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Hey kitties, what's going on? So in this article we're basically just going to be talking about what units you should be going for or getting to help you out with like the new level, the intermediate level, which is like in the middle between noob and pro level, or becoming a pro level, and then the pro level, or becoming a pro level, so I'll try to put pictures and stuff on the screen of the units just in case some of you don't know them, because I notice a lot of new players who don't know the who don't know like really what they look like.

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Or there's a bunch of questions asking yo king is cute, you're chewing yo all these people who what are you in the shot go for what you should do like blah all this all that So basically, we answered this question probably like 300 shit times, but I'm just gonna try to put it into article format and if people still ask me after this, then I don't really know if people, if you see people asking, just refer them to this article, but I'm basically just gonna be like trying to help out as much as I can what do you really go for i don't know, as a new player, you're starting off level one right.

You're level one, you're level five, some shit I don't know, you're trying to get into the game, trying to start the game. They're going to give you like this many tickets or they're going to get you like this opening star or whatever. You're gonna get a unicycle if you get a zorro or luffy or if you get some other stuff out of there.

Don't use any of that. We're not worried about that. If you want to really start the game, truly start the game and not struggle, not ask for carries, and all that type of stuff. Look for the banner. Look at the banner. Go to this banner right here. Well, first redeem your clothes because you get like 400 gems out of the codes and you get a bunch of so many tickets.

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Whatever go redeem your codes. Look into the matter. If you see this banner and you see Sanji right, he's going to look like this. If this is a shiny version, he's going to have a black suit with swirly eyes, and you've got like a mean looking face, not the hard eyes, but he's going to be in the banner.

He's going to be a rare one. All you want to do at first is just grab that guy. You can just grab him, or if you're feeling really lucky, you can try to go for epic epics. They really aren't too bad to get, but you'll probably use more gems than you would with the rares, but sanji would be up here in a banner.

He can like high enough levels of sanji, he can like solo. There is hidden sand. That's from what I heard from other people. I don't know how, I don't know how true that is, but I definitely know that if you get Sanji and keep his levels up, he will be able to get you through all of DbZ and all of Aot a hundred percent.

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You just need to make sure his levels are staying up all right and then, other than that, that's the only rare thing you really need. You can also grab Sakura whenever you see her in a banana because she'll help you out later on, but that's later on. You don't need to waste gems on that if you don't want to, but then you want to keep saving your gems right after you get that sanji.

Once you see, I'm going to list down these epics for you. They will help you out in the later worlds. You only really need like two of them. Well, maybe I might add three, maybe only like three of them, and after that you can start saving for your legendaries. So you want to look for either. You want to look for a jotaro and a todoroki.

Totoro is a good slow unit, he's just a good unit overall to have that'll help you out before you go for , actually again, yeah, before you start going for legendaries and stuff like that, and then Jotaro, who's also a good time stop, just in case you're struggling, which you really shouldn't, but just in case you're struggling.

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Dota Roll does good damage, and he will also help you out by time-stopping enemies and allowing you to do more damage while they're staying in place. So, people will say, "What about crocodiles?" about other people. You don't really need those other ones for damage or whatever, you really don't even need those two, but if you want a little bit of extra help just in case.

If you're doing the greatest, you can go for Jotaro and Todoroki. Those two are very good epics, and they will really be good utility, and they will help you out while Sanji is sitting there doing all the damage. I think he probably does more damage than all of them combined. I'm not too sure if Sanji's actually shit cracked.

Yeah, so now we got that part of the way, you're still stealing things like the new barrier, you're trying to get to the intermediate area. This is what you want to do after you get those three units or whatever. I mean, you have those two units carrying you and Speedwagon. Yeah, that's the third one.

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The third pick is, I mean, Speedwagon, because he's a farm unit. You'll definitely need to farm in this game. If you don't have a funny farm unit, you're going to really struggle. So I think Speedwagon might actually take priority out of all those three. I don't really know. I'm not really sure, but Jordaro, Toddoroki, and Speedwagon.

I think I have a total rogue here. This is what a Tony rookie looks like. This is what a speedwagon does. We're a speedwagon. This is a bear. He looks like this. His name is Speed Cart. He's saying this is a shiny version. He has like this dark purple outfit on whatever, so you can go ahead and grab him and I don't have Jonah right here.

I sold all my Jotaro's, but if you just i'll put a picture of them hopefully if i remember to but yeah those three and then now you're starting to look for legendaries, it's a slow it's a slow building scale you want to, you want to slowly build your way up, because at the start, you're not going to have too many gems to even get legendaries off the bat, so you want to slowly build your way up, so now we're looking for legendaries.

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The only two legendaries you need are D.O. And Erwin after that, you're saving DL and Irwin. His horses are cracked if you level him up. D, O is a better type, basically a better time stopper than Jotaro, and he also does pretty good damage. He's good for starting early waves and all that type of stuff.

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