Rocket League - Titanium White Reaper No Wayyyy" Opening 50 Extinct Haunted Hallows Crates

Rocket League - black market crate

We are back for another episode of the crate opening series. Today it is time for 50 haunted hallow crates. The reason I do that pose is because I remember my first haunted house and its great opening. I was doing that pose in the thumbnail and that was many, many moons ago. The reason this one is so exciting is because not only do we have the goated black markets of dissolver, fire god mainframe, and solar flare, we also have the fidget spinner wheels that I'm playing.

I have the vampire bat import gold explosion, and the dabbing reaper gold explosion. It's free. It takes two seconds. So yes, here we go. We have the mantis widow web, or widow's web. We have breakout stitches, which means you ought to get started cutting some slack. This crate is very old. We have the dominus afterlife.

I actually think this is an awesome decal. It's just a shame I don't use the Domino software. It absolutely slaps me. I will say that Octane Thanatos is that one. Back in the day. I think just being an octane decal definitely helped the zombie banner, revenant wheels, scary pumpkin, and then, of course, one of my favorites.

I think one of the most underrated wheels back in the day, the Grimalcon wheels. You might think, what the heck, that just looks unnerving, but seeing them in paint Whatever color it is, you know, cobalt, Of course, black looks unreal. Of course, titanium white, crimson, they all look great. Vampire bats import gold explosions in paint.

Rocket League - black market drop

We have the reapers, we have the cauldron wheels coming up, as well as the fidget spinners. That was a little bit of a meme. They were the only exotics in this crate and then went to the black market. So with that being said, let's see what we get for this first one. I'm going to go for an import.

Right off the bat, playmaker dissolver, it looks so good, and yes, of course, this is the road to ground car, and what's crazy is in my road to grandpa account. I have more and better painted octanes no way. Back to back, it's been a while since I can say that I've got more painted octanes than I do on any of my main accounts.

We got the croctane. Here we go. Yes, lime reaper. This is where the value is. I think out of all the all the crates, the ones I'm looking forward to the most are the haunted hallows, of course, and secret santa as well. I think secret Santa is very exciting. You got the wonderment wheels in it.

Rocket League - black market drop opening

They were just absolute garbage back in the day, but the one thing I do love about these crates is that they've just chucked the best black markets in there. There's no torahs, no intrudiums, no biomass, and, ah, tell you what, the revenant wheels in paint do look quite sick, so there's a lot of cool stuff to be had today.

Speaking of which, it's a regular solar flare. Okay, let's do a nose cup nose crate now, just because it's a nice throwback, isn't it? Here we go. With the crimson solar flare, we've had more black markets than anything else in this opening. My luck is on roids right now. Here we go. There's a rare what's it going to be?

It's the Dominus afterlife, and, as I said, look at that design. That looks so cool. It fits the Dominus really well, if that makes sense. I know that's obviously going to happen when it was made specifically for the dominance, but I just think it looks really good, and whenever I do the Haunted Hallows openings, it does take me back to that time.

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I think it was 2017. I think it might have been a haunted hallows opening or a regular reaper. That was the last article I did in a year of daily uploads. Before that, my PC broke the PC that I currently have, weirdly in its first year of operation. Yes yes, we've done it. The goateed goal explosion: titanium white reaper That is the one.

Weirdly, my PC just broke and I still have the same one. We're still kicking and still going strong, but yeah, that was a weird day i had to i had to forgo some uploads and i missed it i missed it so much. I think, if there's ever a time fire god, I want to be a striker fire god. I want to get a painted mainframe, and that's pretty much it.

A painted vampire bat and a painted grimacing. That's what we're going for. That's the bucket list, the best items. I don't know if I'll have to miss an upload when it comes to going away to Tenerife for two weeks because I am at the end of August into the start of September. I'll be away, grim grim.

Rocket League - black market opening

So I don't know if I'll have to miss daily uploads then, but we've been yes. It's a cobalt Victor mainframe, one of the more valuable ones. I have to say, it's looking good so far. I don't believe I've missed an upload since March, and that was when I went to Los Angeles and I couldn't quite prepare the articles because it was all going down, but I think in terms of Rocket League Worlds in Dallas, that's how it is.

I will hopefully have enough articles made when this article goes up. This article that is going up is this. I think this article is going up on championship Sunday. So, this article goes up at 6 pm UK time, so probably in a few hours, the final of Rocket League Worlds is going to be played. That's actually crazy.

I'm recording this on the 3rd of August, all right, and you're watching this on the 14th. That's how much we've had to go ahead and that's why this great opening series has been really helpful for me because it's content that I can like. I like that a lot. It's at the point where I have to get up.

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It's going to say "painted mainframes." I have to get something painted really for it to look super-super-cool. What do we have here? I was going to guess that it was a boost, but I couldn't remember which one was in there, so it's scary pumpkin. I could just hear it in my ear a little bit, but what do we have here?

It's a black market, it's a dissolver, it's a shame. To be fair, I say it's a shame that dissolvers don't come painted. I wouldn't know what they would change other than just the accent color, which you can change in the garage anyway, so I suppose it makes sense that the discolor is not painted unless Well, yeah.

I don't know because it's like a two-color thing, so is that looked white to me, or at least gray. It looked brighter. It looked more like it looked brighter than normal. Come on, take two. Fire God Again. It's the same with the fire gods. You can't really paint a fire god because what exactly would change?

Rocket League - grey mainframe

You know what I mean? But here we go, another attempt that is over. We've got the red, the main color, and then the white, which could be my accent color. What do you change if you paint it other than the accent, which could be I don't know. I don't know if you think we'll see. I say, have we got gold-painted black markets yet in the game?

Today we are throwing it all the way back to 2017 with a HAUNTED HALLOWS crate opening.
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