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Okay guys, we did it. We have completed the Piggy Book 2 hidden ending or the true ending, whatever you want to call it, and in this article I'm going to be showing you step by step how to solve this how to unlock this ending. See the secret cutscene and get the brand new skin, the T, O scan, right here now before we begin.

If you're new to the channel, we're going to have a lot of articles covering this ending because it's pretty crazy, but with that being said, let's get into it so the The first thing you're going to need to do is have already completed all of Book 2.

Step 1

I'm pretty sure you've probably already done that if you're watching this article.

I should also say that VIP servers are free, so if you want to grab a friend and do this on a VIP server, it is going to be way easier, so definitely do that. The first thing you want to do is actually go to Chapter 9 of the docs. What you want to do is complete this map without your pony getting hit without getting infected.

You can do this in any mode; bot player, player bot, doesn't matter, but the easiest way to do it is to get a friend or an alt account in the game, have them be piggy, let them just sit in a corner somewhere, so that way they're not in the way, don't go near them, just complete the map and then escape the map with pawnee alive, or should I say non-infected.

901}ape the map without getting hit.

Step 2

Step 2

Basically and then after you do that, you're actually going to go to the camp map chapter 11. Now this one has to be in swarm mode. All right, chapter 11, swarm mode, and it's very simple. What you're going to do is unlock the blue key room. It's this tower here. You're going to unlock it.

And inside of this room is going to be a keypad. You're going to put this number on the keypad and hit the check mark. The number is four six seven, eight five four, put that in there, hit the check mark, and then you can oof. You don't need to complete the map. Just let the infected in. We'll get you and we'll move on to the next step.

Step 3

Roblox - ending

So after you do that, you're actually going to go into Chapter 12: The Lap, and no, this is going to be in bot mode. It has to be in bot mode. Now again, this is where friends come in handy, because you're going to need someone to keep track of pennies and the bot and all that. There's one at the spawn, there's one by the gold key room, there's one by the blue exit door in the hallway, and then there's also one in the blue exit.

There are four vents that will have numbers behind them. Okay, you use the wrench to activate the vents, and they have numbers behind them, so what you want to do is keep track of the numbers. In this order, you want to go to the spawn. If the number is two, it's going to be t-w-o. If your number's three, it's going to be t-h-r-e-e.

And then you're going to use this alphabet. Here I'll put it up on the screen. This is what each symbol means, the letter it corresponds to, so you're going to use this alphabet, and in the order that I said, the spawn room, the gold key room, and the hallway. And then in the blue key room, you're going to enter these words, so again, just convert the numbers to words, and then put those words into the numpad or the symbol pad, and if you do that correctly, it's going to say password accepted, code accepted, and you're going to get teleported into a cutscene.

Now watch this cutscene all the way through.

Final step

Final step

It's really awesome but After this cutscene ends, you're going to be teleported into another gameplay segment. This is where you're going to need to be fast for this first part. There's going to be numbers on the wall. You're going to take those numbers, you're going to put them on the keypad, very straightforward.

Move on to the next room. In this next room, there's going to be colors. On the wall, there's going to be squares, and basically what you're going to do is you're going to put the colors in this order. You're going to do the one on the left wall closest to you, the one on the left wall furthest away from you, and then you're going to go to the right wall furthest away from you, and then the one on the right wall closest to you.

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I'll draw a little diagram. On the screen, but this should be the order. Once you go in right here now, once you put those numbers in, you're going to do the exact same puzzle that you did in the docs, put the numbers in. That is on the wall in the little like-little circle, puzzle thing, very simple and moves on to the next step.

This next step is the exact same puzzle that we've seen in previous maps. This is the temple one, so all you're going to do is do this puzzle again just like you did in the temple map. If you're unsure how this particular puzzle is done, I'll explain it real quickly. Basically, what you're going to do is you're going to look at this little bar and you see this part right here This is the left side of the circle.

The left side of the circle and in the middle is a plus. If we look at the circle, we can see the left side. We're going to make the middle a plus. If you don't know how to solve it, literally just push buttons randomly and you'll get it. It's actually really simple. Or if you look on the wall, there'll be red circles, and it'll show you which buttons to push, and you can just push those and it'll activate.

Roblox - get

And then once you do that, I recommend setting your graphics to three here. It's going to be a lot easier without the shadows, but basically, Teo, Mr. Man, he's going to be chasing you around here, and what you need to do is to grab three. You need to grab the wooden sword. You're going to grab the wooden sword and give it to Pony.

He's gonna be getting attacked by his father, who's infected. You're going to give the wooden sword to Pony. He's going to fight off his father with it, and then you're going to grab the baseball. So you're going to take it to Georgia, so you're going to give the baseball bat to Georgia. He's going to fend off his sister, and then in that room you're going to grab the metal pipe.

The metal pipe sword, and you're going to take that to Zizzi's room, where you're going to give it to her sister, and she's going to fight off—in fact, it's Izzy. Once you do that, the upstairs section of this map is going to open up and some awesome music is going to start playing. Be careful because upstairs there are actually two sentinels.

Roblox - guide

One is completely, completely shadowed, so it's hard to see, and the other one, I believe, is white, so it's pretty simple to see. There are also traps all over the floors, so watch out for those, but basically you're going to take the other three items from downstairs. We have a carrot. You're gon na give that one to Bunny, who's actually upstairs, and then Bunny's gon na go shoot the man with the carry.

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