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Today in this article, I'm going to be showing you the top 10 Roblox games that you can play right now in 2022. So that you don't have to scroll through endlessly on the Roblox game page, and you can just hop right into Roblox and start playing some epic games, let's just get straight into it.

Beat runner

Number 10 beat Runners is a game where you avoid obstacles and defy gravity all while running to the beat of a song, and your goal is to make it as far as you can without losing all your lives. You can make it through these gates, which send you on to faster and faster levels. In the game, you can collect these glowing orbs that can help you buy powerups to increase your score and much more.

You also have global, weekly, and daily leader boards. You can also get custom trails, banners, jumps, and run animations. By opening up these capsules that you get by completing runs, you can get to level 2 in the game, where you can put in a custom song that you can run to while you're playing.

The wild west

Number nine is "The Wild West." The Wild West is an open-world Roblox game where you're basically a cowboy. And you can get many different jobs, like mining, hunting down the wanted, hunting, and much more, or you can become an outlaw and rob the bank, but make sure not to get caught, or you're going to spend a night in jail, and trust me, it's pretty boring sitting here.

Once you get money from selling all your loot, you can buy better tools to make your jobs or your heists in the game so much easier. Try this game out; there's a working piano in it. How can you not like ?.



Number eight ballista is a team-based medieval-based game where you and your allies fight in large quantities in very chaotic battles to try to defeat the enemy team. How it works is that you both start off with two camps, and you try to fight for the camp in the middle, and you defeat the enemy team by pushing them all the way back to their base or taking out all their lives.

There are three different classes of characters you can choose from. You can choose the archer, which is for long-range combat; the swordsman, which is for mainly offense; and then the man at arms, which is for more defensive gameplay. Personally, my favorite is Man at Arms because you can equip your shield and charge people and smack them in the face.

They also have a small shop too, where you can unlock cosmetic items for all your different classes, so you can make your characters look insanely epic, and the graphics quality in this game is insane. All the textures and the characters are just so good looking, and the mechanics are out of this world too, so go try out Ballista for yourself.

Copyrighted artists

For example, at the beginning of each game, each player gets a prompt that they need to draw, like, for example, an egg, a dog, a phone, or something along those lines, and after that, you observe another player's drawing, and you have to try to copy it as best as you can. The more people you fool with your drawing, the more points you get, and to get more points in the voting stage of the game, you need to vote for which drawing you think is the original, and don't vote for the ones that you think are copied.

And if your fake drawing is on the board, the more people you fool with your fake drawing, the more points you get. Trust me. Artist is a super underrated game, and if you just want to chill and relax and maybe even get a private server for your friends, which is really cheap by the way. I would say go and check this game out number.



Six Outlasters. Outlaster is a game inspired by the TV game show Survivor. In Outlaster, you and a ton of other players get teleported to an island, and first off, you get chosen into teams, and then you go ahead and get into the first games, and on the way, you're going to play many different mini games that could be team-based games or by yourself, and the goal is to be the very last outlaster.

But be careful because other players can vote you out if they don't like you or you treat them the wrong way, so you want to make sure to stay on people's good sides. I really like Outlaster because of the variety of different mini games that you can play and the quality of the animations. In this game, you can really tell they put a lot of time and effort into it, so if you like playing game show style games and you want to play some epic mini games.

I would definitely check out Outlaster.


number five, Flickr is an anagram-styled game similar to Mafia and other social deduction games. At the start of each match, players are given different roles for either the good or bad side, and your goal is to help out your side. Trust me, this game is really fun to play with your friends.

And in the game, you can also pass notes to try to get information out of them, but make sure when you're passing a note to somebody to make sure it doesn't drop and you reveal your secret information. You also have a journal that when slashes if you die, you can let people see whatever message you want to write down.

Trust me this game is super fun to play with your friends, and if you want a fresh new take on social deduction games, I would definitely try this game out.

Type race

Type race

Number 4 Type Race is a typing game with 4 different types of typing games to choose from, the first one being "normal," which is basically a training mode to help get your typing skills up and, honestly, it's so smooth and satisfying. There's also survival, where you can only have three lives, so if you fail three times, you're out.

There's also red light green light, which is personally one of my favorites. Then it just adds another challenge. Then you need to get past it. There's also elimination, which basically means if you type the slowest, you're going to die. I would show you guys some gameplay of it, but as you can see, I have no friends.

I really like this game because it's so simple and if you want to play Roblox but you actually want to learn something and improve your typing skills so you can type messages super fast, then this is the perfect game for you.

Cool obby 2

Trust me this game is so good if you want to learn something and improve your skills.

I would definitely check out this game.

Cool obby 2

Top Games Ranking - best games

Number three, cool lobby 2, Kawabi 2, is basically exactly what you think it is. It's a really well-built and simple hobby that has many different levels to it and, in my opinion, is one of the best hobbies out there. It's just super simple, and if you want to relax and just play something very casually, Kawabi 2 is one of my top options.

There's literally almost nothing to hate about it, and if you're making articles. Koabi 2 is a very good game that you can use for your background to make your articles more interesting, so if you're looking for a very chill, fun, and cool hobby that you can play with your friends, definitely check out this audiobook.

In this video, I will be showing you the TOP 10 best new Roblox games that you can play right now in the year 2022! This video will give you many different unique Roblox games that you can play that you can even play on mobile! So if you can't find a new roblox game to play in 2022 make sure to watch this whole video.
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