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For this list, we'll be exploring the oddest, most eccentric characters Link has met on his journeys throughout Hyrule and beyond. We publish new content all week, so be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to get notified about our latest articles, like the hand in the toilet. The entry title alone should be plenty of evidence that this NPCS deserves a spot in Majora's mask.

If Link visits the stockpot inn's bathroom after midnight, he'll meet this unfortunate fellow seemingly stuck inside the toilet. He'll ask for paper, though we're unsure how that'll help in this particular predicament. He appears again in the oracle of ages, being part of the trading quest but still requiring paper.

The character was based on Japanese ghost stories about spectral hands that grab you from below. With Feeney, Nintendo took a further step towards that inspiration and that skyward sword. This actual ghost hand can be found in the Skyloft Academy's bathroom, and we'll fall in love with Colin should we link hands over the love letter meant for Chraine, [Laughter], great fairies, various.

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Most appearances of the Great Fairies aren't that weird, but it's the other instances that are much more memorable, in ocarina of time and majora's mask they wear only vines and shriek with laughter when you call them. Not only that, but the early 3D graphics make some of their features a bit pointier than they should be.

Then you have the great fairies of Breath of the Wild, who can strengthen Link's armor sets. What's weird is that their magic must apparently be doled out in a sensual manner. They'll blow Link a kiss for upgrading armor once, but by the fourth time they'll drag him into their flower as the screen fades to black.

Afterward, Link will lie on the ground exhausted while the Great Fairy looks very satisfied. In the legend of Zelda's Skyward Sword, in Link's floating home of Skyloft, lies a lesson to never treat others based on appearance. At a certain point, the little girl, Cookie, will go missing. Link will hear word of a monster and will come running to Cookie's aid.

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When he hears her scream outside the monster's home, instead of finding a mini boss fight. Link will meet Batro, who dreams of being human and often plays the scream as loud as you can in the game with a kooky yell. Inviting a small child to your home while her parents are worried sick isn't a great first impression, but despite his massive wings and horns, Batro is completely harmless.

In fact, he'll give link rewards for gratitude crystals earned through side quests, eventually becoming the human he always dreamed of becoming. Majora's mask link fills his bomber's notebook with terminus citizens who need his help. While most are regular people, some, like Camaro, are not. You'll find the dancing spirit at night near the entrance to the mountains.

He feels sorrow for the fact that he came up with some sick dance moves but died before he could teach them to the world. Being the helpful lad he is. Link uses the song of healing to ease Camaro's pain and gains one of the weirdest masks in the game, completely blank except for the camero head haphazardly stitched on top.

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It lets Link shake a leg whenever he wants. Some people take gardening way too seriously. One of the game's many shrines can be found at the floret sandbar, surrounded by a maze of flowers planted by Magda. She's honestly done a great job, but you better pray you don't step on her work. If you do, Magda will be upset enough to make you start the maze over.

A second offense will cause her to become more irate, but the third time he steps on them Oh buddy. Magda will lose all sense of composure, slouching forward before throwing a world-class She'll then attack the link, knocking off three hearts no matter how strong your armor is. That'll teach you to respect someone's hard work, you little punk.

Ooku is one of the most helpful characters in Twilight Princess, doubling as an item that lets you quickly exit and return to any dungeon. That doesn't change the fact that she has one of the strangest character designs in the entire series. Uku is of the uka race, small bird-like beings with human heads.

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You can imagine our surprise and dumbstruck awe when we eventually made it to the city in the sky, Uku's home populated by countless others like her egg-shaped head. While he has appeared in other games, we all know it's the Majora's mask version that's the strangest and by far the most unsettling.

He'll seem to know an awful lot about links when you first meet him, inducting him to be his savior, but what has been rubbing players the wrong way for more than two decades is his demeanor. The constantly smiling face, the creepy laugh, and his cryptic behavior are all very unnerving. He can switch at the drop of a dime, however, as seen when Link fails to bring him Majora's mask, yelling at and shaking the poor boy.

With his obsession with masks and their history, he's one of the more mysterious figures in Zelda lore. Maggie of Windfall Island may seem and look like a regular girl, but her side quest makes it clear she's anything but incredibly poor. She returned home after Link rescued her from the forsaken fortress with a ton of rare skull necklaces.

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Her father earned a fortune selling them, but it's actually one of her captors she should thank. While imprisoned, Maggie fell in love with a moblin named Mo. During her side quest, Link can deliver a letter from Mo where he proclaims a desire to eat her message for a marriage proposal. We're not ones to shame this romance since we did put Sidon on our list of sexiest Zelda characters after all, but moblins are near mindless pig monsters and we've got to draw a line somewhere.

the legend of Zelda's breath of the wild. There have been some odd shopkeepers in the Zelda series. We are big fans of Beetle, the overly polite workaholic, but the award for weirdest salesman in Hyrule has to go to Kilton. From Breath of the Wild, this hylian looks like he's taken on some physical attributes of the monsters he's obsessed with, and obsessed is definitely the right word to describe him.

Kilton's shop, the Fang and Bone, can only be found at night but periodically changes locations. He deals in trading monster parts, offering wares that no one else has. He even sells homemade masks based on them, so you can blend in. We've never seen someone as giddy about monstrous beasts as Kilton, except maybe Hagrid.

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From the moment we came across this map maker in Majora's mask, we knew something was off. Tingle dresses like a forest fairy in an attempt to attract a fairy of her own and is jealous of Link's partnership with Tattle. The 35-year old has never really wanted to grow up, even creating his own magical catchphrase.

Welcome to MojoPlays, and today were looking at the 10 weirdest NPCs in The Legend of Zelda. For this video, well be exploring the oddest, most eccentric characters Link has met on his journeys throughout Hyrule and beyond. Our list includes The Hand in the Toilet, Great Fairies, Kamaro, Ooccoo, Tingle and more.
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