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You guys have been absolutely phenomenal, and all the support on the channel has been just crazy, and I'm just super grateful and thankful for you all. I'm really working hard to bring you guys some of the best articles. We have some new challenges coming out as well, so be on the lookout for them.

So Chapter Two is probably one of the biggest mysteries right now as to where it's going to be taking place. When is it gonna be coming out, so I'm gon na be talking about where it could be possibly taking place and why. I'm also going to be picking some of the comments that you guys left on the prediction articles and going over them.

So let's jump into it. I think it's safe to say that at the end of chapter one, the red scientist, that's if the scientist is actually red. We did have a bit of a debate on the channel, but there were a lot of theories about whether red is actually part of the rainbow. It's almost like a 50/50 because we don't really.

I know because it could be that we get a red in the chapter too, but nevertheless, for now, I'm going to call Red the scientist. He seems to have underestimated us, which means he's gonna be coming right back after us and also said that it's going to get a lot crazier, so that's one hint that we can already expect that chapter two is going to be crazy.

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Do you also think it's going to be five nights? What if it's actually more nights? That would be insane. If it's all different monsters, so right now we have like blue, green, orange, if it's just a completely different set of monsters that's like a level harder, it's going to be very difficult to escape, but when we finally leave away from blue, we're just kind of left off, leaving this sort of factory that almost appears to be like the old odd world.

Again, this place is where the rainbow friends were made. I think it's pretty safe to say that. And yeah, I mean, they actually dragged us from a burning school bus and brought us there. My idea is that the scientists definitely wanted to experiment on us or maybe even turn us into rainbow friends.

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Now the only thing in sight at the end that we can see is the carnival where we were originally supposed to be going before the scientists hit the sign and took us to the odd world factory, so there's not too many places far from that where we could go. I mean, we don't have any transportation, or a bus, or anything like that, unless the cops would be called and then the cops would show up there and save us, but let's just say we're going to leave on foot.

I think the nearest place would be this carnival, which could be an odd world. Now if the odd war has anything to do with the rainbow friends, maybe it was all happy there. If it does take place in this strange carnival world, I think it will look amazing. It sort of fits the color and theme, of course, for our rainbow friends and to see new monsters.

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I do think blue and the rest of them would actually come there, or maybe purple, but overall, I think we would definitely expect yellow and pink. As far as when this will come out, we don't really know. I'll definitely keep you guys posted on when we can expect chapter two. If you want to know the latest about chapter two, especially when it comes out, so you don't miss out, but you all had some incredible predictions, so I picked a handful of them, so let's get ready to check them out.

Gabby karate The channel says my theory is that purple is basically like a rainbow friend that has human feet, and as you can see, it leaks from the vent their footprints, but that might have been red, the next chapter. I may have a lot of people talking about purple coming out of vents, so I think there will be a cut scene of purple coming out of the vents.

Pink might be helping purple, and maybe purple is a real sea monster who eats fish, sharks, and even humans that live in the sewers. Maybe it might be true that he is an angler fish in chapter two. Maybe, just maybe, it will be like a pool where purple comes out of little holes in the pool. That is amazing.

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I mean, we have to think of things for a carnival. If it's anything with water or vents, I mean, purple will be there or something will be there. Chris L says my theory is that he was too scary for the children, so they threw him away. Talking about purple here, however, the person who was supposed to throw them away was lazy and didn't want to go outside, so he just threw them in the vents.

Imagine Purple's backstory. It's Lizzy says My Theory: I was thinking of Purple showing his whole body, but in Chapter Two, I think it's going to be an odd world. I'm thinking about why it's called an "odd world." I think many other colors, like yellow, pink, and blue, would be there too. And about purple: Red captured Purple used to be a normal person, but when Red captured Purple and tried to experiment on Purple, and when Red was done experimenting on Purple, he put him in a barn cage similar to a horse's, and there was like a hidden vent when Purple got inside the vent and Red saw it.

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Red was smiling because Purple had fallen right into Red's traps and associated with her. Lol, says my theory. Please see Chapter 2: Odd World. Now we will see pink and purple coming out of the vents. Indigo is deaf but is so hard to escape from because he can catch you in boxes and can crawl and get you in vice.

Now pink is the same but blind and red will not be a failed experiment. He will be friendly and will help us. I do think we could get a friendly rainbow friend. I think that would really make sense. Felipe says, "Hear me out; indigo is purple's most successful color." brother at odd world, chapter 2 place But Purple was unsuccessful and could not go in front of the children and did not want to be thrown away, so he hid away from the humans.

Roblox - rainbow friends chapter 2 odd world

After years of hiding and taking people's lives, he comes out of hiding for true revenge. All the nice rainbow friends are in an odd world, and all the failed experiments are actually in this factory place, so what if these are modeled after the real ones? speedy funny moment says theory. What if this whole entire time was another odd world but one day the scientist made a new scientist to help him create blue, pink, green, orange, and purple but it went wrong and made a weird looking scientist that was evil and betrayed and murdered him but kept his pictures so he would remember him, but what if the scientists made pink, green, blue, orange, and purple but made them evil and destroyed the place but they forgot to destroy the no escape door where Oswald is hiding and when we find him he will help us in chapter two.

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