation. Things are not as they seem. This game's actually gotten a fair amount of play around the office here. It has some major quirks, but it's also a game that a lot of love went into.

It has beautiful environments, and although there is some jank that could be fixed over time through patching and a little bit of work by the developers, it's also a game that really puts forward a fun version of what it's trying to do. I mean, a twin-stick action RPG. It doesn't feel like it goes too far in either of those directions while maintaining a lot of the fun stuff from both.

We enjoyed it a lot. It came out on July 29th for Microsoft Windows and Xboxes. And again, there are some quirks, so it's not like a straight recommendation, but I would recommend giving it a shot. It's one of those games where if you can get past some of the things, it's genuinely one of the best co-op games of the year .

Samurai warriors 5

Samurai warriors 5

At number seven is Samurai Warriors Five, kind of a reboot of the Warriors series. Obviously. Samurai Warriors isn't Dynasty Warriors, but at the same time, it's kind of the newest mainline version of the game, and we were all very happy to find out that they were going back on a lot of the decisions that were made for Samurai Warriors 9, which kind of made it into a bad open world single player mmorpg experience, where the battles were still good, but they were also not what you were doing all the time or even most of the time.

Samurai Warriors 5 goes back to the good formula. Here the game simplifies and streamlines some concepts and adds a new hyper attack, which gives you the ability to traverse a lot of land while attacking enemies in terms of co-op. They don't have couch co-op, so you have to play it online, but it's certainly worth the time.

It is a much better game than Dynasty Warriors 9. While it certainly doesn't carry the same kind of extremely large roster as previous titles, the gameplay is probably some of the best that they've offered in the entire warrior series, and it's clear that they listened to the feedback from Dynasty Warriors 9.



That's already out; it is on PC, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One , and number six is Valheim, a procedurally generated, exploration, and survival game that you can play with up to 10 other players. This is an incredibly pretty game that gives you all of the interesting survival options, from crafting to building, and in truth, at the stage it's at right now, which is early access, it is a robust offering.

It's also up to 10 players, so if you've got a circle of friends that are interested in it, it's not an expensive game, and as long as you're all connected to the internet, you can all play together pretty easily. It's also dropped in dropout, like for me, it's probably one of the better survival offerings of the year.

It works out in a really good way. It's out in early access for PC right now .

Monster hunter rise

And number five is Monster Hunter Rise, which is the Nintendo Switch version of Monster Hunter. More or less, it builds on the various mechanics that were established in Monster Hunter World but, as the name implies, makes it a little bit more vertical in terms of play style.

You can form a hunting party with up to four players; it's not a couch co-op, but you can all play it on wireless, LAN, or just straight online. If you have a few people with a few Nintendo Switches, it's really a fantastic take on Monster Hunter. It gives you a nice big world to explore, but like I said, it's designed with a little bit more verticality in mind in order for the verticality.

To be more than just level design, they've also added the wire bug, which is kind of like the clutch claw they added in Monster Hunter World Iceborn. It's basically a grappling hook, and again, the way they've designed the world here, it works really well, and it's a lot of fun to have four people exploring and hunting monsters together. The game's been out since March on the Nintendo Switch, and it's very much worth the time and money .

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