Rocket League - I Asked Every Rank To Invent A New Mechanic. This Is What Happened

New rl mechanics?

New rl mechanics?

We've all seen the post on reddit from some Rocket League player claiming to have found a new mechanic that they, unsurprisingly, also named after themselves. While this can be a little cringy and often results in a very swift and negative response from the community. I also think it highlights the beauty of this amazing game and the thrill of discovering new skills and moves, so I decided to encourage that creativity by asking players of all ranks to send me the best mechanic they've ever invented.

My goal was to choose at least one from each rank based on three criteria: the written pitch for the mechanic telling me why it's special or useful; the name they gave it; and the footage they supplied to prove its legitimacy. Now I went into this thinking it would mostly be a meme mechanic showcase with submissions like Musty's Obama Flick, which is not really a mechanic but just a funny move that you can use to score now.

While I did choose some of these entries based on the meme or entertainment factor, I think we actually found a few that are new mechanics. I'm really excited to show you these, so I hope you stick around to the end to see them all.

Seal flip

Let's get started , now despite getting over 150 submissions.

I really didn't get many from the lower ranks, so as we start at silver, we're going to lean heavy into the meme side of things with a mechanic that was invented by my then eight-year-old son. This happened in a previous article while he was playing against a fellow silver who had called him out as a bad player.

Okay, that was something. What do you call that move? I don't think that one has a name called the "seal flip." Ah, I see it okay. It's a new mechanic. I think now my son has an obsession with seals and goes by the name Seal King, so him coming up with the name Seal Flip is not really a surprise.

Rocket launch

Rocket launch

When I read our next entry's pitch, it was like he knew exactly what I was trying to do with this article, so pay attention closely as Wood tells us how to do his mechanic. The rocket launchers have just been discovered in Rocket League and you can take off with this instant classic mechanic. First equip the backfire vehicle to allow fire to come out of the back of your car.

Also equip the burnout boost to create rocket noises. Equip the flames decal for added propulsion, and you're ready to go now. Get into the reverse Obama position and hit that ball for the best goal you've ever scored. He's a diamond now, and he has some more interesting mechanics to show off.

Nox heat kickoff

Now, if we're going to believe the typical plat stereotype, you'd think my submissions would be mostly cocky platinums naming flicks after themselves. In reality, though, I only got 15 plot entries, and while most were disappointing, I did like this heatseeker play from Astro Knox. I've seen people hit the ball backwards and then go for the redirect before, but the way Astron does it is pretty unique as he gets himself moving down the field while he hits the ball backwards at the same time.

It's still a pretty great play for a plot, but I'm not going to go so far as to suggest that Astron has totally disproved the plot stereotype with this one. I mean, he still named it after himself, calling it the Knox Heat Kickoff, and then in the picture mechanics to me part of the entry form he only wrote "I understand," which actually tells me that no, he did not understand.

Backwards pinch

Backwards pinch

I received a lot of diamond submissions, but unfortunately, none can compare to wood.

Not only does he get the whole meme mechanic pitch part of this article as displayed with his gold rocket launch submission, he actually comes up with some real mechanics, and because of that. I'm going to feature three more of his entries for the diamond section. For the first diamond mechanic, wooden rights, this mechanic is essentially a cuxer pinch sauteed for a while and garnished in hot sauce.

Why is this useful? Because being backwards adds more sauce and gravy to your pinch, which makes the opponent usually insta-fail or go afk and off. What I love about this is it's not just a lucky play he can never do again, no wooden The game provides a montage of clips showing him pulling off these incredible backward pinches in the game, and the guy doesn't even try and name it after himself.

He says it's the backwards pinch, and the name is perfect because it doesn't confuse the listener and will inform them exactly what this mechanic entails without ever seeing it.

Just bulldoze

Wood's description of his next mechanic is short and to the point. He says the most brutal mechanic is the most feared shot to get scored on and the most humiliating way to let your car's soccer career get destroyed.

The bulldozer There's no explaining this mechanic, just bulldoze. Yes, you're not missing something here. Wooden has decided to use the mechanic of just pushing the ball into the net. You might think he's about to do something else, but nope, just bulldoze.

Bar dash

Bar dash

The final mechanic from Wooden is another one I would actually say is legit. This is the mechanic, he says, that has the potential to come in handy to get extra speed, like a curved dash. It's useful if you're on the inside of your post, whether it be by accident or on purpose, and the ball is coming at you from the corner closest to you.

To do this mechanic, he says you have to have three quarters of your car off of the post, then front flip wave dash onto your backboard, and jump and flip into the ball. The name Wood suggests is either the bar dash, which he says is nice and simple, or alternately, the omelette mush party dash, so I guess we'll have to let the community decide on that one.

Ret flick

At 28, the champion players had by far the most entries, but honestly, Thus, I've decided to go with this meme submission from a player named Retsalem. He says, "The Red Flick is the most slept on mechanic in Rocket League, unveiled nine months ago on Sledge's very channel." This flick can catch even veteran players off guard at first.

It looks like a front flick gone wrong, lulling the enemy into a false sense of security. Once they think it's safe to move in, you hook the ball with the back side of the flip and send it over the defender. Now before you guys get all excited, I know we've probably all done a failed flick before.

In fact, a GC submitted something similar that he was calling "oxy by proxy." The reason why I chose this is because it's a callback to when Retzelem submitted a similar goal for my calculated article series. I gave it the name "Guys." No one actually goes for these on purpose, but you know what, just like the Athena flick, I feel like it at least needs a name.

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