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Alert, alert You only have 24 hours left to get your own Dr. Wily, so go to {944} right now and get yours before it's all over. Almost everyone loves The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Many people grew up with it after all, and it was their first experience in a true 3D world. Even today, the game is still very popular and loads of adults even play it, including me.

Throughout the years, every inch of Hyrule has been explored, and countless secrets have been found that were mysteries years ago. However, as people became older, they started to look for more interesting things. In certain hidden secrets that made the game more spicy and mature in a way. I mean, a lot of people loved Long Ranch for many reasons, and in the adult era, we even came across an adult looking Milan that a lot of people thought was cute, and so rumors on the internet started to surface about a cheat code or glitch that would actually remove your clothing.

Yes, even Zelda fans can be naughty, and believe me, many who are looking for this certainly were, and so today we will dive into this whole situation to see what happened. Is it real? How can it be done? What happens well, let's find out, and don't worry, this article will be family-friendly. Your boy Wiley needs that advertising money.

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Now, there are many interesting locations in the world of Hyrule that are seen in Ocarina of Time. However, most of them are tied to the main quest in some way. Death Mountain has multiple dungeons, Hyrule Castle is important throughout the game in the adult and child eras, and even the starting zone is an area you go to multiple times for the main quest.

However, there's one place in the game that is different,and that's Lon Long Ranch. Ingo's ranch is located in the center of Hyrule and has multiple different kinds of livestock. Aside from that, it belongs to Malin and her father, Talon, and they are most famous for selling lawnmower milk. However, in the end, there's only one person there that truly matters to most fans.

Malin is a sweet farm girl who teaches Link Ipown a song as a kid, and years later, Link gets to help her because the ranch is taken over by a bitter farmhand named Ingo. He got help from Ganondorf in the adult era and took over the ranch. Now he forces Malone to work on the farm or he will hurt the horses.

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And Link can save the ranch by racing him using epona. If you succeed, you actually escape with Ipona, who was actually going to be given to Ganondorf as a gift, but because you messed with Ingo's plan, Malin takes over the farm again. Her father gets to return, and she thanks Link for all that he has done.

Due to this, a lot of people were fond of her, and in the game you can even find hidden info that Link is going to end up with her because one of the gossip stones says the following: they say that Malin of Long Ranch hopes a knight in shining armor will come and sweep her off her feet someday, and you gotta admit.

Link would be pretty good for this. And thanks to all of this, rumors started to spread, supposedly. There was a spicy cheat code or glitch in the game that allowed you to look at melon in a different way, a more interesting way. Although she wasn't the only one who would be affected, everyone at Lonlon Ranch would be wearing less.

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If anything at all soon after the game was released, a rumor started to spread. The Nintendo game translator, Dan Osen, claimed that there was a secret code that caused the Long Ranch villagers, Malon, Talon, and Ingo, to lose all their clothes. He's now an American article game translator at Nintendo of America, best known for his role in the translation and localization of many Nintendo article games, and he also played a large role in the translation of the Legend of Zelda series.

He's also known for his now discontinued Ask Dan column on Nintendo's official website, and during one of those, he also mentioned this about Lon Long Ranch. As you would expect, he was immediately hounded by thousands of fans begging him to release the code. He denied that such a code existed and that he had even made such a claim.

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But as you might have expected, people tried to crack the code. They used a device known as a "game shark" to achieve this. This was the most popular cheating device available for the Nintendo 64, becoming popular after well-known titles such as Goldeneye, 007, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time were released.

Because of the complex nature of these games, there were many aspects of them that could be modified to produce quite unique effects. For example, you could obtain almost any item, get infinite small keys, jump really high, turn it from day to night, and more, but in order to use one of those cheats, you need the code, which consists of 12 letters and numbers, and so no one was able to guess what the code was, and Dan refused to release it, and so Zelda fans became frustrated.

Because boy, a lot of them wanted to see some interesting new stuff at a long, long range, so was that the end? Well, no, luckily enough, according to the internet, there were other ways of unlocking this secret mode. Some claimed that it wasn't actually a code that you needed to put in the game, but rather a complex sequence of steps that needed to be taken.

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According to rumors, there were 66 steps to this procedure. It was a lengthy process, to say the least, and involved a lot of different things. According to the website that released all these rumors towards the end of the completion of Zelda 64, disgruntled programmers at Nintendo were about to be fired because they were delaying the Zelda 5 project, and so they knew they were finished as programmers, and decided to try and screw Nintendo over by putting something spicy in the game, and the creators of this website found a way to activate it deep within the code of Ocarina of Time.

Now, instead of listing them all because this list is long, I will just mention a couple that I find interesting. For example, step 36, in Hyrule Market, goes to bowling and plays until you win twice, or steps 42 and 43. Hyrule Castle and then get thrown out by a guard right after you crawl through that little opening, and there are many more like it, like angering cuckoos with dense fire, releasing blue fire several times, and constantly manipulating.

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Once you have completed all these steps correctly, the following will happen: You will see a cutscene showing a view of the back of Melon's head and a front view of Link looking at Malin at that point. Link will faint, followed by about 5 seconds of black, then you will see a small cutscene of Link waking up upstairs in the bed at long range.

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