Top Games Ranking - 13 New Xbox Game Pass Games Revealed For August & September



So today we have eight brand new Xbox Game Pass games for August, and the new October games are starting to shape up, guys. Let's start with what we saw as a rumor a week ago come to light with Immortals: Phoenix Rising, set in the mythical world of the Greek gods immortals. Phoenix Rising puts you in the shoes of an immortal who embarks on a wild journey to rescue his brother from the evil typhon and save the Greek gods of old, as you're their last hope.

The game features a gorgeous fantasy world and an immersive story with great narration. thrilling combat with some of the most epic boss fights that, honestly, reminded me of encounters you would see in a massive multiplayer online game. There are also tons of puzzles you're going to be tackling throughout the game, lots of exploring, and the player is free to customize the character in any way he or she likes, so there's a lot to play around with in order to make the character you love.

The game features a ton of different weapons, from the bows and arrows to deadly swords you'll encounter. Honestly, this is one of the better Ubisoft games of the last couple years, and it's chock full of content.



This hits game pass later this month on the cloud consoles and PC, so coffee Talk is a unique title all about conversation and having those heart-to-heart talks with people from an alternative Seattle, where you're going to notice the city is full of elves, orcs, mermaids, and other fantasy characters living among humans in today's world.

You'll have those meaningful conversations. Over the course of a cup of coffee, as you immerse yourself in the people's stories, and those stories can range from love to extremely dramatic and maybe even scandalous, the game does have branching story lines spread across it, so there's really a lot to dive into if this is a game that has your interest.

This is available on game pass now on the console cloud and PC.


The Midnight Fight Express is an isometric, beat 'em up title where you play as a former member of the criminal world, lured back into the world by an AI drone who tells you if you don't stop the mayhem, the whole city is going to have a criminal wide takeover.

It's really a crazy story, but the game's gameplay and combat look intense. It looks amazing here, guys. It features some really cool martial arts animations and some very visceral, over-the-top combos that look super deadly. Then you mix in the vast array of items you can use, like guns and explosives.

And honestly speaking, this game seems like something you'd see in an over-the-top action movie. The midnight fight express also features 41 handcrafted There are extra challenges after you beat the game, and you can even create your own director's cut that lets you customize the enemy's weapons and more.

This is a game that I've really had on my radar for a long time. I'll be personally playing it on Day One on Game Pass on August 23rd when it comes out for the consoles and PC, so when exit punch, the year is 1997.



You used to be a hacker, but now you've made the deal of a lifetime with one hack, one dose, and nothing left to lose but your life. If you're familiar with the game that was just released recently on Game Pass, Shenzhen, I, this game is from the same makers and while anexa punks, it's all about the open-ended.

You'll program your exes to tear through networks, replicate themselves, trash files, and terminate other exes. If you're someone who's really big into puzzle games, I think this might be your jam as it drops on PC on August 25th.


So opus echo of Star Song is a game that puts you in the shoes of John, who sets out to redeem himself until he saves Etta, a witch with the unique power of picking up the sounds of asteroids.

The game is set in an intergalactic. The world that has you exploring asteroids has you in search of locating temples deep within them to find the star song source. The game's main premise is its story and all the encounters you're going to have throughout it as you venture out to find the mystery of these star songs.

In the meantime, you'll be engaging with a huge cast of colorful characters whose personal stories you're going to be diving really deep into. The game is fully voiced and if you're into story-based titles and having those emotional experiences. Opus Echo of Star Song might be a game to explore as it hits Game Pass on August 25th on consoles and PC.



Commandos 3 HD Remastered is the remastered version of the old school commando titles from 2003. That sends you to the relentless and unforgiving battlefields of Europe as you fight your way through Stalingrad and defeat the German enemy in the heart of the Third Reich in Berlin in World War II.

If you're unfamiliar with this series, you control six different commandos, from the sniper to the driver to the spy, the green beret and the sapper, and you strategically put them in place to complete and finish their missions with their unique abilities. This HD remaster comes in the form of new 3D models and new textures, built from the ground up; improved controls; a much more beginner-friendly tutorial; and a UI to really help you navigate this old-school title.

This looks like it's a day one release for Xbox Game Pass and it will be available on the console cloud and PC on August 30th, so From the creators of the game, her story, we have immortality.


This is an interactive story that has you solve the mystery of what's happened to Marissa Marcel, a film star who made movies but they never saw a release, and she then suddenly disappeared.

The gameplay here is pretty simple, guys. You're going to be going through lots of footage trying to essentially come to a conclusion on the mystery and solve the case now. If you're a fan of storytelling and you like movies, but you'd rather like to solve them yourself, or you have a preference for that, then I think Immortality will be for you when it hits Game Pass on August 30th on the console cloud and PC.



So if you're familiar or if you've ever played the game Pikmin.

I think you're going to be right at home with Tiny Kin, as you play as Milo, who arrives on earth only to find he's way too small and it's 1991, of all years, but the big premise of this game is catching hundreds of mysterious tiny kin, in which case you're going to leverage their unique powers to do things like make ladders, create bridges, explode, and a lot more.

The game's idea of being this super small in this giant 1990s world is very mysterious, and it certainly has me intrigued. Then you mix in the pretty cool, vibrant, and over-the-top environments, and then the clever puzzles that this game has to offer, and honestly, it feels like this is the title to really get excited about on game pass, especially when it hits on August 30th for consoles and PC.

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