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It's a game where you can actually earn free Robux. Well, there's another one now. It's called the Starving Artist Donation Game. Anyway, this game's just a little bit different than Please Donate. You might be able to tell, but it gives out a lot of robux. Look at how much Robux that guy up there has earned.

750, 333, 255, 150, 000. So how does this game work and how do you get some Robux? For some free robux, you need to go and claim a stand. Just go up to it and press e. Very simple well, now you can actually press e again and customize your stand however you want. You get a bunch of different options to customize.

You can also buy some here by just joining the group. There are some Game Pass options. You can customize the text on your sign. So I can just say hello. We'll just go ahead and press e. So you see what's going on. You can see I've customized. The design Let's go, let's go Blossom Let's go, Blossom.

Change it up. Well, essentially, draw a photo, a painting, whatever it is you want to draw. I have no idea what this is, but we're just going to roll with it. Okay, so this is going to be like a little nft, okay, and then we'll just make the background. Let's Go Blue All right, there we go. There we go, perfect.

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I'm going to click next. I'm going to call this free. The ball box is free, the bowl is bucks, and we'll change the frame color. We'll make the frame yellow. Why not just finish it? It's gon na submit it. It's gon na say success. You can see what I am drawing. I don't know if I turn around, I can actually come over here and I can add my art.

So here's all the art that I've made. I only have one page currently. I'm going to click on this painting, and then it's going to bring up this menu. Now this is where the free Roblox comes in. You can see here it says your shirts, and then well, it says five Robux. So once again, just like please donate, this game works by pulling your shirts from the catalog.

You may not have any right now. No, real quick. I'm just going to show you how to make a shirt and get some free Robux. If you want to get complicated with it, you can basically click on that template option. Just go ahead. We're going to save the template. I'm just going to name it whatever in the world that is.

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Click Save great you're going to need 10 robux to make some free robux, and I'm just going to choose that template file. It's right here. Go ahead, double click it. There it is. I'm going to name it Free Robux, and then I'm just going to upload it. Would you like to upload your shirt for 10 robux?

Sure asset, name was moderated, cool, shirt all right there, let's go upload for Tim Robux. Confirm, upload, and wait for it to succeed. The created upload failed. Okay, it worked there. I don't know what in the world just happened, but I actually already have one. I made this for the please donate game, and if we go to it, we can see it's actually five robux, which is why in the game right here it says I have the option to sell this art for five robux.

Well. I want to earn a little bit more than that, so for this shirt. I'm going to click on it. I'm going to go up here to the three dots, and I'm going to configure it, and then I'm going to go over here to cells. I'm going to click on that item for sale. I'm going to click that and then for the price, I'm just going to say let's go for 100 robux.

Okay, I'm going to click Save Successfully to update it. So now I'm just going to go ahead and rejoin the game. I'm going to go ahead and claim my stand again. We're going to add some art. Click on that art piece now. Your new shirt with the new price of 100 Robux, which I just made, should show up right here.

In the case that it doesn't, maybe it's a little slow. I'm just going to grab the ID. It's this number right here in the URL. We're just going to go ahead and copy that, and then I'm going to paste that right in there. Okay, and I'm just going to click "Done Selected," which costs 100 Robux, which is what we set the shirt to.

I'm going to click "Done" and then, well, there it is, there's the art. I can make two more if I want to, or if I want more than two, I can actually go on over here. I can edit this and I can actually buy it. With Robux, A few more canvases, and there we go, 60 Roblox. Go ahead and buy that. I had done great, and now I got even more.

I can actually add more if I want. I'll just go and buy three more 60 Roblox. Yeah, no problem, and now I have nine canvases, which is the max. Let me hop into a public game. We're going to buy some more. Okay, so here we are. We're in a public game, and well, we can just go to people's stands.

Here's a girl right here. She's made a fat cat three. Robux great i'm going to go up to it. I'm going to hold it and, well, I'm going to buy it. And well, now we have it. I can click on over here behind me. Well. I can see my art and well, there it is purchased for three robux, value three robux, thunder, so I guess in a way you are buying the art, but you're actually buying the shirt that we just made and well, now that the art's not on the stand, she's going to make some more and well, now what I can do is I can actually go to my stand and I can actually add her art that I just bought.

We'll just go and select five Robux. Done and now her art is going to be on my stand because I just bought it. kind of literally an nft this, painting is kind of cool right here. Yeah, I'll buy the seven Robux. Why not again? You're buying the shirt that they uploaded to Roblox. Sure, why not purchase?

Well, this painting is going to go bye-bye. Well, now I'm actually going to add the art that I just bought once again to my own stand. I'm going to click that we're actually going to do the 100 Roblox shirts that I just made. Well, now there we go, there it is. I bought it for seven robux. I'm selling it for a hundred.

That's pretty good. That's a potato. This is good. Look at this. This is a really good praline. Man, can I buy Pringles? Yes, I'm buying it. I'm buying 10 robux. Done consider it done. Go get some free Robux. Subscribe if you haven't yet. I just gave you some free Robux, so that's the least you can do.

Right there awesome.

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