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Hello and welcome to the MCO guide. I'll be covering what MCO is, its requirements, how to install it, and other things worth mentioning. Let's get into it.

What is mco?

mco is a combat animation framework in vanilla Skyrim. You'll be able to free roam while melee attacking. Essentially, you'll have to commit to attacks that can't move for their duration unless you have a dodge mod, and it changes how combat feels drastically.

It also implements move sets for weapon types so they have unique identities and playstyles. Mco is a successor to the Skysa combat animation framework. It's built to be non-linear. Not all move sets have these features, but it's worth mentioning that MCO supports power attack chaining transitions and charged attacks.

By default, mco comes with Mike Nike's Elder Souls Collection already built in, so all weapon types will have move sets, but you can easily override them by simply installing new move sets. If you wish,.

Requirements: simple requirements

Requirements: simple requirements

To get MCO up and running, we'll need some requirements. I'll first start off with the simple and easy ones, so simply download and install these mods.

Requirements: splitting light and heavy attack inputs

animation motion revolution, and payload interpreter Once you have those mods, you'll now want a mod to split light and heavy attack inputs.

Now this isn't a hard requirement. MCA will function without it, but if you don't, you won't be able to initiate the first power attack. You'll only be able to heavy attack after light attacking, so you can grab either one-click power attack modified, ocpam, or a separate power tag. I recommend you install ocpam.

There is some setup required for ocpam, but it takes like a minute to do. Once you've installed OCPAM, open it up and head over to its ioni configuration file. Now copy these settings. The main variable we want to configure is the right key. This will be the key you've assigned to power attacks.

The value for this needs to be a dx scan code. You can find a list of these scan codes on the creation kit wiki. I've used l as my power attack key, so I'm using key code 38. I mainly play on controller, so I edited my controller configuration in Steam's big picture mode to split light and heavy attacks, and so for my right bumper I assigned it to bl, so when I press my right bumper I power attack.

Requirements: nemesis

Requirements: nemesis

Finally, for requirements, you need a nemesis. Nemesis is a behavior animation framework like finis however keep in mind that if you do have nemesis, you don't need to use finis.

If you haven't used Nemesis before, I'll link a quick tutorial for my boy Chance on how to set it up all right. We've got all the requirements now, let's install MCO. Visit our website and download and install Adxp MCO. When installing MCO, a faux mod will pop up. I recommend selecting the experimental version 1.4.2.

Now select your game version, so ae or se, and choose if you want to install the new loco movement animations. Now we want to run Nemesis. Make sure to update the engine and make sure you have the mco patch enabled. It's called the Attack D-Star Experience. We also want to make sure we have the payload interpreter patch enabled.

Once those patches are enabled, launch Nemesis and let it do its thing. Once Nemesis is finished, we can exit out and voila. MCO is now set up.

Adding movesets

Adding movesets

Get in the game and try it out now. You might want to replace MCO's default movesets. This can be done easily. As an example, let's install the Eldon Rim moveset pack. Download and install it. And that's it. You don't even have to rerun Nemesis again.

Recommended mods

As for recommended mods to use with MCO, you'll probably want a dodge mod like DMCO, or TK Dodge re You'll also definitely want to have scar to allow enemies to actually use their movesets with some intelligence.

Without scars, enemies will simply repeat the same initial attacks. If you're looking to bring Skyrim closer to contemporary action RPGs, I highly recommend you look at my Eldren Ring Combat Guide. Even if you're not looking to replicate Ellen Rink's combat, it'll get you into the headspace of thinking about designing your own combat setup, and you'll discover mods you might want to add to your mod list.

Converting skysa movesets to mco movesets

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition - adxp guide

And real quick, if you wish to convert old skysa movesets to mco, I'll provide a link to the star's tutorial on how to do this. That concludes the MCO guide.


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