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Welcome back to another article. So guys, today we are checking out a new game that was released two days ago on the 11th of August, Rumble Verse. It's a free-to-play game. Fortnite. Pubg, or Warzone. Right now the game is in pre-season, so that means that the first season hasn't started yet. It also means that there is no battle pass right now, but that's also something that will come soon.

The game right now is fully available. You can download it for free, and then you can just play it. I have to say, though, that there are some issues with the matchmaking. Sometimes it takes five minutes to find a game, so I really hope they fix this before the launch of the first season. The menu is pretty similar.

I would say, to many other games, so you have solo, you have duos, and then you also have a game mode called "playground," where you can just test out kind of the game mechanics and stuff like that. You have challenges that you can do, basically to level up. Like I said, you also have a battle pass that says "arriving after launch." The launch has already passed, but I think they mean arriving when the first season starts.

Rumbleverse - beginner tips

You have a locker room where you can adjust your character. Now this is purely cosmetical, so it has no effect at all on your gameplay, so it's again very recognizable, and just like with many other battle royales, you can unlock new clothing and stuff like that from the battle pass, or you can also buy it from the shop with real money basically.

Now for this battle royale, you're not dropping out of a plane or a bus. You're basically launched by a cannon into a city, and then there you have to drop. One thing that is noticeable, though, is that the circle is immediately there when you start, so it's not the entire city that you will be playing in.

It's always a different part of the city, so you always start with a preset circle. After that, after one minute, the circle will shrink, but I think that's also very similar to other games. When you drop, you will notice that you have crates everywhere. In these crates you have items that can help you, items that can make you stronger, and depending on the color of the crate, the items inside will be better than the things that you can get.

Rumbleverse - beginners guide

First of all, you have a boost that you can get. A green boost will give you 10 plus health, a yellow one will give you plus 10 percent for your stamina, and then there is also a red one that will give you plus 10 for your damage. In total, you can only use 10 of these boosts per game, so for example, you can boost your damage four times, your health four times, and then also your stamina two times.

This is kind of to limit the damage that people can deal, because if you have someone that has 20 boosts of damage, then obviously it won't be fair. On the bottom right, you can, by the way, see how much of each boost you have already used. Another item that you can find in these crates is chicken, so either normal chicken or big chicken, and these chickens, you can eat them to restore your health, so that's kind of logical.

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Another item that you can find in these crates are books. You can use these books. You can use them to learn a special ability. At the same time, you can learn two special abilities on PS3. You can use them with l1 and then also r1. You can also change them in-game, but there is a max of two special abilities that you can basically learn or know at the same time.

Now, these special abilities, I do recommend that you use them as much as possible because they're very good. Then there are also different levels of these abilities. The lowest level is the green books; then it's the blue ones; and then it's the purple ones. The same ability can be found, for example, in all three colors, and then you can, of course, upgrade when you're in the game.

Another thing that you can find in crates, and you can also find them anywhere else, by the way, are weapons. They're not real weapons; they're more like a plastic bat that you can use twice, or, for example, a wooden plank or a chair, or even you can pick up a street sign. Stuff like this is not used unlimited though.

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After you hit someone twice with it, they will basically break. And then the last thing that you can find is a stamina drink, either a small one or a large one, and when you drink it you will regenerate your stamina faster for either the next 30 seconds for a small one or the next 60 seconds for a large one.

Then another thing that you will also notice on the map is that you have stars. You can use them to boost your superstar ability. So on the bottom, in the middle, you can see that there is kind of a blue star and a bar next to it if this is full. If you collect enough stars, there are two ways that you can use this super mode or this superstar ability.

The first one is that when you get knocked down and you have the super mode ability, you can use it to heal yourself. The other one is that when you're alive, you use it, and then you become very powerful, so your hits become much harder and the damage that you deal a lot more. You also have a super attack, which is kind of hard to hit, but if you do manage to hit it, it will deal a lot of damage.

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Over here you guys can see it. A guy used it on me because I can't really hit it that well yet, but basically you will throw someone in the air and then smash them into the ground, and that is, of course, very good. One thing that's also different about this game is that when you go outside of the circle, instead of losing health, you will have a countdown of 10 seconds to get back in.

If you don't manage to get back in, it's over for you and you will be disqualified. The counter doesn't reset, so the first time that you exit and you come back, if it's at six seconds, the second time that you go out, it will also count down from six seconds again. The last thing that I want to look at today is the different types of attacks that you have in this game.

The first one is the regular attack. It's square on PlayStation. You just hit your enemy, and most of the time, you will use this in a combo where you just press it three times after each other, and then after the third time, the enemy will go down on the floor. They won't be scared, but they will just go down on the floor.

Rumbleverse - for beginners

The next type of attack is the vicious attack triangle on PlayStation. The reason for that is that when you try to do it and someone hits you with a regular attack, it's basically cancelled. So that's the difficulty of this. The good thing about the vicious attack, though, is that it can't be blocked.

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