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We've got a few switch games to give away. We've managed to get another 10 off for this month, so if you're going to buy any of these games, then you might as well save 10 using code switchup over at switchup. GG, I am quite pleased with this week's list.

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Last week's It was a bit naff because I was away on holiday, so I had to make the list really early, so you have to pick games that are on sale for a very long time, and you end up missing some of the best ones.

I'm very confident about this one. I think there are some great games on here, and there's definitely a hidden gem at the end that I've been playing recently, that I've heard some of you mentioned before, but I think most of you might be kind of unaware of its presence. We'll finish with a couple of games you should avoid because they're absolute garbage, and I'll try and give you some alternatives.

So with all of that said, what is on sale? Let's find out.

Cris tals is a great jrpg!

Top Games Ranking - eshop

First up, we've got the excellent Chris Tales. This is a jRPG that features an interesting mechanic that essentially lets you see into the future as well as the past. The screen splits into three, and side quests that you complete will basically affect the future of towns.

I really enjoyed this. It did have random battles, which I'm not a huge fan of, but I thought the art style, as well as the story itself, were really good features to get around the overworld map. You've got this airship, and the combat also adopts some of those past, present, and future mechanics, so you can apply poison in the past, and then the enemy will be completely wrecked in the future, and then they'll be much weaker.

It's a really cool idea. I thought it had a good cast of characters and was a fun game, and it has a download size of 3.4 gigabytes. There's also a physical version of this one available. Divinity Original Sin 2 is one of the best RPG games ever made. We have a full review of this one, but you only have a few hours.

So if you want to buy this one, you've got to pick it up on Sunday the 14th of August. If you're in the UK or in the US, I believe your sale goes on until the 15th. It's currently half price, down to 22.49, and while that might sound like a lot of money, if you're a fan of this genre, this is as good as it gets.

There's infinite freedom in terms of how you approach any situation, and the story is excellent. You're looking at easily 100 hours of gameplay, and there's some online functionality here as well, unlike other versions. It doesn't have split screen though, but I'm sure I'd heard rumors they were going to add it, but yeah, maybe not.

I think performance will just chug down. It's 11.88 gigabytes, and if you want it, snap it up quick. I'm sure you're already aware, but Adventure Pals was created by the same people that just released Cult of the Lamb.

Deal of the week!

Deal of the week!

This is one of my favorite indie games on Switch, and it's 90 off for the next about a day and a half. That is an absolute steal. It's easily the deal of the week. It could be a game that's perfect for kids. My kids have played it and enjoyed it, but it's just as good for adults. It also has two-player local co-op.

It's got a reasonable small downside download size of 1.4 gigs, and although it looks so cutesy, there's a nice challenging game in here that combines some platforming and has this little overworld area that you move around to go between your different levels. There's a bit of rpg, bits and bobs thrown in for good measure as well, and it's got a cool little story.

This is definitely worth a pound. This is essential. In the absence of Fallout New Vegas on Switch, The Outer Worlds is the way to go.

The outer worlds

The outer worlds

The biggest issue with the switch was the performance. It was terrible at launch. I'd say it's now mediocre, but you know, the game is still fun enough for me. I enjoy playing it in handheld mode; it has gyro aiming. So yeah, there are tons of DLCs that have been released and those are also on sale at the moment, so I mean, you can pick up either Perilon Gorgon or Murder on Eranos, and yeah.

I had a good time with them. I thought Perilon Gorgon was potentially a little bit better for my tastes, but you can also just get the expansion pass for 15 quid, so yeah, if you're after a bit of old-school fallout style action, although it doesn't have vats, you kind of know what you're getting yourself into with the outer worlds.

172 Gigabytes Although the how long to beat says it's 13 hours, that's absolutely nonsense. You're looking at 50 hours to 100 easily, and that sale goes on until August 24th.

Axiom verge 2 is.

Axiom verge 2 is.

It doesn't live up to the hype. It just doesn't. The first game was amazing. This feels a bit disjointed in places now. That said, it's still a really enjoyable metroidvania. It's just one of those where you go in with such high expectations. You end up a bit disappointed. There were also some serious bugs at launch that have been patched out now.

I know it might sound like you know why on earth would I buy something that's still easily a 70s or 80s type of game in terms of its experience. It just doesn't hit the peaks of the first. It's only 432 megabytes. You're looking at about 12 to 15 hours to finish it, and I enjoyed it. I just hope with the third game that he really kind of gets back to his form, I guess, to what made the first one so great.

Titan Quest is next up at 70. I must admit, I found it quite funny that we saw some brand new DLCC content for this.

All the titan quests!

All the titan quests!

You've got the Ragnarok as well as Atlantis updates, and they're also 65 off, so you could get the whole lot for about 20 quid now. Titan Quest is a brilliant single-or co-op adventure that's essentially a bit like old-school Diablo.

There are tons of side quests in here, tons of quest lines. It's a game that I first bought an entire PC to play, and I've actually still got the physical copy in my loft, which also has some online functionality that I never got to try out. That is in the switch version. You can play one to six players online.

I don't know if that's an arena or what, but in terms of gameplay and length, you're going to want to do side quests in this style of game, so you could easily push it to 35 to 50 hours, and again, it's another one where there's a physical that can usually be had for quite cheap. Then we've got the delightful, red dwarf-like void bastards, who also have the void bastards deluxe edition, which is only 11 pounds and 19 cents, but the base game's 9.99.

Void bastards fps

Void bastards fps

It's a brilliant take on a roguelike. You go through space, and your ship can choose different paths. You board other alien vessels, and essentially you're gathering different supplies.

Hey SwitchUp Family - a pretty tasty set of sales this week - and its great to talk about Axiom 2 and the hidden gem.
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