Rocket League - 7 Mistakes That Are Stopping You From Ranking Up

Rocket League - 7 mistakes that are stopping you from ranking up

From the low ranks all the way to the top one percent, every single player is making little mistakes in the gameplay that's costing them the win. Here are seven mistakes you might be making that are stopping you from going further. This is something that can be seen across all ranks and normally comes out of panic.

The main instance where this can be seen is when it comes to clearing the ball. When you have to clear the ball or just bang it down the field, you often have a split second where you can change which direction you send it in instead of just hitting it and hoping. Now, during the split second, you should take in the position of everyone on the field.

If you are playing threes and you see two opponents on the left hand side of the field and only one on the right hand side, it is often It's a lot better to send the ball to the right to the single player than to send it down to the side, the reason being, simply, you're going to have a much easier time challenging and contesting a ball against one player than you are going against two now.

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Yes, that seems very simple, and it is, but when this really comes into effect is when you already have players pushing up the field. If you notice you have teammates making a move up the field, instead of trying to solo play your way out of defense, you can bang the ball up in the air in their direction, and let them work on it in your opponent's size.

They will instantly just see it as a clear from you, but they will soon be very quickly challenged by a teammate who is already close enough to impact the play. In short, you hit the ball into a space where a teammate is going to be able to apply more pressure. This way, you do not give your opponent time to breathe.

If you don't know what this means, it probably means you're doing it essentially. This means you are in certain situations. You think you are a better player than you actually are, and you are trying things that you simply cannot do. It would be like if you and a teammate were pushing up against a defender by themselves.

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You're in a 2v1, and it should be a very easy goal for you guys, either through a good shot, a bump play, or a pass to get around the last defender. But instead of this, you take the ball up the wall and go for your first ever flip reset. What's going to happen is you're going to miss the reset, your opponent now has time to get back and help his teammate, your own teammate is out of position, and you basically just give them the ball for free.

Now they have their own 2v1 while you recover. Basically, what this tip means is to stop throwing games because you're doing stuff you know you can't do if you can't fly, yet you don't have to go for them. You can play to your strengths. You can't stay on the ground if you can't hit flip resets consistently.

Don't go for them. Yes, the best way to get better at mechanics and the game in general is to go for stuff, but you need to put some time into free play to get the basics of the mechanic down first in order to attempt it in a game. You also have to remember your teammates. Would you rather have a teammate that took the safe option and played to win rather than always playing to get clips and messing around?

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If you want to win, you have to be the teammate you would want, and I'm sure that's not the guy who's throwing the ball away missing his edibles. On a side note. I reckon going for clips and fun shots is fine if you're already winning, because you aren't really risking anything, but once the game becomes loseable, then you focus and you play to win.

This one goes hand in hand with the last point, but it focuses more on those of you who actually feel secure with the mechanic or an aspect of your gameplay. I cannot really answer that question accurately because I have no idea how you play, but what I always say to these people is what are you good at and what are you bad at, and then it's always something like well.

In that example, it's I'm really good at aerials and flicks, okay, but ask yourself, are you good enough to get to grand champ of just your aerials and your flicks? The difference is, like, are you good in your head or are you actually good and you're better at aerials and flicks than most people you go up against in your rank.

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If you want to climb, you have to be better than your rank, simple, so the goal for each of your mechanics is to be better than those around you. Don't be easy on yourself. I'm good at aerials, but I can definitely be better. I could work on my aero more and I could focus more time on my accuracy.

While I'm in the air, the harder you are on yourself, the more you improve. The easier you are on yourself, the more slack you become. This one is pretty straightforward. If you give your opponents time, they will take that time and then, once they get comfortable, they will become much more of a threat, so you need to pressure them before they get comfortable.

This means you need to stay in their face and stop them from being able to get those few extra touches. You need to make sure that while you're moving around the field, you are doing so in a way that makes you maintain pressure. Now, the easiest way to do this is to pick up the little boost pads.

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You might be wondering how keeping the boost equals Keeping pressure is simple, but it's if you always have a boost, you can always stay in the game. If you are low on boost, you are limited in what you can do. You're often just going to turn away and go for the full boost pads. By picking up the small boost pads, you are avoiding this and allowing yourself to stay active on the field.

Whenever your opponent has the ball, make sure someone is pressuring them. If it's your teammate, then you're fine, but if your teammate is rotating, Push up to make sure your opponent doesn't get control of the ball for free. Push them up, cut down the space they have, and force them to do something.

Or make them lose the ball. This is another easy one that people don't think about. It is like this: if you shoot even though you won't score 90 percent of the time, why would you shoot? All you are doing is giving your opponent the ball for free, and you often see players shooting when they have no chance of scoring.

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And while their team isn't ready to get the rebound, all this does is give your opponent the ball for free and let them have an easy counter-attack. While your teammates are getting back, people often panic and just think, "I have to hit the ball towards the goal because that's how you score, and scoring means winning." You don't have to do this as it's going to give the ball away 90 percent of the time to a defender that's just waiting for you to hit it straight at them.

7 Mistakes that are Stopping YOU From Ranking up. These 7 mistakes are probably the reason you have been struggling to rank up in rocket league. In this video, we will be covering the different mistakes people make in rocket league that cause them to lose games, fail to rank up and overall find no improvement in their gameplay. So hopefully these rocket league tips can help you to improve and rank up in rocket league.
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