Spider-Man - Dramatically Increase Perforce / Fps With Any Setup. Best Settings" For Any Pc

Intro, benchmarks (4k, raytracing, 1080p)

Intro, benchmarks (4k, raytracing, 1080p)

It is Pangino here, and in this article we're going to be covering the ultimate frame rate increase guide for Spider-Man remastered for PC. In this article, we're going to be covering all of the best settings depending on if you're looking for more frames per second or visual quality. So at the end of this article, regardless of what hardware you're running on, whether it be AMD.

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Basic windows settings

Basic windows settings

Before we boot up the game, it's important that we make sure a few Windows settings have been set up correctly, as Spider-Man does make use of some of the newer technologies. With the inside of windows, they're very quick and easy to set up, so let's do that now.

First of all, take yourself to the bottom left-hand side and type in "game space mode." Next up are game mode settings, and I'd recommend switching this to the on position. It's incredibly important to ensure that we are running on the latest GPU drivers. If you've tried booting Spider-Man before and you're not up to date, you'll more than likely be met with a warning message similar to this.

Whether you're running on an AMD or Nvidia GPU, or you're not sure what GPU you have, hit control, shift, and escape on your keyboard. Head over to the performance tab at the top. Scroll all the way down to GPU 0. On the top right hand side of this panel, it will show you which GPU you have installed on your system and which one you are using.

For those of you running on an NVidia GPU, navigate down to the automatic driver update utility and download this for those of you on an AMD Radeon GPU. You can also use the auto-detect and install for Windows 10 and 11 on the left hand side once it's downloaded. Open it up Install the driver once all of the GPU drivers are up to date and the basic windows are set.

Another quick thing which you should definitely look to do if it's available on your system is to enable resizable bar support on your GPU. This can also be known as amd's. Sam. This could also be known as rebar resizable, bar This is slightly more of an advanced optimization that you'll need to look into for your specific PC and see if your GPU is available to use this setting.

G-sync / freesync

G-sync / freesync

This is also a great opportunity to see if you have g-sync, g-sync compatible, or freesync available on your system. Any and all of these technologies are absolutely phenomenal when it comes to AAA games, especially games where you're not going to be seeing incredibly high frames per second.

You want to find a fine balance that is smooth in your system and looks great for those reasons. If you do have g-sync compatible or freesync available, I would highly recommend it. It's recommended to see if you can enable that both on your monitor and on your PC. To check and see if any of these options are available, you'll first of all need to enable your variable refresh rate mode on your monitor.

This can typically be accessed with the settings button on the back of your monitor. Inside of here, you'll want to look through most of the main modes until you find something titled g-sync, g-sync compatible, and freesync, or any modes which are marked as variable refresh rate. On my monitor, it's marked as AMD Freesync Premium Pro.

Even though I have an Nvidia GPU on this PC, I'll need to enable this option. Once enabled, I can then go inside of my NVidia control panel, head over to setup g-sync on the left-hand side, and enable this on my PC alternatively. For those of you on a Radeon GPU, head over to your control panel, head over to the global graphics settings, and inside of here, make sure that AMD Freesync has been enabled.

In-game settings (best settings guide)

In-game settings (best settings guide)

With all of that set up and out of the way, we're now ready to boot into the game to go through all of our settings.

Head over to Steam, or your preferred method of playing, and hit play. Inside of the main launcher that opens up, we can navigate over to settings. The only thing I'd recommend doing is setting your full-screen mode to exclusive. Full screen Alternatively, if this does cause issues, go with full screen but exclusive.

Full screen should allow it to have the most priority on your PC when open. Never get down to vsync. If you are planning on using g-sync, freesync, or capping your game at 260 fps or at your monitor's refresh rate, you can enable vsync. I'm not using g-sync or freesync, so I'm going to be going with v-sync off as I want to prioritize low latency.

Spider-Man - boost fps spider man

Make sure that your monitor's refresh rate is set as high as possible. We can then go ahead and select OK. You can download and utilize this utility yourself if you wish to do so. As you can see, for me, we're in a live instance of the game, so I can get a general idea of what my FPS is at. My fps is already pretty good because I've already optimized it for this system.

What we're going to go ahead and do is press escape and navigate down to settings. Now, regardless of whether you're setting this up for a high-end system, a low-end system, old or new, we're going to be going through all of these settings and my recommendations. Depending on your PC, make sure that your display resolution for the monitor on which you're playing has been set to the native resolution for the best visual quality possible, regardless of how good or bad your PC is.

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