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Today we have one of our physical games articles. For you, this is the series where I show you some of the games I have picked up physically for the switch in the last few months. We'll have a look at if there are any mandatory updates needed on your system storage. I'll have a look at the box art, see if anything comes inside, and then I'll give you a mini review of sorts based on my initial impressions of the game.

This episode has a slight twist on it in that I set myself a budget of 100 pounds and had to pick up 10 physical switch games for that price. I thought it'd be interesting to see how far we could stretch that money and what sort of games we'd be able to purchase. So which games have I bought? Could I stay within budget and, ultimately, were they worth it?

Let's find out.

Darksiders ii: deathinitive edition

So the first game I bought for the challenge, just over the 10 pound average at 10 pounds 99, was Darksiders 2: Definitive Edition. This 3D action adventure game with hack and slash combat was first released in 2012, and was ported to the Switch in 2019. In doing so, it joined the first game in the series and has since been followed by Darksiders 3 and spin-off game Darksiders Genesis in being released on Nintendo's hybrid system.

This is a great game which includes open world areas and a lot of verticality in levels which call for climbing and wall running, and there's an rpg element to it too, with leveling up and a skill tree system. The downside to the switch version is performance, with the frame rates dipping at times, especially in the open world areas, and the resolution also taking a hit in an attempt to try and maintain 30 frames per second.

It's a shame that this sequel doesn't include the option to choose a performance mode like the first game did, and the lack of a patch in the three years since its release is definitely a disappointment. But even with this.

Nippon marathon

Nippon marathon

This is a crazy party game based around racing against a colorful cast of characters in order to win a big cash prize. It has a touch of Taki's Castle about it, and you'll have to avoid all manner of obstacles and projectiles, from watermelons to dogs and even cyclists, as you try to get to the finishing line.

There is a storyline for each of the four characters, but this is all about playing locally with friends, and I think you can play with up to eight people on the switch, although I've only tried it out in the two-player mode. It's harmless fun, and certainly worth the five pounds I paid for it for a night's entertainment here and there with other people.

Sayonara wild hearts

So now being below the 10 pound per game average, I kept the strong start up by getting Sayonara, Wild Hearts for just seven pounds 99. This is actually a very good game. I'd perhaps go as far to say it's a bit of a hidden gem, which describes itself as a pop album article game. You play as a character called The Fall who speeds through levels, avoiding obstacles and grabbing collectibles in order to get a high score, and the zany story revolves around her journey after having her heart broken.

It's a high score chaser with gold, silver, and bronze medals up for grabs, and the general aesthetic, with the cold colour palette of blues and purples, serves as a great backdrop for the low-poly characters' plushies. The music is a huge part of the experience as you weave through hazards and partake in the on-screen battles and psychedelic scenarios. I was very pleasantly surprised with this one and played a level or two of it, often returning to them in order to try and improve my scores.

The legend of kay: anniversary

The legend of kay: anniversary

Next was another game for around the eight pound mark, seven pounds 95 to be precise, and it is the Legend of K anniversary. This is a remastered version of a game that first came out for the PlayStation 2 in 2005.

It's a 3D platformer with an emphasis on combat. I've played this game and completed it in the past when it got a release on the Wii U, and it's a solid 3D platformer. I enjoyed the balance between platforming, dungeon sections, and combat and feel that for the price it can be picked up for these days, it's definitely worth checking out for fans of the genre.

Yes, it is an older game, but it holds up pretty well, and it will take most people a good 12 to 15 hours to finish. I will give a quick public service announcement and say that I found out the hard way on the Wii U version that, as with the original, there was a bug where if you left the second dungeon before finishing it, a key that you needed would disappear, and you'd have to start again.

As much as I love you all. I'm not willing to risk losing my save data to check if this is still the case or whether it's been patched, but just don't leave the second dungeon, and then you'll be fine.

Star wars pinball

Star wars pinball

it's always a safe bet to pick up a few games for around 10 pounds each, as it ensures you stick within your budget, and this one is Star Wars Pinball. Now I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan, I must say, but I do love virtual pinball and Zen Studios tables are absolutely fantastic. This collection includes 19 tables stretching back across a number of the movies, and there are challenges to complete on each table and a really interesting online mode where you compete against other people's top scores and then can be promoted or relegated in a league system.

Five games in and we are well on call. So far it's been quite a mix of games and graphical styles, which is nice.

Rad rogers: radical edition

Playing it safe again with another cheap pickup This is Rad Rogers' radical edition, which I bought for six pounds. This is a platform game which, by the looks of it, was heavily inspired by Ruff and Tumble, a game that came out back in the day for the Amiga that had a touch of run and gun about it to go along with the platforming.

It's an okay game, albeit trying very hard to replicate the attitude-filled mascot characters of the 90s. This radical edition includes new levels, bonus stages, and playable characters, including Duke Nukem. You can also play through the adventure in two-player co-op and for that price. I would say it is worth grabbing, although there are definitely better platformers and running guns for that matter available on the switch, I took a bigger chunk out of the budget for the next one by picking up the Hotline Miami collection.

Hotline miami collection

Hotline miami collection

This includes both Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, which were first released in 2012 and 2015, respectively.

Today we look at 10 physical Nintendo Switch games from a variety of genres and regions. In a slight change to the usual formula, I had a 100 budget this time with a challenge to purchase 10 physical games for not a penny more.
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