Rocket League - The Best Black Octane Car Designs History

Rocket League - all black car

So with the black painted octane currently in the item shop. With the black octane in the shop, we are going to be showcasing the best designs you can make with this car. I hope you're having a fantastic and safe day as always. So previously, when a black feather came to the shop, we made the best car design and you guys seemed to love it, so with the more popular item being the octane, we're going to be doing the same again.

I'd love to give a huge shout out to the fan favorite sponsor on our channel, ayoah. Com. So the very first car we're going to be showcasing is completely free to play now. Obviously, you're not going to be running any decals, it's going to have to be the stripes, and the same goes for the paint finishes.

You're going to have to run colossally because it's the only one that's free as of right now. I do believe we have got Cristiano. We've got absolutely amazing wheels that are free. We've got the standard purple. And then we've got a standard regular, obviously no extra on that, it just looks really clean, standard purple gold explosion, and also the standard orange, which are really clean, obviously match the car, and then a classic trailer is going to be the only free one, so, really basic design to start things off, but when you're literally spending nothing on it, you're spending these 700 credits on the oxygen.

Rocket League - black car bakkesmod

So yeah, not really too much you can do, so yeah, I definitely feel like it's decent. The next step up is going to be one thousand two thousand credits, but realistically, you could probably pay one thousand for this. First of all, black glow will be a really clean decal, and he's going to be the colors.

I have no idea why I didn't click on them. Apologies, but anodized it's got a hard carry. Then we have got the sky blue and freedom to match. We've also got the gold version of these wheels, really clean. Next up is going to be the regular sparkle booster match up nicely, then we've got the sky blue hex phase.

It's really clean, then you've got a calculated, goal-exposing you can get for free and also the sky blue. And we've also got the hello title, pretty sure that's what's cool, but yeah, that gold explosion is completely free to get if you play all the side swipe games and it's literally. I'm pretty sure this next one's around 5000 credits, but it may be a little bit off.

Rocket League - black octane

First of all, you gotta have the riser decal, which was free from I do believe it's a tawny reward. It looks so clean and obviously you can make it really dark as well. To match up, we've got a black OEM wheel. incredibly, incredibly clean one of the best ones, in my opinion, is going to be the black Cyrus boots.

They're really clean and completely dark as well. Then we've got the black sub-zero and also the black classic trail. You can actually get these from the Jason bundle, which is $110. So that's why the budget is actually really, really sick for this design if you've got all of the items. I wanted to go to around 50k with this design, but it didn't really work out to be honest with you, so first we've got a white instead, which you know always looks fantastic, and then we've got a titanium white mainframe as well as the dark color, so these are gonna be the colors on screen.

Rocket League - black octane black octane decal

I just really did a really goodjob. Obviously, if the black octane is looking extremely clean, then it's going to be the striker black grips. I have no idea what they're worth now, but we've also got a black standard score as well, a really clean boost obviously. And then we've got the Black Drilling Dragon, a beautiful, beautiful gold explosion, and we've got a black disco tech trail, so it was sort of like.

I don't know. I wanted to go really expensive but not make it too outrageous, and still. I think it looks quite expensive and looks quite clean. Yeah, I'm quite happy with it. So next up, I'm pretty sure we went with the most outrageous and most expensive design ever, so we've got a slurpee decal worth loads now.

I'm not exactly sure how much. and, of course, a strike. What do you think? These are the colors. If you do want to copy it, you know, for the slurpee, it's quite optional, but yeah, this one obviously, copy the main card set up, and then we've got the emerald pros, of course, and then we've got the rmh pros on the second team, then we've got the alpha boost, why not?

Rocket League - black octane designs

It looks really good, then we've got the alpha cap on top of that, and next up is going to be the beta nugget, so really unnecessary. Then we've got the yin yang tuning dragons, which look fantastic, to be honest with you, and then we've got pretty much the alpha trail, as I call it, and we've also got a titanium.

White Hot Rock, so, once again, really expensive, outrageous, probably not the best looking, to be fair, for a black octane, but still I thought it was quite funny. Then we have got the real deal at the end right here, obviously the black octane car that I'm going to be running, so first of all, you got to want a wwe.

Now I'm not sure if they're still in the shop and you want to run these colors. Obviously, it's going to be completely And you can make it look so sick, especially now with this oxy. My god, there's going to be a ton of people rocking this, but yeah, these are the little paint colors and paint finishes, and then you need these wheels, which are in the shop.

Rocket League - black octane glitch

If you go completely black, you obviously want to run out of boots. It just looks so clear of this car, then obviously the yin yang or the black drilling dragons and a black classic trail, so yeah, literally. I don't know how to describe it, but it's literally one of my favorite car steps I've made in this game.

It's just so clean, it literally looks like I've got mods on for free, and yeah, I'll definitely take it.

The Best Black Octane Car Designs in Rocket League History! Today we showcase the best black octane car designs you can make in Rocket League with any budget.
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