Spider-Man - 5 Must See Suit Mods In Marvel's Pc Classic Symbiote, Amazing #15, And More

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Today we are taking a look at five of the best and most amazing suit mods for Marvel's Spider-Man remastered on PC. These have not previously been in any of my other mod articles. All right, cool. Let's go ahead and get into it. These five suits are awesome. Let's do it cool. I thought it would be fun to do a little five-pack of mods here instead of doing them one by one.

You know, those articles are a little bit boring, so here are five awesome suits. Let's start with the first one. The secret war suit has been turned white and red instead of black and blue. There is also a variant of this suit that turns it black and red, but we already have a lot of black suits in this article, so I thought the white variant would be fun to take a look at here.

I think it looks really clean. And I think that this is one that I'm going to have some fun playing with again. There is a variant for this, and before I forget, the way you get these is through Nexus mods. But yes, this suit looks pretty darn good. There are a lot of darker suits in the game, so it's awesome to see a white one get a little bit of love here.

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So this has been the secret war white suit. Let's move on to the one that probably everybody came to the article for. Let's go ahead and just check it out. If you go down here, the future foundation suit stinks, but it has been turned to look very similar to what the symbiote costume looks like from the animated series.

This is exactly what I remember Spider-Man looking like when he gets the symbiote suit in the animated series, and geez does this look good. If you download this and you get a little bit of a bug where the original colorway is slipping in, just lower your texture. It's just a bug in the mod right now, and that's something that you have to do in order to make it run well and look good, but this is probably Going to be all's favorite it's not my favorite.

My favorite's still coming up. My favorite suit of the day is a really amazing one. No pun intended, but yes, symbiotic suits classic soup. Yeah, it has a blue heel to it, but honestly, the cartoon had a little bit of a hue to it. This one does look better in the evening, but there we go. Cool moving on Should I show you guys?

Spider-Man - classic symbiote

Yeah, let's just show you the best suit of the batch so far. Here we are amazed. Spider-Man 15 look how sick this looks. This looks perfect. Yes, the original logo of the spider is still there, but in motion, you really can't tell. Even during combat, Spider-Man's moving around so much that you can just have a ball with this.

This is my favorite of the batch. It's not my favorite suit out of all the mods I've done yet because the rainy dark suit probably still has that, but to me this is great. I remember seeing the end of No Way Home in a suit that was similar to this but with a much lighter version of blue. That was great, and now we're getting representation for Amazing Spider-Man 15 in this suit.

It's iconic we've all seen at least the cover of the comic, and to me, this is just hands down the best one in this batch. It's a nice batch of five. I gotta be honest, these are some really good suits, but let's move on. All right, cool. The next one is Spider-Armor Mach 3 going all black. very sick with stealth mode enabled.

Spider-Man - classic symbiote spider man

This looks amazing. Let's see it in action here. The red Honestly, it made the character look too much like Red Hood. We all know that suit looked almost identical to Red Hood's, but this just makes it so militant; put this suit on, put the suit over armor on because he's going to war of some kind.

This one just looks badass, like you can't even deny that the gunmetal black, the red being gone. I can see how this one might be some of y'all's favorites too, because I gotta be honest, it looks pretty good, especially in the daytime. We happen to be in a darker situation here, so why not? Why not make it daytime?

All right, we're going to make it daytime just to get a better look at all of these costumes. It turned dusk on me. Real quick, man, look at this. Yeah, this looked way better in the day, at least to me. This one the 12 year old me would have loved, loved so much. Look at this iron spider, black and gold.

Spider-Man - free roam

Ladies and gentlemen, look at this. I wasn't joking when I said that these are all awesome costumes. These suits are fantastic, phenomenal, and they replace suits that I really didn't use because I thought there were cooler ones, and now this becomes one of the cooler suits to use in the game. The contrast between the black and the gold looks amazing.

It's kind of comically accurate. The person that made the mod went off of the comic book and said that this was as close as they could get it to comic accuracy and now we get that in the game and that's always a good thing. It gets us close to the comic and allows us to relive some of the memories that you may or may not have had if you've read a bunch of them and you've always wanted to play a game as a super comic-accurate version.

Boom now we have it. The black and gold look great. Okay, switching back to the amazing Spider-Man 15. You can see that it's blue there and not black. The modding articles for Amazing Spider-Man have been fantastic for me. We're almost at 4,000 subs again. Please subscribe if you have not already subscribed.

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I enjoy making them quite a bit, messing around with the game, getting cool new suits and things like that. I think maybe the next article I do will be the Black Cat suit. I know people have really been wanting to play as Black Cat for a while. There were some mods that were kind of broken that weren't working very well.

I'll happily do that for you guys, and with that said, I'm going to go ahead and get out of here. You guys have been fantastic. Thanks for swinging by the article, ha pun. I'll catch you guys on the next one. Goodbye.

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