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Six right So can this lion defense find a way to stop him again and give the lion Keep in mind that as we go down the stretch here, there is no overtime in preseason football, so if they kick a field goal, they think the Falcons will end up at the top. That was a good job there by Ritter to not only get out of bounds but pick up 10 yards in the process.

You have to stay locked in and engaged throughout the entirety of the game because something as small as taking the ball or taking your eyes off the ball for a second can be disastrous and put your team in jeopardy. In Harm's Way flag here at the 12 players in the huddle offense, five yard penalty, go first down at the onset of the play.

That's how you get that penalty. Devin Ritter would learn that as he continues to get threats, he has to start outside the huddle when he's getting the play. And at 14, the lions rushed four, almost intercepted. I thought he had it and it looked like he did for a moment. Chase Lucas, that's the rookie seventh rounder out of Arizona State, almost does a great job in that eyes type of zone defense, gets to his throne, sees it happen right in front of him and breaks perfectly, but he's playing defense from that for a reason man.

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Here we go for three and fourteen. The Atlanta Falcons started off with a three but have since moved to one of six and the Lions stopped him yet again. Underneath, stop shy of the 20 and look who it is. Chase Lucas didn't get the interception but a very nice tackle there in open space fourth down make that one of seven since starting pool three very good job by this Lions defense found a way to stop the Falcons and hold them through a field goal.

Most of the full nine, almost 10 yards to go. Then Ritter, pocket collapsing, extends the play, lets it fly, and it's caught. Somehow, Ritter pulls a rabbit out of his hat and the Falcons roll the Dyson convert on fourth and nine to take the lead with 90 seconds left. What a play by Desmond! When Ritter drops back in, there's nothing there.

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The Lions do a good job of containing him. He retreats and throws up a player in number 83 for this Falcons team. Yeah, Jared Bernhardt's Atlanta rush Four pocket clean pass complete to Pimpleton. He'll get seven yards. They had to move quickly. Nice job on that last play, getting the hard count and seeing the blitz adjust the protection so that Blau doesn't have to throw high.

He can get back into his drop and let the line block it up. Again, from the pocket and into two defenders, that one is incomplete, intended for Derek Deese Jr., the tight end, and Grant Campbell. Ben Johnson was looking on for one minute, and was caught right at the marker by Maurice Alexander. They will give him the first down, but that clock is going to run and you want to save that time out.

I would have thought of maybe a run-up and a clock situation here, but they're going to go. That's a huge sack by this Falcons defense. Jalen Dalton celebrates getting to the quarterback, and now the Lions have to frustratingly use that final timeout, the third and final of the half. He gets a good play called, but the pressure gets to him and he has to take this sack.

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They're the plays that you go to when you have long distances to go, and they're usually a couple to the sideline, maybe some deep. I don't think that they're going to be able to take, they don't need to take a shot right here to the end zone. Maybe get a few yards like he says to the sideline and then go to those last three plates and get in the end zone.

Jake catches 104 yards for Tom Kennedy., in some trouble, and he's just going to heave it. Kennedy's there but in front of him incomplete coverage was good by Trey Webb and the final seconds tick off the Atlanta Falcons take advantage of the late turnover, get a fourth and nine touchdown conversion on a 21-yard pass, and steal this

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