Rocket League - The Rise And Fall Of The Best Player In The World



It was up to the players themselves to completely define from scratch how this game is supposed to be played, rather than in other games where it's in the hands of the developers who strategically add and tweak certain items and abilities to keep the game balanced. even to this day. I don't think Rocket League has a stable meta.

And that's also the big reason why it's so hard to crown one single best rocket league player of all time. As time has gone on, it's been harder and harder to decide which player really is the best in the world at the current moment right now. Some people might argue that it's justin from NRG. At some point before then, it was probably squishy, but when Rocket League was first released, there was instantly one single player that everyone widely agreed was the best rocket league player in the world, miles above everyone else, and since then, no one has even come close to holding such a title, not even Turbo Pulsa, not kdop, not Justin, no one.

This truly was the first greatest player, and this is the rise and fall of the best rocket league player in the world. On May 24th 2010, a user by the name of krenovi uploaded his first youtube article, sartbc double touch aerial. In case you haven't figured it out, that's exactly who this story is about.

Some of the newer players might not even know who this is, but you know exactly where this is going at the time. No one saw this article. This was more than five years before Rocket League would ever be released. It was a weird sort of cool moment from a game called supersonic, acrobatic rocket-powered battle cars, or sartbc.

In short, this game was also made by Psionics, which is what Rocket League is a direct sequel to. It had the same concept but way worse mechanical movement in physics and a horrible user experience. Because of this, the game never gained too much traction. Those that did play it really had to love the concept because, clearly, the game itself was scuffed, to say the least .

The community

The community

The result of starting BC was a small community of players, some of whose names you might recognize, including, of course, Granovi, Jaser Fireburner, Gibbs Linkaroo, and many others.

Early success

When Rocket League was released in July of 2015, Kranovi began streaming on Twitch regularly, and his success was near instantaneous, and for good reason too. Just a few days after its release, he was already known by many to be the best rocket league player in the world. He even uploaded a article of him winning a 2v1 against two of the best players in the world.

That's how far he was above everyone else. On the same day he uploaded that article, he also streamed to more than 4, 000 people from his PlayStation. And because of Rocket League's massive success immediately on release, he got the opportunity to make connections with top streamers such as summit1g, lyric, and many others.

Rocket League - best player

Within just a month, Krinovy went from just a guy playing this game on his PlayStation to the face of Rocket League streaming to over 4 000 people. And it didn't even stop there, through august and september his success only snowballed. He continued to average thousands of viewers on Twitch and pull in hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

If you played rocket league at this point, you knew who Krenovi was. It was straight up unfair to have Kenobi on any team. Throughout his first eight weekly tournaments, his team swept 71. Of the series they played, they didn't win 71. They swept 71, their win rate was 96, because they literally only lost one series, which was a best of three anyway that could have gone either way, and you might be thinking this gameplay we're seeing is trash, how could this possibly be the best team in the world, which is totally a valid thought until you take into account that the game had been out for only two months at this point and there were no tutorials or correct ways of rotating, shooting, or even practicing mechanics.

These players were the true pioneers that led to how we play Rocket League today within just a month of its release. Kernoby already learned how to fast ariel not because he saw a tutorial on youtube but because he did the experimenting for himself and learned that's how you're supposed to do it. Although he wasn't making any tutorials yet, his twitch channel was the go-to place for anyone that wanted to learn from the best of the best.

First season

First season

Just a year after Rocket League's release, we saw the start of the very first season of the RLCS, and of course. Kenobi's team, bye-bye Power Cosmic, was extremely dominant since we're only two games into this, and goodness kenobi with another one.

They're looking for that mythic Brazil. It looks like they don't want that ball to drop in front of the net, and that's one thing they're doing very well on the redirect. Granovi, on the far side, gets the ball in the onslaught, but Granovi takes possession. That's the IBP we've come to know and expect.

Still scoreless the ball has spent a good 10 seconds in the eye of the power box and it doesn't matter. Everybody put it in. This is why they are considered the best team in America. That's the thing right after all the online events of the rlcs to decide who would go to the world championship in person.

Surprisingly, their spot solidified as well. For only the third seed from North America, for the format of this first season, there were two qualifiers where you would rack up points for placing better in them. There was actually a four-way tie between third and sixth place that they were a part of, but due to the tiebreaker that was already set in place, they were put down at fifth place, which had their point total add up to being the third seed despite such a dominant first qualifier, but regardless, it was enough to send them to the very first world championship in Los Angeles. California.

First rocks land

First rocks land

The first Rock Land event began with quite a surprise as the bottom seed from Europe pretty dominantly beat the top seed from North America. In round one, suddenly people were questioning the true skill of the region as a whole, but immediately after I bought power, they took down the second seed from Europe to cancel out some people's suspicions.

What's even more crazy is that by the end of round two, all remaining North American teams were eliminated from the tournament except for Kenobi's team, leaving I bought power as the last one standing, but not only were they just standing, they were, honestly, dominating. We've got a batmobile on both sides of this game.

Kenobi sends that one towards the net. Marky and Marky can't get their first point on the board for eye power. He transitions it back and forth. It's the touch of legend. It goes wide. He follows up, and he puts it in at 204 by power. Defense is denied by power. Nothing that he's usually talking about at the same time he's carrying it.

This is the story of Kronovi's rise and fall as the best Rocket League player in the world. At one point, Kronovi was the most dominant Rocket League player in the world. Obviously he isn't anymore. Today we cover his story of how he rose to the top and consequently fell back down.
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