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The ROCS world championship wild card ended last Sunday, and since gaming gladiators couldn't have their starter absent due to visa issues, they had to sub in a commutator. My guy hasn't even qualified for the SSL season rewards, but he's qualified for the Rocket League World Championship. This is, of course, the series where we take a look at all the crazy and stupid things that this game has had to offer during the past 7 days, and believe me, this game never fails to deliver.

He was so intimidating, they were too scared to even shoot at the net.


So let's check out what's been happening this week. Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you probably know that the world championships have begun in Dallas, and with the main events starting this week as well, psyonix have launched their rlcs fan clash event in rocket league.

You can sign up and choose one of the 8 auto-qualified teams to support during the event. By playing Rocket League games, you can earn points for your team, which will then place them on the leaderboard. I mean, that's awesome. Even NRG has a chance now to actually win something. You can, of course, get rewards by participating in the event, like player banners and titles, and, of course, a bunch of car cosmetics as well.

Depending on your team's placement, you can also earn extra rewards. You can also earn extra rewards. You can also earn extra. I can't say that word "extra." At the end of the event, points are weighted based on the total participants, so it doesn't matter how many fans a team has. I mean, otherwise, the endpoint would have about five points.

What are you going to represent?



Let's see what the first week of the tournament has looked like. An inspirational story, Rocket League by Storm, from the start of this season, and now we once again get to hear from victorious, moist boards on stage. The tournament started off with the wild card last week and finished on Sunday.

It was played in a Swiss format, just like the events during the fall split. Round one had matchups that had been decided with a draft the previous week, and all the teams that were drafted got absolutely destroyed by the higher ranked teams except for Optic, which is direct zenbae strikers, and Zemper, who, with Harry Maguire's sublime leadership, finally remembered how to play the game again.

Rocket League - professional

The European teams were then on a roll in the second round as semper and Carmine Corp both swept their opponents. Dignitas then continued the trend by getting swept themselves. I mean, I guess they just gave up after the save by missing in game two. In the low matches, all the American and South American teams got smacked by the Samoan and Mina teams, and still somehow, Detonator was the only Asian team to win a land game.

They beat Version 1 very convincingly, in six games, to take a two-nothing record in the table, after which Arsenal, unfortunately, got very sick, and since they didn't have their sub at the venue, he had to play the next game if they didn't want to forfeit the match, and they still took semper to game seven.

I mean, I can barely play the game when I'm a little hungry. The arsenal didn't then get much better, and in the next round he had to face Dignitas, who swept them. The space station then had to play for their tournament lives as they faced the pioneers in the last round, and against all odds, the space station got the dub after Arsenal scored this goal in game five over time.

Rocket League - rlcs

My guy scored the game-winning goal and rushed to throw up straight after. Of course, it's super unfair that this has happened due to no fault of their own and during the biggest tournament of their lives. Hopefully, he will get better soon. He had to go to the hospital, and this is what the x-ray looked like.

Another team, or more specifically, a player who had everyone's attention was Gaming Gladiators' Commutator, who subbed in for Abscracy as he couldn't attend to the visa issues. Now, teams have players subbing all the time, so there's nothing different about this case. Besides the fact that he's a GC1, just imagine all the rank x6 max players who grind the game 12 hours a day just to see some random GC1 play at the biggest rocket league tournament of all time, and that's not even the best part.

He was actually solid. He was his team's top scorer against zero, and he even won a game against pirates in the third round. Sure, he got 98 points, but how many arrows in world championship games have you won? I mean, this was probably the most wholesome thing I've ever seen in the RLCS. He was an instant fan favorite.

The crowd even began to chant his name after they lost to the pirates. I mean. I think we all know who the real MVP of the tournament is, but with that, the gaming gladiators were out of the tournament and the pirates managed to get SSA's first land win in the region's history. The Sinbad Strikers also managed to get APAC's first land win after beating Bravado in the other elimination matchup.

Dignitas had their revenge on 0-1 after getting eliminated by them in the gamers. A month back, Semper beat Space Station barely in 7 games, as mentioned before, and Carmine Corp took the number one seed after absolutely annihilating. In four games, after which, Nola said, "We know that you're playing fury, but just give me a couple of thoughts on them." We've beat them twice already.

We're going to be in their heads. They're going to remember the past two losses to us. Four right, four right. How did he know? The hardships then continued as Renegade surprised him and won three games in a row to take the series and were sent by strikers and pirates to celebrate. After winning their first land series, the celebrations ended when they got wrecked by zero one and the pioneers.

A lot was on the line for Na as the last round included two of the three and a team in the wild card. As mentioned before. SSG miraculously won their series against the pioneers despite Arsenal needing to throw up the whole time, and the optical team secret series was a battle of timeouts, as the timeout buff was clearly very real, and the next matchup was a battle of Sam and Mena, as these were both their last teams to not be eliminated.

In the wild card, the club in South America came out on top, as even a timeout couldn't save zero in esports, but that was the wild card. Every eu and n8 team made it through, with Renegades in the club taking the other two spots. Of course, the group stage has already started, but we will be covering that in the next article.

This Week on Rocket League is a fun but hopefully informative news show on all things Rocket League for the past week.
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