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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - ai in games

Welcome back to another episode, and before I begin, I'm going to ask you guys a really fun question. What would you do with this game? What is your ultimate game? What would it be for you? I'm going to try to attempt to explain what my ultimate game would be because I have played most games since 1980.

All the way up to now i was playing the Atari 2600 back in the day to the NES to every console. Almost all the games, I swear to God, I've bought so much stuff, it's absolutely outrageous because I love it. I've always loved it, but has it completely fulfilled me? So how could I want more? Well, as I say, this is a bit of a dream episode where I get to kind of play with the idea of what I would ultimately love to see, and we have to start in the past for a second here.

What created this for me was games like Fighting Fantasy. You know, the choose your own adventure style of role-playing games like this. You'll be like, "Why are you picking these?" Give me a second. Dungeons and Dragons, where you sit around with your friends and collectively come up with story lines and go on adventures in that game alone.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - best game ever

is the ultimate article game, and that's kind of what it's about. For me, my ultimate article game would be my ultimate article game, where you can absolutely do anything you want in a persistent world and you're going to say, "But wait, that's been done." It has been in Grand Theft Auto. Skyrim is a great example.

I saw a little bit of it back then too. We've seen a little bit of it. I saw Mass Effect back in the day. I got that game because I thought I got to choose my way through it. I got to talk to people the way I wanted and have different outcomes. I was always disappointed with Mass Effect and a lot of people get mad at me for this because I feel like I didn't change that much.

What I would love to do is let's talk about a kind of Dungeons and Dragons style world, so we can wrap our heads around that, but it could be applied to any world setting. It could be a modern day setting, but I'm just talking about the fantasy drawing right here. I think it'd be so amazing to have a persistent world that is changing and evolving, whether you're there or not, like different characters are going on adventures that have nothing to do with you, led by their own AI.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - best article game

Now this is where we get into it. This style of game would require such a deep level of a.i. that it's almost spooky and scary, and I believe it's what the future holds in a lot of ways. So okay, great example I start off, let's say, I appear in the world. You can have VR, or you know, or you can see your character.

Either one of these works for me. You start walking up the hill, and you can go anywhere. You can walk to the mountains. You know, like in a lot of games like Breath of the Wild, you see a mountain, you can walk to it. That kind of stuff we've seen, we've done that. We know what that's about. I mean, like a hob into a hobbiton style of door.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - greatest article game

Let's use that as an example, and I'll go in and just say there's a little gnome character there making tea and all that, and you can completely interact. He has things he has to do that are not scripted, and it will change depending on what's happening in the world, so it's coming. It's like a real life that he's living, and you're interacting with him, and you can talk to him and he can tell you things.

About a neighboring country, yeah. Maybe you did them a favor. I'm talking about that level of interaction. It's fantastic it would be amazing, and so maybe you leave there and everybody applauds you. Well, thank God you got rid of him. He was way too nice for our town. We never liked that guy.

Then you can start talking to them. Hey, so I'm looking for treasure and all of this and I'm like, why do you go up into the mountains here or go and do this? There are so many options. There's no one thing to do. You can go in any direction, which we've seen in article games, but I'm talking about a world that is changing.

It's over you wander in, there's nobody there. You get what's left over in the village. Maybe you don't do anything. Maybe you can avoid it. Maybe you go the opposite way of the raiders. This is the style of thing where it almost, this is where it happens, becomes indistinguishable from real life.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - the future of article games

You know, it's real life. That's the thing. That's what I'd like to see, where the world is persistently changing, on its own accord, but maybe certain things within the galaxy. Would affect your planet, i'm talking on a scale of that and people were like that's insanity, that's not, that's way too advanced and it is. I'm dreaming here of a world that's like that, a game where you almost wouldn't need another game; you could just live in this world and maybe you walk down, you know, the path, and some giant creature comes out of nowhere and kills you in one hit, and it's over, and that was your adventure, and you're like, and maybe you could restart your save.

I don't know. We've seen that to a certain extent, but I'm talking about walking around and interacting with characters that are talking to you from that script, from real AI learning from other AI learning right and living in that world, and so that kind of experience would be so extraordinary. I mean, coming from a Dungeons and Dragons background, it would be like I could walk in there and say I could even walk you with friends.

You know, an online style of game. That'd be great, so you all appear there via VR or you just care to show up and you all interact with the world that way. If you just wandered around, you wouldn't need another game, and I wonder if that is the future of, say, RPGs. Is that the future will they get that advance one day and you know what, look at the way things have gone, you know the other day it was the 33rd.

Anniversary of Dragon Warrior coming over here to the west, and I remember going pick that up, you know, 33 years ago. An old style of you know dungeons, a dragon style game, big hit in Japan and the West, but look at what that looked like then, and what we have now for article games. I say with Skyrim or other fantasy genres, it's unbelievable how far we've come in say 33.

Years, so give it another give it another 33 years. Give it another 60 years and all of a sudden you'll be able to generate a character. Say you're making a world that generates a character. You can give them a personality. Maybe they might become adventurers. That's what I'm talking about. Maybe they develop their own communities and, you know, go off to join the guard in the castle, or maybe they decide to take out, you know, the castle, and then you're like, "Maybe I should stop him and mister." That's what I'm talking about, that level of interaction where one and one thing that you do over here may do nothing, but it may absolutely ripple through the entire world and change the whole world.

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