Rocket League - World Championship Group Stage Day 4 Highlights

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We've seen legends rise and fall, iconic moments are made and the world championship continues to deliver exactly that. We are here in the Dickies Arena; doors are open, people are rolling in, and it's time to go to work in the club that feels like a Cinderella story. These guys, I mean, a lot of people were not counting on them to be here.

They did not get past the walker , certainly wasting one of them. Kv-1, who will be featured later, is running some 1v1 all right now. His team are very much up against it. They're fighting hard in the midfield. There hasn't been a goal for a while, and they're looking for one right now. At this little level, when you get these demos of the strong looks of the skull killer, back on the halfway line, another demo who's gonna get their first dignitas to the club, that's the first real style of live here.

It's apparently Jack's not the best first touch. Will he pay for it? kv-1 to his teammate. If the scrub killer is off the backboard, nobody can challenge it. Jack could not finish. We were inches away from securing match point. Inches away from their dreams But dignitas. They have to do it in overtime now.

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This is the first overtime of the series. I think the fish wasn't watching it. Getting the goals for a good block kv-1 demo on one joryus. And apparently, Jack turns to Gerry, off the post. It is impossible. It is impossible right now. The law will put it on the net just for fun, and now the club wins this match.

The club stands up, the club moves on, dignitas is out, it needs to be the mvp. There comes a demo follow up from dries and then alu with the shot top cornering in here we go defense standing stall from off to gaming. Look at the places between each other, but now it's safe but rolls in anyway just because he's been very conservative with his booty demo throughout the wild card and Hitachi will dump this one in, lock them in into their own half, take all their boost and just bully them until they get things going.

Okay, we'll go in. Aloe sets it up and misses knocks it in to things right here. You can almost see a play developing there. What the hell, how about that effort for Malu too? With Astral chasing him all around the field, having to weave through the traffic level that they're at today, able to capitalize with four seconds left and k-corp go up.

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It's been Cacorp that has, I want to say, dominated this, but they've had the upper hand and it's Astral that gives them the advantage in game stick and now their season is on the clock. Optimus has to show up here, and if Tachy puts two up for Carmine Core, they may have a chance to be denied again.

They got a boost out of time and out of the world championship. Carmine Corp did it, and that goal will be theirs if they continue to move on, survive, and advance to a date with the falcons, That one ends up going to the 2-0 space station, and I love this push from Daniel. Not only does he get the boost from the big flick, but he is just there just in case of a miss touch, and relating wise, can't push that into the corner.

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Daniel is there for the punishment and still get to really feel comfortable in these land environments. Another huge PlayStation redirect: well, the big issue right now is that endpoints are just forced to go with panicked players. There's no control, no demo on the back line. How do you control it?

There's no getting another one here. That's a hat-trick. Not quite next to Norris's goal in front of him, he also has defenders. Can he get it? Endpoint gets a goal back for the second game in a row right now. This is dangerous for related waves. They bring them back within one, but the boost and the touch for rebels are absolutely huge.

They're spending endpoints back again. to win the game. It belongs to the space station. There's an artist good 50 there to keep it alive, and Messenger has got a piece of Daniel as well, so no follow-up for Arsenal, but he does push that downfield. is going to read that all day long. Are you not entertained by space station gaming?

The home fans are putting on the best show of their lives. Daniel to go wide related move to block, but who else? Again, not letting the Renegades generate any pressure and two touches for NRG led to another goal, and you can see how much more confident I think energy is here in game two versus game one.

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A six-to-one score line is looking good, and there's a man. Fever will punish again down the sideline, and run against one another constantly, looking good for NRG. Tommy will finish the job. The Renegades have been doing so well with that, but now they're going to have to defend it. There's a demo The shot rebound will finally go in for NRG.

Here comes Justin again, off the ceiling. CJ tries to make a difference, gets a dog, another talks squishy. Renegades can't break through the wall, and you feel like there might be a little rattle in the last two games when squishy tries to break through. They took it with two minutes and five seconds left for them to do it.

Just Justin Garrett : Squishy, moving on in the tournament, renegades going home, your defending world champions are still here and they're here to play. A fantastic ending performance here, four to two over the renegades.

Watch the Rocket League World Championship Group Stage Day 4 Highlights now! Four more teams secured their lives in the competition as Day 4 of our Rocket League World Championship kicked off and wrapped up with a bang. We also said farewell to storied pro CJCJ as he retires from professional Rocket League.
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