Top Games Ranking - The Top 10 Oculus Quest 2 Games Of All Time (2022)



Tundra Trackers review, Teeny Tin VR headset review HP reverb g2 refresh review I know what I should do this week: a quest to find the best games of 2021. List article no. Actually. I haven't made one of these in almost a year and to be honest, my last list article hasn't aged all that well as a lot of pretty great quest games have been released since then, so I figured it's about that time and just to be clear here, there are a few games that I will not be including on this list.

I'll also have an honorable mention for some of my favorite PCVR titles at the end, but that deserves a whole article on its own, so I'll keep this one completely composed of quest standalone titles besides the end mentions.

Quest must haves

Before we start with number 10, let's get some of the must-haves out of the way.

The poster child of the quest beat Saber, of course. I mean, it's the absolute top-selling quest game, probably the best-selling VR game of all time, and doesn't really need to be on a list. Super hot pistol whip the star wars vader immortals series, all good games for the quest but like I said, they've been on a thousand lists before, they don't need to be here.

And the rec room and VR chat, well, they're free. Just download them. They're both great social VR experiences, and they're like 9 000 games in one, and you don't really have anything to lose by downloading them since they're free, except your time. And one more, Echo Arena, is also free. If you like competitive zero-gravity robot frisbee soccer, just download it and try it, but let's finally get started here with the best of quests.

10 a township tale

10. a township tale

2021 , Number 10. I slept on a game for way too long: a township tale. So I'm going to be real here. I don't really play a lot of township tales, but that's also because if I did, I'd probably get sucked into it and never get any work done. However, I have played enough to know that this one is a banger.

The game isn't perfect, and it's definitely not the prettiest VR game out there, but due to its multiplayer and sandbox nature, you could literally sink hundreds of hours into it now. The biggest reason I didn't play a township tale for so long is because nobody really explained what it really was and I wasn't all that interested, and that was a mistake, so here's my attempt at explaining what it is basically.

It's a multiplayer sandbox rpg where you're put into a scenario to build a functioning town from scratch. You can kinda sorta be anything as well as a chef, miner, or blacksmith. But the real core of the game is the interactions you have with other players. It's probably the most cooperative VR game out there, and if you're looking to lose yourself to resource gathering, enemy slaying, and exploration. It's 10 bucks and it's worth a good try now for number nine.

9 song in smoke

9. song in smoke

A game you may not have heard of, Song in the smoke if a township tale is a survival crafting RPG for multiplayer. Song and Smoke is a similar style of rpg but for the solo traveler and cranked up to 11. This is a legit, fully fleshed out survival rpg.

Crafting weapons, having to eat food, make clothes, keep yourself warm, and singing in the smoke has a lot of depth and potential for replayability. The graphics are pretty impressive as well. If survival crafting and hunger games are your cup of tea, then well, this game is just a massive cup of tea waiting for you, and the environments are pretty original too.

If there's a hidden gem on this list, this is definitely it.

8 hand physics lab

Number eight is probably one of my favorite games on the quest in general hand physics lab. This is just a warning, though; this game is pretty low on this list for a variety of reasons. It isn't long. I mean, there's no story. It's literally just a hand tracking puzzle game at the end of the day, but.

It's fun, and even though the game won't last you for thousands of hours or take you through some incredible story journey, it's one that I keep coming back to for all of the wacky puzzles, and it's one that I often show people when I'm showing the quest for the first time, and one thing is always true, it always puts a smile on people's faces.

Using just your fingers and hands, No controllers There are about 80 puzzles to complete, that is, unless you're an absolute monster and you want to use controllers. I guess it supports it, but it kind of defeats the whole gimmick of the hand physics lab. Really, this is just a fun, lighthearted VR game, and if you haven't messed around with hand tracking on your quest much, then 10 bucks and you'll probably have a game that you'll come back to pretty often.

7 larcenauts

7. larcenauts

Number seven, larcenates. So, honestly, I didn't really want to include this game here.

I'll be straight with you guys. There are some fundamental issues that sometimes make this game terribly unfun. But it's still here on this list for some really good reasons. Let me explain both sides. Real quick, Lars Nats is sort of like Overwatch but in VR. It's a hero-based competitive shooter, and it does that pretty well.

It's fun the graphics are clean, there's a relatively active player base, plenty of game modes, and a variety of heroes to choose from. I mean, I love Overwatch, and while this isn't quite the hero shooter I want long term for a class-based competitive VR shooter, it's what we've got right now, and it's actually pretty freaking good.

There isn't anything wrong with the game itself, and it's stable, and if you're tired of the same military sim shooters in VR over and over again, and if Overwatch and Paladins are more your style, then this will probably turn into your favorite VR FPS. But it can easily turn into your main game, however, There are some issues.

The game isn't balanced very well, which is somewhat excusable, except it has a big problem. It costs 30 bucks and then you have to spend hours unlocking all of the heroes, which breaks the game completely. When you play against a team that has all of the heroes unlocked, which is most of the active player base sometimes, there's quite literally nothing you can do except leave the match or get stomped.

I end up just closing the game sometimes, because often my team just doesn't even have a healer or proper tank or I can't even make a proper team composition, but this game is still on this list for how polished it is and how much potential there is and how much fun I have had, but I've also had so much unfun that I couldn't mention this game without also saying it has issues.

It's complicated, but I'm still playing it. I just wish the developers would actually listen more to the community. It's a fun game number six.

Hello! Here are my top 10 Quest 2 games as of 2021 going into 2022! I hope you enjoy, lots of great software this year well. mainly just for Quest, not many PCVR games but regardless, if you're looking for some new games to play, hopefully you find something fun and exciting here.
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