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So it is kind of not safe to play Roblox right now and, honestly, it infuriates me that I even have to make this article, but here we are. If you guys don't know what's going on yesterday for the past day or so, there's been a group of real Roblox hackers that have created a bunch of fake Roblox games on Roblox, and if you join into any of these Roblox games, well, your account on Roblox gets instantly terminated, banned off the platform, permanently.

Now I imagine you're probably like me, and you probably think that's a pretty big deal, and it's a really big problem that Roblox should probably fix. Well, you know, I was thinking that too, and here we are a day later and it's still not fixed. It's still not fixed. It's still happening. I'm not joking either.

Over the past day or so, I have seen countless twitch streamers, youtubers, and people on twitter. They're all getting their accounts falsely terminated because they're accidentally joining one of these games, or maybe someone is sending them a link to one of these games, and they just don't know not to join.

Well, they join, and then their account gets banned. I show speed was even streaming Roblox yesterday, and his chat convinced him to join one of these games. I'm not even joking. He joined the game. I hope his account didn't get banned. I don't know, maybe it did. His stream cut out right after he left the game.

So I have no idea what happened to Speed. Now you might be thinking, well, it should be pretty easy to just not join a weird-looking. Roblox is a game, and while you would be right, the problem is that there are a lot of backdoor scripts on Roblox. I'm talking about scripts that will secretly teleport you from one Roblox game to another.

I'm looking at you Meep City, because it's happened like five times in the past three years, maybe even more than that, and so you could be playing your favorite Roblox game and maybe there's a backdoor script that the developer doesn't know about in the game and then boom, suddenly you're teleported to one of these fake Roblox games.

Your account gets permanently terminated and there's nothing you can do now. You might be thinking, well, you know, Roblox is a multi-billion dollar company. They think they've probably addressed the situation. By now they've probably put out a tweet or a blog post or a statement regarding this, letting people know they're working on it.

Yeah, that's what I thought too, but no, they haven't. In fact, and I just checked Roblox, they haven't said a single thing. They haven't put out a tweet. They haven't made a developer forum post. They haven't put out a blog post. What's even more infuriating than that is that, according to the Roblox dev forums, this has been a problem since 2016.

Roblox has known about this problem since 2016. And they still haven't fixed it. It's been seven years since Seven years. You think by now they'd probably be able to figure it out. What's even worse than that is that they did. They did figure it out. In fact, if you look in the code for the Roblox chat, they even put a little note in there.

Please only use this on the player's behalf. If you attempt to spoof a player's chat to get them in trouble, you could face serious moderator action. Meaning that they knew that this was a problem, but instead of fixing it, they just put a little post-it note on there that says "Hey, please don't use this maliciously, only do good things with it, it'd be fine." I'll post it.

I'll put a note that says, "Don't use this for bad things." We're good. Right i don't have to actually fix it. I just put a little note on there and then we're good. Yeah, problem solved. Problem solved nothing bad will ever come of this. Anyway, thanks to some Roblox developers on Twitter, there is actually a temporary solution for this, so I'm going to show you how you can protect yourself from getting your account banned.

I'm going to show you first on PC, then I'll show you how to do it on mobile. You're going to see the little gear icon. You're going to click that, and then you're going to click on settings. Right here, just regular settings. Well, that's going to bring you to the settings page right here. Now what you want to do is actually click on the tab that says privacy.

Click on that tab, and then you're going to want to scroll all the way down here until you see who can chat. Not who can chat with me in the app, but who can chat. If you want to set this to no one. If you have a pin attached, you want to go ahead and enter that pin. I'm going to go ahead and do that, and now it's saved successfully.

Now, what this setting does is it disables the Roblox chat, so nobody can chat with you in game. It's not the best solution, but it's kind of all we've got right now. And even then, I'd be careful. There's still a chance this may not work, but let me show you on mobile real quick. If you're on mobile, you want to go down here to the bottom right.

You want to click the three dots in the circle. This is going to bring up your account settings, and then you want to scroll down until you see settings with a little gear icon. You're going to click that. Once you're inside your Roblox settings, you'll want to once again click on privacy. That's going to bring up your privacy settings.

You want to scroll all the way down again to see who can chat with me. If you want to change that to, no one. It was saved successfully. There you go. Now you can just close out of your settings. You should be good to go. Once this problem has been fixed, you're free to change that back if you want to chat in Roblox with your friends or with other people on a server, but for right now, it's probably a good idea to just leave that off.

Shout out to Kaylee over on Twitter, by the way, who actually told me about this. Hopefully this gets fixed, but judging from Roblox's track record, it's probably going to take a few years or a few decades. Stay

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