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Well, let's find out.

Captain velvet meteor: the jump+ dimensions

We'll begin by looking at a game from the sponsor of today's article, and that's Captain Velvet Meteor. The Jump+ Dimensions: This was released fairly recently on the switch and sees you play as Damian, who is struggling with the loneliness that a move to a new country has brought him and therefore creates an imaginary friend.

Captain Velvet. The Jump Plus Dimensions. Here you'll be taking part in strategic battles that include puzzle and stealth elements, using the signature attacks of your jump plus companions to unleash massive damage on halls of enemies, or you can be strategic and use abilities that inflict status effects or knock enemies aside to help you take control of the battlefield.



A quick word on a game that is already out, and that is Voyage. This describes itself as a cinematic adventure game which captures the essence of shared exploration. The blurb goes on to say that you can play by yourself or with a friend on a journey that revolves around two survivors, searching for answers from a long-forgotten past.

The narrative is handled wordlessly with the emphasis on exploration, in a similar vein, I would think, to something like Journey. The visuals and music from the trailer are certainly appealing. It is out now and it sells for 11.99 .

Blossom tales ii: the minotaur prince

Let's move on to the games coming out this week, and the first is one that may interest a number of people, Blossom Tales 2: The Minotaur Prince.

This follow-up to the very decent first game in this series is set 100 years after the events of that game, with your grandad's latest tale taking you on a journey through haunted forests, pirate shores, and other mysterious lands. It retains the top-down action of its predecessor with the main story and side quests to complete, many dungeons and caves to discover an array of weapons and abilities that will influence the story.

It promises 15 plus hours of gameplay and it will sell for 11 pounds 39, or your regional equivalent, but it does have 10 off of that price up until launch day, which is the 16th.

Two point campus

Two point campus

Then we have Two Point Campus, which did have bonus content released last week and was therefore in last week's article, so I won't spend too long on it, but it is to follow up to the excellent Two Point Hospital, of course, which itself had some of the team from Theme Hospital from back in the day.

It's a management simulation game with the business model this time taking the form of a university or campus, and we have already reviewed this game and very much enjoyed it. I'll put a card for that review in the top right hand corner if you want the full story. Apparently, the results speak for themselves; academia has never been more appealing, more dynamic, or whatever this is.

Today's campus is a place to live.

Little league world series baseball 2022

We also have Little League World Series Baseball 2022, published by Game Mill. It says here that you can customize your team's look, equipment, and batting style using abilities like slow time and bat tank, which sounds more like a vehicle you'd have found in the 1960s, and you can also earn player-boosting stickers that allow you to build the most powerful team. There are some pretty good baseball games on the switch, even for a complete layman to the sport like myself, so this one might be batting a little out of its league by asking for 44 pounds 99, but you can at least get 20 off of that price up until launch day on the 17th.

Dyna bomb 2

Dyna bomb 2

Then we have Dynabomb 2, an action adventure game set over eight worlds, each containing eight levels.

There are two characters to choose from, or you can play in local co-op, and it has an interesting, arcade look to it. The blurb goes on to mention secret levels and a secret world, as well as hidden areas to find, and it could be fun with a friend, although it does seem to be about five times the price of the first game.

I don't know anything about this series, so I don't know how much bigger this one's going to be, but it will cost you 17 pounds, although it is another game with a pre-launch discount, this time of 20 percent. The next game is called Robo Revenge Squad, and it is a four-player co-op action game that can be played both locally or online.

You'll be fighting alien robots with robots of your own made from everyday objects such as fridges, baseball bats, and disco balls, if that can be classed as an everyday object, but either way, you'll be heading into mission-based campaigns to take on the aforementioned alien robots. You can level up to unlock gadgets, and you can use a mixture of ranged and melee attacks on your mission.

This one is also out on the 17th and it will cost you 17 pounds.



99) There's Metropolis, a point-and-click adventure game with a sci-fi detective setting. You play as Henry on an abandoned planet, Earth, in a search for a legendary lost city. It's the year 5000, and Henry Dijon and his team of archaeologists leave Mars to return to a forgotten earth to search for lost treasures.

That is, at least until Henry's professor is kidnapped. There are 50-plus hand-drawn scenes with full voice-overs and a cast of weird and wonderful characters. According to the blurb It's another game that will cost you 17 pounds, and it's out on the 18th. In the corner of this blasted landscape, I saw total being bundled onto a spaceship.

Thank you, human. Your kindness will be remembered when the machines rise.

Cursed to golf

Tellme Next up, we have cursed golf. You play as a cursed golf player in Gulf Purgatory after a freak accident takes you out as you're about to make the winning shot in an international tournament. However, legend says that playing through the devious courses of golf purgatory could allow you to escape back to the land of the living.

The blurb mentions that this offers a new take on, of course, golf, but also the roguelike genre, with you needing to make par or be returned to the beginning of each course. There are courses across four biomes, hazards to navigate, and over 20 unique power-ups to use. There are also 80+ holes, a daily challenge mode, and online leaderboards. It almost seems worth it for the story alone, if you ask me, and if you are interested, it will cost you 16.99 or your regional equivalent,.

Slaycation paradise

Slaycation paradise

The penultimate game of the week is Slocation Paradise, a twin-stick shooter mixed with tower defense. You'll be visiting unique and exotic apocalyptic locations filled with an array of monsters intent on your demise.

It sounds a bit like my last trip to Southend, to be fair. While tailoring your tower defense set up and using a plethora of weapons, you'll be cutting through mobs like butter or taking down kaizu-sized monsters. If it sounds like exactly the type of break you've been looking for, it'll be out on the 18th and it'll cost you 14 pounds.

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