Top Games Ranking - Top 10 Highest Scoring Steph Curry Games Of The Last 5 Seasons

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As usual, high-intensity pre-game routine, having some fun with his former teammate 500 as Steve Kerr elects to keep Steph Curry, who I am so sure only played in three games for the Kings. Three it's good to stretch out and also play with those other wing players on the floor at the same time, rushing a wide open pass to the rim.

Step back trying to draw another foul and it goes in. Steph Curry with a circus shot and a foul. It was a three or two. It'll be two, six assists, and four rebounds. Curry another three, putting it in back-to-back threes to curry a little dick, grant Williams on him. A curry behind the back puts up a three-bang.

And the painter, Curry, got it right back on the fancy little shovel. Of course, that building last time's right, to answer curry, you've got to be closer. Nav's closed out, Curry's pass goes to Iguodala, and now Jordan closes out into two. It's a two. It's good, but when they maybe get a call wrong, is the player out there disrespecting the guy, is he coming on something?

Caspy Looney finds curry. Curry fires again. Steph Hurry has 18 points here in the thickets. The rebound, curry for three, and green will reset curry being chased by multiple celtics to the basket layup. Steph Curry goes back to work and goes left-handed, flips it up and in there, Ariane Curry.

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Stephanie launches a three and hits it at the buzzer. Little brother is not happy right now, but Stephen Curry with his third three-pointer here at 41, but on the double teams of Joel and there's kicking out reversing 26 for the big man, three point sixer lead. Curry for three, puts it in and anticipates that next pass and Embiid gets rid of it.

A quick curry for three. It's good step seth on step curry for three, it's good eight, curry behind the back drives pulls back, puts up nine three-pointers to make it now, set up the offensive before the facilitator is attracted there to Curry, who gets it right back from the green, sets up another three, that one rattles it, gives way to an open shot.

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Curry a little too much space, that is three here in this first half. See, Curry, looking to carve out some space, gets to his spot on the sideline. What a shot, just a couple of guys ping-ponging into basketball. Brown and Roby set out to create that opportunity to score. As that extra pass sets up another really just a talent, he had not just the experience of college of being a four-year player warrior on the back end of a back to back, but this hawks team did stay connected to the offensive rebound off the pool missed.

You know that scoring punch he is the guy that can explode her physical job as any team of the week would know, this is the Richard Jefferson revenge game. It's Curry Parrot. It's an interesting mix right now for Golden State as Steph steps back and runs literally riot out here. Steph Curry is five short of the Warriors' all-time record in scoring, and this pulls him too far short of having a 50-ball.

I don't know how you shore it up. I mean, he's making it from everywhere now. He has two right there and then he knows. David Lee, over two to start, that's a three, makes its way to the green, though. David Lee, back out on the green, crosses court. Curry, another three-pointer trying to draw a valley not quite as high, but Dallas has 70, again.

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Curry, punch it in, hurry way downtown to Bang! Steph Curry came from just inside half court. Curry fakes trying to get that three-pointer off, gets inside Leia Banks at home quickly so they don't have to foul on the final possession. Curry, on the drive, gets inside the reverse banks at home and the foul curry's fouled by Cleveland.

Also, Gary Trent, Jr. has checked in. The Warriors will stay with the same five starters and Steph Curry. Yes, drop it in that three, Curry a little split smart through it, Steph with the lamp, it says Steph Curry, beautiful beginning first again, up and in curry. What a first quarter going downhill.

You see cancer there. He's like part of season one of 13. He's only 22 this year and has three lasers at home. Steph has a new building with a high of 40. The shot clock is winding down to its third step.

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