Star Wars: Republic Commando - 10 Best Tactical Shooters That Truly Test Your Patience



hey, we love first-person shooters, third-person shooters, all shooters, all action of all kinds , but only certain games make all that blasting feel truly tactical, so today we're going to talk about 10 of our favorite tactical shooters, a good mix of regular fun and ultra-hardcore stuff. These are all games that are still absolutely worth playing.

The problem is that there are too many to fit in this article, so we'd love to hear what your choices are, and hey, maybe we'll make a part two, but anyway, let's get started off with the number 10.

Insurgency sandstorm

And let's talk about the insurgency sandstorm. This game has got the speed, the accuracy, and ttk of games like CS Go, the realism, and close quarters combat scenarios of something like Rainbow Six, and the boots on the ground military sim stuff from Hardcore, games like Arma.

Yeah. I know that's a lot, but this one is an interesting choice because it's not a single-player game but a multiplayer experience, so all those systems are working in tandem together while you're taking on a squad of actual people. You need to really go in with a plan and think things through as you play, because you can get dropped with a single bullet if your opponent is a good enough shot.

You're going to need to compensate for recoil and bullet drop while considering pre-fire. In tighter close-quarter situations, shooting through some walls, stuff like that, it's fast and an aggressive shooter, which isn't always the case with games that take a more realistic tactical approach, but it makes for some encounters that can be downright scary.

It's pretty awesome and this game is definitely worth checking out now over at number 9.

Ghost recon wildlands

Ghost recon wildlands

Let's talk believe it or not, Ghost But before we do that, I just want to take a minute and sit back in my old rocking chair and talk about the old days of Ghost Recon games. If you're looking for a tactical experience, go way back to the original ghost recon, which was just a reticle. When Ubisoft added things to the game, the community really took to it, and it became a much stronger experience.

To be honest, in the modern gaming market, there aren't really a lot of games out there like this, where it's essentially an open world sandbox for strategy. We enjoyed Ghost Recon Wildlands a lot more than Break Point, and when you've got some good friends and you've got a good thing going on, it could be a ton of fun to play, and there's just a lot of content to chew through here.

You can take it slow, you can aim, you can worry about your accuracy, be sneaky, and have a really good time, and that's why we think it's worth highlighting.



Next, over at number eight, if you're looking for squad-based tactics and maybe a little bit of realism but you want it set in World War II, then Enlisted is probably going to be worth trying. It's also technically labeled and sold as an MMO. This is one of the newer games on our list and it's from the same publisher as War Thunder, so you're either going to love or hate that.

Upon release, enlisted saw some mixed reviews from critics, but it keeps getting updated and we expect it to find a longer-term audience on PC. I guess it feels a bit flawed, but it's worth mentioning because it's that in-between level of hardcore that you might be looking for. There are some more arcade elements to it, but there is a decent emphasis on accuracy, too.

It's a bit up in the air, but there's at least enough interest that we figured we'd mention it now over at number seven completely.

Republic commando

Republic commando

Shifting gears This one some of you might not take But seriously, but damn it, we wanted to include it. The Republic Commando is awesome. I don't know about the re-released version on modern consoles; we haven't checked that out much, but the original Star Wars Republic Commando was one of the more underrated Star Wars games, and that's saying something because there are a lot of Star Wars games.

You're a special tactical unit of clone troopers, and they each have their own personalities and specialties. And you go on missions in first person as the leader, commanding each of your troops in tactical skirmishes in the underbellies of all the Star Wars worlds. It was super satisfying. So come and scratch that socom and early ghost recon itch, but with a fun, accessible, Star Wars spin on things.

Star Wars: Republic Commando - best tactical shooters pc

If you're watching the Clone Wars spin-off The Bad Batch This is kind of basically the game version of it before that was even a thing. If you like Star Wars and you like stormtroopers and clone troopers, this is definitely worth looking into. Next over at number six.

Rising storm 2 vietnam

Let's talk rising storm 2.

Vietnam, This is a follow-up to the 2013 game, and it's a tactical shooter, obviously, set in Vietnam. If you're looking for something different than Call of Duty's take on those intense, fast-paced shootouts, this is probably it. It might initially look really chaotic, but it's got just the nicest dash of realism and some teamwork emphasis to it that can make for some pretty exciting hardcore battles.

It's a game where cover fire feels necessary and every decision can get you killed pretty quickly. All the guns are a blast to use, and you're going to be engaging enemies on wide open battlefields, lush jungles, and ruined towns and city streets. There's a lot of variety here too, you know, larger scale battles, smaller scale ones, there are tons of maps to choose from.

There's even helicopter action and a good amount of progression to chew through if you're into tracking that stuff. Upon release, it saw tons and tons of updates. So if you're jumping in now, you have a few years' worth of built-up cool stuff to just check out and play through. Now over at number five, let's talk counter-strike global offensive.



Of course. It's still very much a head game as much as it is a skill game. It requires absolute pinpoint accuracy, which often times is totally a tactical thing, but also to succeed you need a ton of knowledge of each weapon you end up using and the maps themselves.

Knowing where the enemy is going to go is half the battle, and while some people really can just be awesome at head shooting and play like superhumans, the knowledge is also where it counts. It's been out for years. It's never going to die. It's still here. There's not really too much to say about it.

It's CS Go, we just felt obligated to include this one, but over at number four, speaking of obligations, arma 3, because In all honesty.

Arma iii

Arma 3 is less a tactical shooter and more just a full-on modern military simulator, or as the game refers to itself, a massive military sandbox. It's pretty obtuse and hardcore, and we don't mean that in a bad way, but it definitely isn't for everyone.

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