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article games are supposed to be more hyper-real than reality, but some missions go well above and beyond even that. Hi folks, it's Falcon, and today's game ranks 10 of the most over the top missions in article games, starting off at number 10.

Uncharted 3 - stowaway

It's Uncharted 3's stowaway. This is an absolute classic.

The Uncharted series has always been about over-the-top action, but arguably their most audacious and over-the-top moment happened around the mid-point of the third game of the series, Uncharted 3. Nathan Drake's Deception: As usual, Nathan Drake is in a race to discover a lost city. This time it's the lost city of Ubar, or the Atlantis of the Sands.

Shockingly enough, at no point during the game is the joke sandlantis. When he finds out the bad guys are air-dropped and supplies are in the desert, he stows away in the supply plane. That's, obviously, when things go wrong, he basically gets immediately caught by somebody and then, in a panic, holds the lever to open the cargo hold of the plane.

Things are already pretty out of control; you fist fight a guy on an open ramp in a moving plane, and Drake only manages to finish this guy off by releasing the cargo. So he has to climb his way back into the plane, then gets into a shootout with the guards inside the hole while cargo's flying all over the place around him, which eventually sparks a raging fire.

The whole thing is pure chaos, and it actually only takes a few minutes to play out in real time, so it's probably one of the shortest missions in the entire series. The plane starts crashing, and it's no wonder they pretty much used it wholesale in the new Uncharted movie. The only downside, at least for me, is that it's so chaotic and crazy that the first time I played it, I kept dying in the shootout, which kind of slowed down the pace and spoiled it a little.

Doom eternal - mars core

Doom eternal - mars core

Perfect number nine is Doom Eternal Mars Core. It's a completely over the top game like Doom Eternal, but for the most part, the actual mission is pretty straightforward. Go here, kill that thing, and that's about it. There's one mission in Doom Eternal, however, that is as gloriously insane as they get, and it's a pretty awesome level to boot.

The main goal for most of this game is to locate and kill these three hell priests. Standard Doom Guy stuff. The only problem is that the last one is hidden deep in the core of the planet Mars. This would normally be a pretty difficult place to get to, but remember what we're talking about here and who it's for: Doom.

The Doom marine has a kind of sledgehammer-style approach to problem solving, and he's got a pretty big sledgehammer for use in this particular problem, so instead of trying to find some secret pathway to the Mars core, he just commandeers the BFG 10 000 canon and blows a hole in Mars. Now that alone would be over the top as it is, but the rest of the level has you platform through the chunks of mars that you just blew up.

So the concept is ridiculous, but it's actually so satisfying. It's an all-around awesome mission and by far the most ridiculous thing that's ever happened in a doom property, I mean other than the completely insane novelizations .

Marvel's spider-man - straw, meet camel

Marvel's spider-man - straw, meet camel

And number eight is Marvel's Spider-Man, straw to camel, that mission. A few games managed to merge open world elements and superhero spectacle as well as Marvel Spider-Man, and this mission's like the perfect example of that.

The whole thing starts out pretty simply. Some members of the demon gang are spotted near the kingpin's property, so Spider-Man goes to investigate. After beating up some goons and checking around, one of Fisk's men says, "The leader of the demons is about to get away on a helicopter, and things are starting to get wild." To stop it.

Spidey webs a cargo container to the helicopter, but all he really manages to do is create a flying wrecking ball that rampages through the city, so as the helicopter tries to get away, the container just swings all over the place and smashes into buildings, causing a lot of damage and chaos. Did that just happen?

Yeah, all the while you're dodging missiles, trying to pull off parts of the helicopter while enemies attempt to knock you off, the whole thing is like this incredible spectacle that's clearly meant to be one of the centerpiece moments of the whole game, and what's really impressive about it was how this whole scripted event took place in the actual open world, in a completely seamless manner. Very few open world games actually bother causing damage to the environment, but this game went totally nuts with it and it made the mission all the better .

Call of duty: black ops 2 - cordis die

Call of duty: black ops 2 - cordis die

At number seven, is the Call of Duty: Black Ops II: Cordis Day. There are so many ridiculous missions in the Call of Duty series that we could probably dedicate an entire list just to that, but for today we're going to narrow it down to one, at least for now.

The penultimate mission of Black Ops 2 is absolutely If you don't remember it, the bad guy, Rafael Menendez, successfully takes over the drone fleet and attacks Los Angeles. Things start off ridiculous from the get-go, with you in an armored car protecting the president from swarms of drones before being forced to exit and deal with the army of terrorists taking up the streets.

So basically, it's just nuts. At that point, drones are attacking everywhere. There are people and cars running all over the place. You eventually enter the pilot seat of a jet fighter who gets into a dog fight with the drones while flying in between buildings. And it doesn't end there. You're shot down.

I feel like maybe they thought that was a step too far, and I think that that's funny because the whole thing is pure chaos. The pacing in most Call of Duty games is i mean, you could charitably call it relentless, but this mission is so nuts and throws so many crazy things at such a rapid pace that it almost melts your brain .

Gears of war 2 - intestinal fortitude

Gears of war 2 - intestinal fortitude

And number six is Gears of War Two's intestinal fortitude, the one with the giant worm.

It's kind of less over the top in a crazy action way and more over the top in how audacious and gross it is, like here's the rung down, there's sinking cities, there's a giant worm. The final sequence has you cutting through this creature's arteries while the room literally fills up with blood. And if you don't move quickly enough, you can actually drown in this area.

At the end, Delta managed to chainsaw their way out, like literally, chainsaw, out of the creature from the inside, but even after all that, the squad doesn't get to go home. Can you imagine the kind of diseases a giant worm monster has ?.

Many video game missions and moments push the line, but few truly go over the top. Here are some of our favorite big video game moments.
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