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This method is so easy it is almost an AFK method. Once you are finished, you'll be able to change your ship's banner to the legendary feared as well as the nameplate, the flags, and more. To get started, you'll run over here and pick tall tale number five, "Lords of the Sea." It's okay if you aren't very good at combat because this is a tall tale, so the combat is going to be very easy, and since it takes place on the edge of the map, you won't have to worry about Grievers.

Once the NPCs are done talking, a large Davy Jones Cloud will appear. Just follow that cloud to your destination. Once the map starts shaking, you can go ahead and slow your speed down quite a bit. You will need to eliminate one or two waves of ghost ships, but because this is a tall tale, it will be very easy.

For the first couple of waves, you'll want to stay on the outside of the ships so either you or Jack can shoot them. Jack has perfect accuracy, but he is a little slow. It doesn't matter who sinks the ghost ships because it will count as both pirate and ship milestones either way. However, if you are shooting, you'll rack up your milestones quicker because you'll get one milestone for every 75 shots fired, and the goal is to get to 50 milestones.

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Once you eliminate a few ghost ships, they will disappear for a few seconds, and the next phase will begin. This is the phase where we'll be farming. I like to find a spot to park the boat next to some storage crates, but if there aren't any near you, you can just race around and wait for some to come to you.

The point is to stay close enough that you can get a lot of shots off at the ghost ships, but you don't want to be so close that Jack starts shooting the mermaid statues. As long as you are not shooting the mermaid statues, the game will keep spawning ghost ships and it will never stop. So once this starts and you find a good distance, you'll just want to turn the wheel a bit so your ship is spinning in circles.

This will reduce the amount of damage you take, even though you won't be taking much damage anyway. From here, you can fish, cook, sit, sleep, or earn milestones in any fashion. As long as you're repairing the damage, Jack will continue soothing ghost ships and racking up your milestones. If you want to speed it up, you can go ahead and get storage crates and fire the cannons for extra milestones.

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