Sea of Thieves - Understanding Captaincy

Main menu

Main menu

We're going to go ahead and navigate to our ships. When you decide to click play, you'll be greeted by two different menus here. With these two different menus, you'll have your standard galleon, you'll have your brigantine, you'll have your sloop, and then you have my ships. Now it says you can purchase ships to own and sail as a captain for perks and rewards.

Now, obviously, that's how we're going to go. We're going to click this, and obviously I already have a couple of boats already purchased, as you can see here, but let's go ahead and purchase a ship for ourselves. So I already have two boats and legendary status, which I'll explain a little bit later, but essentially what you're going to be looking at is three different price points for three different boats.

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For a sloop you're going to have to pay a one-time fee of 250 000, for a brigantine you're going to have to pay a one-time fee of 375, and then for a gallon you'll have to pay a one-time fee of 500 000. Now let me go and repeat this: this is a one-time purchase. You will not be charged extra at any point.

No, this is a one-time purchase. That is it. So we're not going to purchase another boat just yet, as I already have a couple of boats that we can go look at. But essentially, this is how it works. Once you purchase your boat and you name it, you'll be greeted by this, and from here you kind of just proceed on to the next steps.

So for me personally, we're going to load into our sloop called the roaming ronin. If you watch my streams, this is typically what I'm using. But let's go ahead and go. Let's actually set sail. You do have the ability to rename it and restore it if it's damaged from previous sessions. Again, that's your thing.

You can do it, but it's cheaper if you actually do it in this main menu versus in-game in gaming. It charges you about two to three times more, so kind of keep that in mind. If you're looking to save a little coin, definitely do it on the main menu, but let's go ahead and set sail on the roaming ronin and we'll kind of discuss and kind of showcase some other features.

All right, so when you're finally in the game, you're greeted by the standard outpost spawn, then you go over here, and you're greeted by your boat, or in our case, the roaming ronin. Alright, so you're probably wondering now what I just dropped this gold on. What exactly did I just pay for? Did I purchase something?

You know, did I get a new feature at Order of Souls? Did I forget a new outfit? So let's go ahead and head on over to the ship right now. You're probably thinking, "Well, can I buy supplies over here?" Well, you can still buy your standard supplies from any merchant vendor that you would like to, but if you come over here to the shipwright, the shipwright will be the most important NPC that you will have to deal with as a captain.

Explaining the shipwright overhaul/perks

Explaining the shipwright overhaul/perks

Let's go ahead and visit the supplies in the captain's voyage shop. So what this essentially does is allow you to purchase supplies for your voyage. You could buy like 20 or 30 planks, about 30 cannonballs, and 10 of each throwable. There were four pineapples and a mixed number of foods, and then 12 meat provisions.

If you like to fish, you can buy yourself some bait now. This is awesome. I've always wanted to have gold dumps. I felt, honestly, this is great because I do like to do some pve, but this allows me to kind of straight out of the gate have some decent food, if you know if i need to really get into a fight right away, if I need to defend myself.

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I will have some pineapples and some good throwables to kind of compete against a rivaling boat. Well, now one of the biggest things for those who do not like to do world events, if you're more of a voyage person yourself, you're probably thinking, what are all these different things here? Now tell me that is not freaking cool and it just allows you to be efficient.

One of the worst things about trying to do voyage stacking is having to literally go by. You know, you have to use three. Let's go back to buying one, then buying another one, all the way to four, like you have to constantly go by. It's really just a staggering process of trying to stack voyages.

Well now, with this update, you can stack voyages. It's freaking cool and, honestly, probably one of the best things, especially if you like to do veils. If you're still trying to get your ancient sword or if you just want to level up Athena, you can buy veils in bulk. I kind of wish they had this when I was doing my grind personally, but this is one of the coolest features that they've added so far, and I can't wait to do a couple of voyage stacks again because I haven't done voyages in quite a while, but with them allowing us to buy them in bulk like this, it makes it so much easier.

Sea of Thieves - captaincy

So now we're going to go ahead and check out the stock. Now we're going to go and look at ship decorations, which is going to be kind of like the, the. The real cosmetics of the interior essentially, now on a sloop, we don't have the options like a galleon does, whereas the galleon has, you know, the captain's chair, the captain's chandelier, and the curtains that go with it.

Unfortunately, the sloop does not have that many options where we only have the captain's table drapes on a bed and a rug. Those four are all we get, while galleons do get a bonus of the extra three. Now these are all obtained by getting certain levels in different companies, which again is very boat specific.

You know, eventually I do want to get all like the Ghost Captain stuff and you know, stuff like that, but it will take some time. You can also purchase trinkets as well. Now these are going to be the little trinkets that you can put all over your boat. They'll give your boat some character. They'll give it a little bit of depth.

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And you're probably thinking, "How do I get these as well?" Well, these are all based off of milestones that are obtained within the game from just playing or just doing certain things, for example. I got Admiral Marooned here, which is by reaching class 10 in the islands of visit. This is simply visiting different islands in the game.

I just recently hit level 20 in this era by visiting a few eras. By hitting this milestone, which allows me to buy, instead of just having a basic wood-looking version, we have a version with iron around it, which is kind of cool. But again, this is all really up to you if you want to invest in them.

Some people want to, some people don't. I personally am going to invest in them because I have quite a bit of gold and it'd be cool to eventually unlock all of these at some point in a couple years, but some of these milestones are definitely going to take a little bit of time. But again, these are milestones.

In this video, we'll be explaining how Captaincy works in Sea of Thieves, how to navigate the menus, and what exactly you get with your boat purchase.
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