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Rocket League Sideswipe - mechanics

Specifically, it's about five different types of shots that are totally unique to sideswipe, including the red shot. The purple shot The gold shot The delayed flip shot and the no-flip shot We'll go through all the shots to find out what they are, when they're useful, and, of course, how to do them.

Red shot (power shot)

Red shot (power shot)

this first one is one that you should all be familiar with, so we'll talk about it super quickly. I call it the power shot, but it's also known as the "red shot" because of the color it makes when you do it. It's useful in any situation when you want a lot of power on your hit but you also want to stay with the ball when you're totally committed to your shot.

To do it, all you need to do is front flip into the ball, hitting the ball with the nose of your car. The ball will glow this blue and pink color, and that's it. That's your red-shoot.

Purple shot (underside shot)

in fact, the underside shot, or purple shard, is my personal favorite of all the shots just because of how unique it is, and it's also incredibly useful.

I think the most useful thing about this shot is that when used facing upwards, the purple shot forces your car back down towards the ground, meaning you can get back into a defensive position pretty much immediately. In this way, it's much more of a defensive shot than the red shot, which often puts you up field after taking your shot.

However, it actually has a ton of different uses in situations that come up constantly in the game. To do it, all you need to do is face the underside of your car towards the ball, then let go of your left thumb stick and jump, so you're basically double jumping away from the ball. Just make sure you're not holding any direction on the left stick when attempting this because then you'll flip in that direction instead, so just position your car near the ball with the bottom of the car facing it, let go of any direction, and jump, and there's your purple shot, Okay, the backward shot, or gold shot, is pretty straightforward.

Gold shot (backwards shot)

Gold shot (backwards shot)

It's basically the opposite of the power shot, or "red shot," where you aim towards the ball and flip. With the gold shot, you aim your car away from the ball and flip in that direction. This one is definitely the least useful of the three, or at least that's how it seems to me. I have intentionally used it in a few situations where I wanted to pop the ball over my opponent but not totally commit to the shot, and I think this kind of situation is where it's most useful as a defensive shot.

But it's honestly so difficult to land the shot in live matches that most of the time I just completely miss and end up faking instead, which is actually not a bad strat, but more on faking in another article. As far as I can tell, though, this one is actually the most powerful of the three when hitting the ball from a standstill, but only just.

And actually.

Delayed flip shot

Delayed flip shot

However, in Sideswipe, no such limit exists. You can jump and then wait as long as you like before you jump again, which means you can do some pretty insanely difficult to read air dribbles where you shoot right at the last second, especially if you add some fakes into your dribble. It's really difficult to read, and it's really useful any time your opponent is between you and the goal and you want to get the ball past them.

Use it constantly, add some fakes in there, and your shots will start becoming much harder to read. You just delay your flip until really late; that's all. You don't really need an instruction manual for this one.

No flip shot

And finally, the no-flip shot. With this one, there's no flip at all. You basically just get close to the ball and then spin your car using your left thumbstick.

This one is incredibly useful when you don't actually have a flip and you don't have any boost to get a flip reset. Honestly, I can imagine people doing some pretty insane stuff with this in the future, especially coupled with the booster reset mechanic, which I just made a article about. If you use these along with the flip reset, you'll essentially have an unlimited boost and unlimited flips. It's going to be crazy in the future, and That's it.



Those are the five different types of shots I've got for you guys today. I'm sure there are more that people are either using now or will use in the future, but until then, these are the five that I use in most of my matches.

In this video, I'll share with you the 5 different types of shots that are essential for all players in Rocket League Sideswipe. The music used in many of my videos comes from Epidemic Sound.
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