Stardew Valley - 11 Terrible Tips You Should Avoid. These Tips Are Bad



There are many great tips that I have already spoken about, but this time I want to share some of the worst tips that I could come up with. The last one might upset you.

Jelly is terrible

If you plant your star fruit or your ancient fruit with deluxe fertilizer and use some farmer's lunch just before you harvest them, you will be able to harvest iridium-quality crops.

Iridium quality star fruit can sell for 1650 gold without any processing, and iridium ancient fruit can sell for 1210 gold. If you then turn those iridium-quality crops into jelly using a preservation jar and, for some wild reason, do not have the artisan profession, your star food jelly will suffer.

1550 gold, meaning you will lose 100 gold on each sale and ancient food jelly will sell for 1150 gold, meaning you will lose 60 gold per sale. The chances of this occurring are highly unlikely, but just in case it does, be wary.

Odd money making method

Odd money making method

Do you want to make a moderate amount of money in one of the hardest and most efficient ways possible? All you need to do is head to the casino and gamble until you win big. The bigger, the better. Then trade all of your casino tokens in for a farmwarp. Do not sell these; they only sell for 20 gold.

It's just not worth it. Instead, deconstruct them using your very expensive deconstructors. to get a single serving of honey, but wait, there is more. Turn that honey into meat by placing it into a cake. Don't sell the meat. There is more to be done. Now place the meat into some containers in your basement.

After one entire season, your maid will be fully aged at your radium quality and ready for that shipping bin with the artisan profession you should make. 560 gold per iridium, it's like printing money.

Even worse money making method

Was that way too efficient? I want to make even less money with an even worse method. Okay.

I gotta get a bunch of fire quartz from the mines, then place them into crystallariums. To duplicate them they only takes a single day to duplicate them, so how bad can it be after you have a bunch of fire cords duplicated and ready to drop them into some furnaces? After a few in-game hours, these will be processed into three refined ports per fire quartz.

Selling those three will get you 150 gold, but selling the fire courts as they are will get you 100 gold, so we are making a profit. However, if we take into account the cost of the coal and the time it takes to produce them, this really isn't that good. Do the right thing. Do you just duplicate diamonds like a normal person ?.



Do you need wood? But let's be honest, we all need some wood at some point, but getting a bunch of wood using an axe is tiresome, and I'm just not about using bombs. You will need to use tons of bombs just to blow up a single tree, but just plant your trees close to each other so you can destroy multiple trees at the same time to save on your bombs.

Stop fishing completely

Easy win ; lava eels, legendary fish, bloodfish. Do you ever feel that fishing is just overrated? No, me neither, but if you do, you can take advantage of crab pots. Crab pots are kind of meh, but with the right preparation, they can be pretty good. At level five fishing, you will get the opportunity to pick the trapper profession.

This will allow you to craft crab pots at a cheaper cost, which is really important. If you want to use these suckers, then at level 10, fishing, you can pick either the mariner profession that prevents your crab pots from producing junk or their lure master profession. That will cause your crab pots to no longer need bait.

Personally, I prefer the mariner's profession. Pair that with a couple of worm bins placed near your crab pots and you need not worry about bait. Just collect some free bait in the morning and then collect your fish while placing bait in the crab pot at the same time. I still prefer fishing with an actual fishing rod because the mini game is fun, but crappots are not all that bad, I guess ).

Never get married

Never get married

Do you play Stardew Valley with a friend or a significant other? Well, if you do, then this tip is for you. Do not marry your co-op partner. This might sound absolutely horrible, and it is, but marrying your co-op partner will limit you in sturdy valley.

The truth is that if you marry one of the Stardew Valley marriage candidates, you will be able to get a star drop when you get them to 12 hearts. Unfortunately, there is no special prize for marrying someone in co-op, so you will forever have less maximum energy than you otherwise would. What you could do instead is marry someone, get the star drop, and divorce them for your true love.

Did you leave your horse somewhere and have no idea where it is?.

How to find a lost horse

That is pretty mean, but don't worry, you don't need to look for your horse. There is a special magic trick that you can do to easily get your horse back. Just sleep your horse will be back at your stable when you wake up.

This is just wicked.

Are you adventuring through the dangerous skull cavern slaying countless foes, finding unexplainable treasure, and having a jolly time, but you need to get to the Star Drop saloon before it closes so that you can have a drink with Abby.

Well, what are you going to do? Run towards the bus, then run towards the saloon. No, that just seems like a waste of time. You could use a warp totem, but that is a waste of resources. Ah, I got it. I just died on purpose in the skull cavern. It is indeed a very fast way of getting back to the town.

Now you can just get that drink with Abby and adventure in the skull cavern on the same day.

Catch more fish with this secret

Catch more fish with this secret

During the extended family key quest, you will be able to catch the legendary fish again. This quest can be a little bit tough as you only have three days to catch all of them, but you can also catch them multiple times for maximum profit. The problem is that the legendary fish don't bite that often, and you might find yourself catching a lot of regular peasant fish.

As soon as a fish bites, if it isn't a legendary fish, just immediately hit the escape key to drop the fish and then close your line back in. Before you know it, you will get hundreds of legendary fish. Have you heard of Yoba ?.

Stardew valley's religion

Yoba is kind of a religious figure in Stardew Valley. You can find some of the townspeople at the yoba shrine inside of Pierre's store on Sundays.

You can also craft a ring of yoga that will literally protect you from damage with its divine powers, but did you know that you can buy your own little yoba ornament from Krobus for a very respectable price? 350, gold You can place this on your farm and create your own little shrine, but there is one more thing that you can use the shrine for.

You can place it on your fish pond to show how many fish are in it. That seems like a very disrespectful use of this religious piece, but it is what it is.

There are already so many stardew valley youtube videos that give some great tips! Well, its time to change that! In this video, I will sharing some of the worse tips that I can come up with! Enjoy.
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