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This list comprises 10 of the most stunning article game franchises ever to capture the hearts and minds of gamers, ranked by their overall popularity and maybe just slightly by my own personal preference. Alright, here we go at number 10. We have starshine from Star Stable Online. Star Stable Online has been available to play worldwide since June of 2012.

It's listed as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or mmorpg, for short. However, this is widely debated as you can't play as any other gender besides a girl, which sort of negates the role-play element. As you can probably guess, this game is designed specifically for horse enthusiasts, full of adventure and, most importantly, horses.

You can own a stable, go on quests, explore, and have lots of fun when you reach an area of the game known as the Harvest Counties. A mysterious blue and white horse can be found roaming Greendale. If the player is at a certain level, the horse tells us how he's been separated from his owner, Lisa.

And obviously, we want to help him find her. Starbreed, the only star horse breed in the game, is one of the many fictional breeds that appeared alongside real ones. That was until his character model was updated and he became a Jorvik wild horse, and Starbreed became something different entirely.

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Anyway, starshine likes star cookies and remains a firm fan favorite from Star Stable Online. While SSo is a game for horsey people, none outshine the countless horses quite like starshine. Moving on at number nine is the ruin of Darksiders. As a much darker game than the previous entry, Darksiders is a hack and slash action adventure game first released in 2010, based on the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

The player assumes the role of the horseman known as War; the other three horsemen in the game are Death, Strife, and Fury. And wouldn't you know it, war has become separated from his mighty steed too, and it's up to us to help track him down. When you do, you're in for a mighty treat because when Fury makes his entrance, being ridden by a demon, it's incredible.

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Fury has a magnificent black coat and flames coming from his mane and hooves. In terms of his overall build, he looks similar to a clydesdale or an ardennes except that he has fiery red eyes. Ironically, the way in which the player must win back Fury's trust after defeating the demon is pretty realistic.

The bond between owner and horse can be broken after some time apart, and it therefore takes a bit of time and effort to rebuild that connection. The way in which war summons fury, however, is not so realistic, but it's still amazing to see fury explode up out of the ground. Taking eighth place on this list is d-horse from Metal Gear Solid 5.

The phantom pain appears in the stealth action title from 2015, as a buddy to the main character Snake. We find out that Désiré is an ant delusion owned by the PMC Diamond Dogs, and he was first ridden by Ocelot to rescue Venom Snake back in 1984. Thankfully, D Horse and his rider survived a treacherous fall from a collapsing bridge after it was struck by lightning.

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Then, Diehorse returns to aidsnake in later missions, such as helping him through the Kaiba pass into Afghanistan. The great thing about D Horse is that he is reliable and can cover long distances in a very short amount of time, which is perfect for stealth action missions. He is also very obedient.

The more you ride him, the more obedient he gets. Your bond level increases by one percent for every 36 seconds of riding time. If your bond is high enough, you can instruct D-Horse to either stay back and away from the action. You can whistle for him to come to your aid, or you can instruct him to do it, meaning he'll leave a little surprise on the road that'll cause any light vehicles to skid should they run over it.

Thanks for the assistance, seahorse. Seventh place goes to shimmer from the last of us too. When the long-awaited sequel to The Last of Us, a brilliant action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog, came out in 2020, it's fair to say that it caused a lot of controversy due to its storyline and characters.

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One thing most people agreed on, however, was that Ellie's horse, Shimmer, was a wonderfully loyal companion. As the player in a harsh in-game world where friendship and trust are hard to come by, Simmer is a constant bright spark who helps you through snowstorms and to avoid infectious enemies. The bond between player and horse is heightened when you spend a lot of time exploring areas with just the two of you.

That is, until let's just say you might not want to get too attached to Shimmer or anyone else in the last part two, but that's a lot easier said than done. Just outside of the top five, taking sixth place, is Roach from The Witcher 3. Another beautiful game with sprawling landscapes where you can spend hours just exploring.

The Witcher 3: The World Hunt is a fantasy action RPG where the protagonist, Geralt of Rivia, would have a hard time getting around if it weren't for his dependable horse, Roach. Roach is actually a mayor in the Witcher books and games, although somewhat confusingly, she is given a male voice in one of the quests in the Wild Hunt.

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I gotta say, I expected a young mare to sound Based on your vast experience with talking animals, as far as I know, I'm your first regardless. Roach is a gorgeous bay-colored horse with brown eyes in an in-game journal entry that appears in the Blood and Wine expansion. The author writes that a horse is more to a witcher than merely a means of locomotion.

Just ask any bandit who has taken a well-aimed hoof to the head during combat. That's right, Roach has always got your back. Speaking of horses you can call on in a fight, cantering into fifth place is rapper Dash from the Pokemon games. I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain Pokemon, as people have been battling the pocket monsters in article games since 1996.

There are currently over 900 Pokemon in the franchise, and among them are the horse types, such as Mudsdale. Blitzel, and Keldeo, but for me and many others, it seems no horse can surpass Rapper Dash in terms of coolness, which is ironic because that's a fire type Pokemon, with its cream-colored body, red eyes, and a long horn on its head.

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Like a unicorn, its mane and tail are made up of red and yellow flames, while smaller embers trail from its fetlocks. There is a psychic fairy form of rapper dash called Galarian Rapper Dash, which has a purple and blue mane entail rather than flames, but again, nothing beats the original in terms of style and popularity.

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