Rocket League - I Hired Rank Boosters But Then Lost Every Single Game To Make Them Rage



Well, this guy would me I never miss the most annoying rocket league players on the planet. I created this character for one purpose and one purpose only: to piss off Rocket League boosters. I never missed a hard-stick champ three. Despite his name, he definitely misses. He has the worst rotations ever.

He thinks he's a freestyler. He's terrible at defense and, my god, is he annoying. Will this fix the boosting problem? No will this rid the player base of smurfs, no will this help your ranked games, no not really will this make boosters reconsider their entire rocket league career for your entertainment.

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Booster 1

Booster 1

Here's my first booster. So let's see if we can turn that smile upside down, so I immediately saw that this guy is pretty good here. He is flip resetting, which is really impressive except it's against people like 600 mmr lower than his actual rank, so I realized my biggest problem is that this is actually going to be really difficult to not get boosted.

I can't play Yeah, it's the lag, it's definitely the lag, so now we're on EU servers and Smiley Face is doing much better, but of course I'm complaining that I'm lagging, because it definitely matters that I'm lagging. I just want him to know. He calls the kick off, but obviously I go for it anyway, and I complain that he should do left go.

Rocket League - best

He said we could do it and I told him it's the best and he was scoring a lot. It was three to nothing, and he got pretty confident. He said we're going to GC one and we're going to go. Let's see if we can make him reconsider. I told him I'm a pretty good freestyler, and he said stop typing midgame, and I said okay, I won't, and then I decided to type midgame, and I asked him if he could flip reset.

Then he got demoed and we got scored on. Of course I can, he replied. I'm literally in the top 100. So this is a top 100 player playing in a top two trying to boost the worst rocket league player in the world for money and failing. That's where I decided to pull out my kickoff of death. The kickoff of death is pretty much an automatic goal for the other team, and it's now four to four, so this guy's got to be pissed off by now, and if he's not.

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I call for it even though I said I wanted to leave earlier. We have a chance on offense, and, of course, I want to get involved here. He gets doubled again. But he scored again. His rage is being channeled into skill. Even though it's like from midfield, then I do the kickoff of death again, give possession to the other team and it's a one-on-one, then the top 100 booster gets scored on by a champ too, and I said that guy is pretty good as if to warn him, and I do the kickoff of death again.

I get bumped back into a defensive position, which is not good for smiley face. When I'm in a defensive position, that has got to be rage inducing. Now the other team has the lead and I go for the kickoff again. It goes straight back. He said, "Left goes" and I said, "Sometimes yes." Now it's overtime.

I followed it way too closely. Now I'm behind in the play. There's simply no way that i never miss is gonna save that we have lost yet again, he asked me how old i am, We're getting what has saved us. This is officially the worst boosting session this guy has ever had. He thinks there's no way it could possibly get worse, and then it gets worse.

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I complain about the leg because we're on EU servers and he says nothing. I got in the way again. He says, "I don't know what he's complaining about." I asked him if he could flip reset. I think he's getting annoyed because I missed an easy shot. I have to play defense again. You know how that goes.

I asked him if he could make it. He scores a basic goal and I am not impressed. He says yes he can, and I went to the boosting website and asked for another booster, saying that this guy can't even musty. Then I told him he was the best booster, and I didn't want anyone else. Then, on the boosting website.

I said, Please. I want someone else to read all of this. Then, back in the game. I took the mid boost and then saw that he was going for the back boost, so I raced him and took the back brace as well. Then I said, "Need a boost." I took that same back boost again and saw that he was going for mid boost.

It took that boost, and then, apparently, that was the last straw, and I said, "No, you're the best booster here." The other ones won't be top 100. The other ones won't be able to musty, and then that quieted him down for a little bit, and then I got demoed and we got scored on, and somehow it got even worse.

Hello, this is Lucas from Support. Do you want to convert the order to Soloqueue? Correct is where he goes on my account and wins games for someone else, thus running the ranking system even more. Yeah, let's do that. Then I asked why my booster didn't want to do O.Q. He said he felt he wasn't performing at the level you wanted him to, and I said yeah, he wasn't very good.

Then the booster came on and said have a good night, hope another booster satisfies you, and I said I'm sure he will.

Booster 2

Booster 2

Winky Face In the meantime, I was telling my second booster about my dreams of becoming GC for the first time. He asked me if I was ready. I said no, but what's our strategy? I said, "Okay, what is your real rank?" So I said, "What do you mean?" He said, "So already our chemistry was really clicking." I may have had some help, but it is my real rank.

I am good. Do you see my name? I never miss that there are people who request duo q in GC to be diamond. It was time to introduce my second booster to the kickoff of death. That is just brutal, a booster's worst nightmare, the kickoff of death, and then I implied it's his fault by saying no problem.

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